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Bloodweiser XI 2515/16

Hello once again Blood Bowlers of the HDWSBBL,


As the season has come to the close it has fallen to me to pick the best XI players to make the team of  2515/16.  This season has again been a wonderful season 197 touchdowns scored, 116 completions thrown and 260 casualties caused including 31 deaths! So who has made the list and can claim to be a “Bloodweiser pro-team member 2515/16”.


Blockers/Line of Scrimmage

  • Festus “The Pestitant”, Drakwald Defilers: This player has been a stalwart of the HDWSBBL for years now.  An absolute destroyer of players with 9 casualties this season he’s going to hit hit hit and be an unmovable force on that front line.
  • Asgoth “The Furious”, Drakwald Defilers: What’s better than one killer Chaos Warrior? Well it’s two Killer Chaos Warriors and this one actually caused one death this season in his 9 casualties!
  • Rumple Pigskin, Morgs Raiders: A Mummie who stands in the middle of the warriors and smacks the living hell out of opposition?  Yes please!  A rookie who matched the Star players from the Defilers and a very very worthy addition to this XI players.



  • Fenrir Canus, Universal Horrors:  Broke the record for most casualties in a match, caused the most casualties this season with 11 and caught the pass to score the winning touchdown in the Superbowl! What more do you want from a blitzer? Make this boy the team’s captain!
  • Selene Viperidae, Lustrian Snake Queens: Returning veteran girl with a lot of punch.  7 of them to be exactly and a TD to her name.  Strong, packs a punch and can tackle. Sign her up immediately.
  • Moist Von Lipwig, Middenheim Manhunters: A legend in this league and on his return he didn’t disappoint being the top scoring blitzer in the league.  Scored 5 and can pass a bit as well this super strong and super agile blitzer was only bested by the mighty Oberwald himself.  How ironic that the fans who loved him so much killed him.


  • Elesser Everlong, The Loren Rangers: It wouldn’t be a Bloodweiser XI without an Everlong in the ranks would it.  The best player of the season – period 9 TDs, 1 completion and 2 MVP awards in 8 games shows this HDWSBBL legend still has it where it counts.  Top player in a top team.
  • Guy De Brionne, Carcassonne Province Paladins: Joint top scorer this season also scoring 9 TDs in only his second season.  Super quick and solid against opponents he is a brand new Star in the HDWSBBL.  Long may it continue for the young Paladin.
  • Graklur-Kal, Drakwald Defilers: Wait, another player who scored 9 TDs in 9 games this season? Oh yes and he also caused 2 casualties.  This super agile beastman is excellent running with the ball, helping his team mates and removing players from the pitch.  He also catches the ball with consummate ease.
  • Kimo, Teotigua Predators: 7 TDs in 8 games, 1 completion (not bad for a short player) and 3 MVP awards made him the second most valuable player this season.  Quick, super agile leaper who scores for fun.  He has to be in there even if he has been injured in recent matches.  A HDWSBBL superstar!



  • Lobsang Ludd, Middenheim Manhunters: This space was always going to be hotly contested but in the end only one man stood up, walked in and snatched it from the pretenders to the crown.  Lobsang threw an amazing 17 completions in 8 games to show he is top dog when it comes to getting the ball down field quick.


 Notable Mentions/Subs

  • Anklebiter, Universal Horrors:  Came into his own in the 2515/16 season but when you’re up against 3 legends of HDWSBBL history and a 2nd season wonder any one will find it hard to break into the starting line up.
  • Hohepa, Teotigua Predators: Caused a casualty a match on average.  Shame he died against the Manhunters.
  • Arnulf, Suderholm Snow Leopards: Voted the most valuable player 4 times in 9 matches this season.  One to watch for the future in this rookie Norse team.
  • Gobmuncha, Gitz and Shigglez: Not a great year for the returning goblin team but Gbomuncha ended the season with the most kills from every player and both came against the Tail Slammers. Bonus.


Congratulations to all the players who made the team.  What a great way to mark 10 seasons of HDWSBBL .


I would invite all of you to post below your player of the season and their most memorable moments of the season.  Congratulations again and I look forward to seeing how the teams get on in SEASON XI!

See you pitch-side,

The Doc

Predict off 2515/16 – Jojo WINS!

Hello Blood Bowl enthusiasts!


