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Rule Clarifications

We have had a few confusions over a few rules in the last couple of weeks, so here are all the clarifications to the rules that have been questioned.

  1. Side-Step and Push Backs: This has already been clarified in an e-mail I send out but encase you are unsure please check the following link:
  2. Drawing a match: If you drew a match and to determine if you go up or down with your Fan Factor you need to roll 2D6. If the roll is greater or equal you go up by one, if it is lower you go down by one. Each team also receives an extra 10,000 on top of their winnings for a draw also. You also cannot re-roll any winnings roll if you drew, only if you win the match may you do so.
  3. If you cannot field a full squad of eleven players then you will receive free journeymen to brings your roster up to eleven. You must always enter a match with eleven players before inducements are worked out. If you know you are missing a player(s) please let me know and I will add a journeyman to your team in time for your next match.
Could we also make sure any purchases are made at the end of your match so the rosters are up-to-date before your next match and I don’t get confused. If you need time to thing that’s fine but please let me know before your next match. If I am not notified then it will not be added and therefore you will be playing with an illegal roster. If you also miss a skill I will let you know as soon as possible.
I have also noticed a couple of things that are irritating people. Could we all please make sure we let our opposition know what we are rolling for before we roll, and to make sure they see it. The amount of times people have complained about missing rolls is ridiculous. I do not condone it, however it is up to the coaches to pay attention at all times and call them up on any missed rolls or confusion to what they are rolling for.
And also with rolling if you get a cocked dice, in a good sporting manner please make sure you opponent is happy with re-rolling it, and by rolling it please actually roll it properly. Blood Bowl is all about sportsmanship and having fun, the last thing I want in this league are people who bend the rules and don’t play fairly, I know I bang on about this sort of thing all the time but I will continue to do so when the complaints end.
Could we all also brush up on the rules. Please read over you rulebook and refresh your minds, especially the skills section so we do not have any mishaps. We have a few new players this season who are unsure on a few rules so the sooner we all brush up the better.
I believe that is all, any other clarifications please post a comment.

HDWSBBL General Meeting Aftermath

The meeting that took place last week, in my eyes, was a big sucess with vauled imput from all coaches who were able to attend. I apoligise if any of your games were interupted but it did show that this was a worthwhile meeting to have had. At the meeting we discussed a lot about the league, the new format, rules and other useful topics which every coach had a say in. Below is the outcome of the meeting and what has been decided.

  • The new league format was agreed by all who attended and also anticipation for the upcomining season. The new format means we will only accept sixteen teams, unless another four coachscome forward with willing to play. This would mean we play an extra two matches but will not interupt the flow of the season.
  • The league will be split into two conferances (The Old World Conferance (OWC) and the New World Conferance (NWC) ) with two divisions in each (North & South in the OWC and East & West in the NWC).
  • Each team will play everyone in their division once (Three matches)
  • Each team will play everyone in the mirrored division in the same conferance (Eg: If you are in North you will play all teams in South. Four Games).
  • Each team will play four teams from the other conferance ( Two from each division).
  • If you finish 1st, 2nd or 3rd you will enter the play-offs. If you finish 4th you will head to the shield knockout tournament. 
  • In the play-offs both divisions combine and playe one another. 2nd in North v 3rd in South and 2nd in South v 3rd in Northwill play in the Wild Card Round(Opening round) The two winners of that match will then face the 1st place teams in the Semi-Finals round. The two finalists will then face off in the Conferance final with the resulting winner being declared the Conferance Champion.
  • The two Conferance Champions will then play in the Championship Super Bowl to see who wins the Championship VI and the overall king of the league.
  • All team registration forms must be in by the 8th of September, with the draw taking place on the same day. The season will then commence on the 15th of September. We will be playing every other week and hopefully this time we will give you your fixtures list on the 15th when we start. Lets get all sixteen coaches playing at once!

The following section are changes to the League rules.

