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Winter Series 2519/20 Preview

The new season has well and truly kicked off by the time you have read this (provided you are one of those few fans, who can in fact, read!) and this season looks to settle the old rivalry of who is better, the North or the South! Each of the divisions consists of five teams, some returning, some all together new.


The North division sees the return of four established teams that participated in the recent Chanelf Challenge Cup, including Cup champions and everyone’s favourite team (say Whaa?!… – Ed) the Barak Var Dreadnauts. Since their debut the team hasn’t failed to take home a championship trophy and will surely be looking to continue that tradition this season. The next three teams also took part in the Chanelf Cup. The returning Norsca Wildfire, Gaen Vale Stags and the Bloated Bile Blitzers all finished the cup on equal points, with the final standings between them being decided through technicalities such as touch downs and casualties. The Wildfire came out on top and I’m pretty certain the Stags and the Blitzers weren’t happy about that.  Keep your eye (or eyes for all you Chaos fans out there) on these three teams for a mini tournament inside a tournament as I’d bet gold coins that there is plenty of unfinished business and bragging rights sorely left between them (especially sorely with them Nurgle boys, girls, things?…). The final team to mention is an exciting new team that I’ve been looking forward to seeing for some time. No, sorry, I can’t lie, it’s another bunch of Dwarves. You know the drill, they are Dwarves, enough said. Oh, and they call themselves the Beards of Zeus. They sound nerdy, but at least it’s an interesting name which will possibly get this team some interest. They are Dwarves, they’ll be fine.
AO : Brah, been off the coast of Estalia catching some mondo waves and just got wind of the latest HDWSBBL news. This looks set to be a re-do of the Chanelf Cup looking at the teams involved. I’d be down for that. While they aren’t my favourite team, there’s that saying dude “be there or be square”. Them Dreadnauts are certainly the most boring, squarest team in the division but they’ve definitely been there and have the experience to do it again.


The complete opposite of the North, the South Division consists of only one returning team. The Themyscirian Thunderers came runner-up in the Chanelf Cup, losing to everyone’s favourite team (who keeps saying that?! – Ed) the Barak Var Dreadnauts. With no Dwarf teams playing in the South, the Thunderers must favour their chances of topping the division this time around. After what seems an aeon, at last we have some fresh cold blood in the form of not one, but two, Lizardmen teams! While not much is known about them and with a name like Liz ‘n’ Let Die, I would guess these particular Lustrians are skink and Nuffle’s luck heavy. The Lokomotiv Lustria BBFC on the other hand, sound like they are the complete opposite, preferring to field as many smash-mouth Lizards they can in order to run rough shot over the opposition. Which style will prevail, and will either of them come to rival the legendary Teotigua Predators, only time will tell but it’s exciting to see them once again. Switching from the fresh cold blood of the Lizards, we get to bathe in spilt fresh hot blood courtesy of a new squad of Dark Elves that have stepped out of the shadows and back onto the HDWSBBL pitch. The Har Ganeth Vipers come with one vicious single minded purpose (and that’s saying something about the Druchii! – Ed) – to re-establish Dark Elf dominance that has been long absent from the league. If they make their sacrifices (both on and off of the pitch) then they should do pretty well for themselves. Rounding up the South Division we have the newly assembled DC Marvels. A beautiful fresh faced team of Elf Union members, hopefully they will live up to their namesake showing the marvellous form expected from them, but then we’ve all seen several Elf teams who haven’t!
AO : Like, dude! What a fresh mix of teams in this division. Loving the Lizards and as always those Amazon babes, reminds of that Beach dudes song, “I wish they all could be Koka Kalima Girls…” but my clam shells are on the Vipers. If I were a Dark Elf coach, I’d totally call my team the Vipers. Plus them Druchii cheerleaders, ‘nuf said bro!