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Rule Clarification – Fumbles

Good afternoon coaches,

Fumbles have been an area of confusion with some of you so here is the run down of the rule as stated in the rulebook.

A fumble occurs when a one is achevied before or after modifications. This means if you roll a one outright you fumble the ball outright. This is the before part. If you make a roll and the resulting total with modifications result in a one you will also fumble.

For example, I make a short pass and require a roll of 4+. A 4+ makes an accurate pass, 2-3 is an inaccurate pass and one is a fumble. If I make the same move but have a -2 modifier beacuse of two tacklezones I require a 6+ to be accurate, 5-4 to be inaccurate and 1-3 to be a fumble.

All you need to remember is ones always fails while sixs are always passes.

I hope this clears a few confused coachs up.

– Alex

Rule Clarifications

We have had a few confusions over a few rules in the last couple of weeks, so here are all the clarifications to the rules that have been questioned.

  1. Side-Step and Push Backs: This has already been clarified in an e-mail I send out but encase you are unsure please check the following link:
  2. Drawing a match: If you drew a match and to determine if you go up or down with your Fan Factor you need to roll 2D6. If the roll is greater or equal you go up by one, if it is lower you go down by one. Each team also receives an extra 10,000 on top of their winnings for a draw also. You also cannot re-roll any winnings roll if you drew, only if you win the match may you do so.
  3. If you cannot field a full squad of eleven players then you will receive free journeymen to brings your roster up to eleven. You must always enter a match with eleven players before inducements are worked out. If you know you are missing a player(s) please let me know and I will add a journeyman to your team in time for your next match.
Could we also make sure any purchases are made at the end of your match so the rosters are up-to-date before your next match and I don’t get confused. If you need time to thing that’s fine but please let me know before your next match. If I am not notified then it will not be added and therefore you will be playing with an illegal roster. If you also miss a skill I will let you know as soon as possible.
I have also noticed a couple of things that are irritating people. Could we all please make sure we let our opposition know what we are rolling for before we roll, and to make sure they see it. The amount of times people have complained about missing rolls is ridiculous. I do not condone it, however it is up to the coaches to pay attention at all times and call them up on any missed rolls or confusion to what they are rolling for.
And also with rolling if you get a cocked dice, in a good sporting manner please make sure you opponent is happy with re-rolling it, and by rolling it please actually roll it properly. Blood Bowl is all about sportsmanship and having fun, the last thing I want in this league are people who bend the rules and don’t play fairly, I know I bang on about this sort of thing all the time but I will continue to do so when the complaints end.
Could we all also brush up on the rules. Please read over you rulebook and refresh your minds, especially the skills section so we do not have any mishaps. We have a few new players this season who are unsure on a few rules so the sooner we all brush up the better.
I believe that is all, any other clarifications please post a comment.