  • All models MUST be painted, based and correctly numbered. The side of the base is prefured or you could paint it on the player. No writing on the bottom of bases or any unpainted lead or plastic.
  • Star Players are now eligible to use in the league for inducements. If you are using a star player please use a good representaion of the model as well as being fully painted and based. You may use the Star Players that are in Living Rulebook 6 (Compition Rules) only. No online or made up Star Players may be used.
  • You must give either Myself, Andy, Nick or Paul notice before Thursday if you cannot make the evening. If no notice is given then you forfit the match. No replays or reschedules. We must, must get the season flowing more to keep people interested. We have an spare week between matches in which to rearrange matches.
  • Registration forms require your e-mail address. I plan to set up an e-mail group and e-mail everyone every week small updates, weekly fixtures as well as results and anything else that seems fit to mention.
  • Match report sheets must be handed in after every match to allow us to update the webstite and your roster. You have until your next match to hand this in. Also any mercs, journeymen or star players must be noted down in which postion they played as well as skills they had and a name. This is all required.
  • All rosters must be from the website. If you cannot print out the lastest roster please let either Myself or Andy know before your match and we will print one off for you. Any handwritten rosters must not be used, if you wish to tally your stats then use a paper roster but you must have a website roster with you as well.

Other announcement are as followed.

  • The Team News Network is up and running awaiting all coaches to sign up and blog about their teams. If you would like to set up a blog then let Andy know and he will set it up for you. It is easy to use and will soon show the top headlines on the main website.
  • If you haven’t got a roster then there will be spares in the terrian room upstairs in a box which John has kindly said he would sort out.
  • It has been suggested that we run a NAF event at Huntingdon. This is an excellent idea and welcomed by most coaches. If you would like to be on the planning team then e-mail me andI will get back to you with details, jobs, etc…
  • I am also currently in the planning stages of building the HDWSBBL World Stadium for finals and hopefully the NAF Tournament. So any spare bits of wood, materials, paint, plastic, models and anything else you think would be require please let me know.

Thank you again for all that attended and hopefully see you all next season for the best one yet!

– Alex

(P.S – Yes the Rangers are NOT returning “Insert cheers here”)

Rule book Amendment – Conceding Clarification

Unlike the last rule amendment, this one has been written to provide clarification in the event that a team cannot, or will not continue to play in a match. These rules are used once a match has begun. If the match has not taken place then the rules for forfeit in the HDWSBBL rulebook (and the previous amendment) are applied.

As per page 29 of the Living Rule Book 5 (LRB5), there are two ways of conceding a match. If a team cannot continue to play due to lack of players then the rules on page 15 (under restarting the match) take effect.

If a player decides to concede the match for any other reason then they automatically lose the match. The team that does not concede the match is declared the winner. The winner gains enough bonus Touchdowns to win the match by one Touchdown (note that if the winner is already winning the match then the score line is frozen.). These bonus Touchdowns count towards the teams total but no Star Player Points are earned for these extra Touchdowns.

In both cases the winner gains both MVPs and both teams winnings. If a team conceded the match when they could have carried on playing then, in addition to the loss of winnings and MVPs, the loser automatically loses 1 point of Fan Factor and any player with more then 51 Star Player Points permanently leaves the team on a D6 roll of 1-3.

Note that the winnings for the winning team get the normal +1 and Fame modifiers and any Spiralling Expenses modification is applied after the combined winnings has been determined (as per the normal steps of the post-match sequence on page 29).

It is important to note that a team must declare they are conceding before they set up for a kick-off. Once a team has set up then they must play the reminder of the Drive.

We hope this clears up the rules as there has been some debate over the last few weeks! If there are any questions with the above then please use the comments form below to ask them.

Andrew and Alex

Rule Book Amendment – Deliberate Forfeit

When compiling the HDWSBBL rulebook, one ruling came up for discussion but we omitted it because we did not think it would ever happen. However talk and whispers have forced our hand on this one.

With immediate effect, the following rule is in effect:

If any coach refuses to play another and deliberately forfeits the game (by refusing to turn up or play) to avoid any encounter, then the coach in question will be expelled from any further competitions in the present season as punishment in addition to the normal penalties for forfeit.

 Note that there is a clear distinction between not being able to play a game and deliberately avoiding it. When necessary, the league commissioners will make the decision as to if a game is being avoided with intention.

Sorry about doing this. I know we all get attached to our teams and want to win a cup but at the end of the day we are here to have fun. If you don’t like something about the way your opponent plays then please talk to them beforehand or talk to one of us.

The rule book will be officially updated during its next review period.

Andy and Alex