Star Players Have Returned!

With the recent NAF rules shake up there were a number of changes to the contracts of Star Players who could take part in the HDWSBBL. It has taken a while to resolve but the commissioners are pleased to announce that contract negotiations have now concluded and we can unveil the Stars who are available to hire from this season forward*.

Many of the fan favourites have agreed to make themselves available; Helmut Wulf, Morg ‘n’ Thorg, and Deeproot Strongbranch have played over 100 combined games in the league and are back for more. While we have lost some fan favourites in the form of Wilhelm Chaney and Zara, we do have the pleasure of introducing 6** new stars to the league; The Black Gobbo, Gloriel Summerbloom, Rumbelow Sheepskin, Grombrindal the White Dwarf, Zolcath the Zoat, and the terrifying Akhorne the Squirrel. We are sure the fans will love them.

The teams have not wasted any time in taking advantage of the new contracts, in last weeks game between the Da Hog Peak Squigbackz and the Black Peak Thunderguts Griff Oberwald made his return to the league in spectacular fashion. We are sure we will see more as the season progresses.

Now the stars are back its time for the teams to make a name for themselves and take a out a star, rather than be just another foot note in the annals of Blood Bowl history. See you on the pitch

*Technically four more star players are available as two pairs (the Swift Twins and Track & Crumbleberry) they will be published shortly

**Again, plus the two pairs

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