Welcome to the new era!

Welcome one and all to the new era of the HDWSBBL. After 15 years (and 14 Seasons, 1,107 games, 65 Competitions, 128 teams, and 2,456 players) the league is going through a little reboot! 

Not quite the full Marvel Comics style reboot where the players have a different past, but one where we embrace the new Blood Bowl ruleset and focus on the new legends that will be created over the coming years.

The site has received its first proper make over after 13 years which was long overdue. There are still a few kinks to work out, but those will be addressed in due course (not 13 years, I promise!). 

If you wish to go back and see the site as it was, frozen in time at the end of the 14th season, then a permanent archive is available.

For now settle down, and strap yourself in for the 15th Season of the HDWSBBL!

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