Well that was an exciting and tense set of finals.  Congratulations to all the champions enjoy your glory and trophies.  It’s why you got into the sport anyway!  To the runners-up commiserations there is always next year!


In the predict off between myself, Jojo and Kai with 2 results ending 1-0 and the Superbowl ending 2-1 to the Horrors it means by the narrowest of margins Jojo adds the predict off to his list of victories with 15 points.  Congratulations Jojo this season really has been a massive triumph in revenge and glory for you.  Long may it continue.


Here is a run down of the full predict off and shows that Jojo was indeed victorious with only 2 wrong results! Amazing.

Actual result Kai Jojo Doc
Titan Trophy
The Asgard Marauders vs Morgs Raiders 0-3 1 0 1
Dark Wings of Fury vs Gitz and Shigglez 3-0 0 1 0
Dark Wings of Fury vs Morgs Raiders 0-1 1 1 1
League Knockout Cup
The Loren Rangers vs Innsmouth Shadows 1-2 0 3 0
Slaaneshi Big Society vs Suderholm Snow Leopards 0-2 1 3 1
Middenheim Manhunters vs Innsmouth Shadows 0-2 1 1 1
Tail Slammers vs Suderholm Snow Leopards 2-1 1 1 1
Innsmouth Shadows vs Tail Slammers 1-0 0 1 1
World Championship Super Bowl X
Talos Tobacconists vs Carcassonne Province Paladins 1-2 3 0 1
Teotigua Predators vs Lustrian Snake Queens 0-2 0 1 0
Universal Horrors vs Carcassonne Province Paladins 2-1 N/A 1 3
Drakwald Defilers vs Lustrian Snake Queens 1-0 1 1 1
Drakwald Defilers vs Universal Horrors 1-2 0 1 3
Total Points 9 15 14


Well that’s it for another year!  I will hopefully see you all at the Challenge Cup.


See you pitch-side.


The Doc

Obituary: Moist Von Lipwig, Blitzer for the Middenhein Manhunters

Season ten is the season of returning legacies. Some of the greatest teams who ever graced the Blood Bowl pitch came back for one last hurrah at more glory and to re-live memories. Sadly, however, the Middenhein Manhunters and their fans are morning the loss of one of the greats and leading lights for Human Blood Bowl players across the old world. In a disastrous incident with the opposing fans, which Lipwig found himself, he was brutally killed by them. A tragic and unfair way for one of the leagues legends to go.

Although he wasn’t on the radar as some of the other great players in the league, Moist Von Lipwig captivated the very essence of what it means to be a Blood Bowl player, and what a dam fine one he was at that. Whenever there was a great Manhunters victory (they were few and far between) you would bet your house that Lipwig would be on the score sheet one way or another. His most memorable moment of course was being the first player to score four touchdowns in a single match against league minnows, the Highland Nut Crushers.

At the time of writing this he was ranked #12 All-time best players in the leagues history. Although he lost his touch on his return, along with the team, he was still previously regarded as one of the best players in the league. Here is a look back at some of his achievements (at time of writing):

  • 12th All-Time Best Player in the Leagues history with 110 SSP
  • 9th All-Time Top Scorer with 24 Touchdowns
  • Debut in the 2506/07 season
  • One of the founding members of the Middenhein Manhunters
  • Awarded best player of the 2506/07 season
  • Twice awarded best player in two competitions
  • First player to score 4 touchdowns in match now commonly know as “a moist”
  • Scored two hat-tricks
  • Ranked #1 Human Blitzer of All-time in the leagues history.
  • Only missed two games in his career
  • Became a Super-Star and reached over 100 SSP’s

No comment has been made by the Manhunters but a memorial statue has been planned to be erected at the Middenhein Bowl where fans can come and pay their respects.

For completeness here are his full statistics:

44 24 4 3 1 5 110

RIP Moist 2475 – 2515

The Predict off 2515-16: Round 2

Hi there folks,


An update from my last post.  Now we know a couple more of the results we can put together a full set of semi-final predictions! As always JoJo, Kai and myself will predict the winners.  However, lets look at the scores so far

JoJo: 2 correct scores and a correct result = 7 points!

Kai: 1 correct score and a correct result = 4 points

Doc: 2 correct results = 2 points


Superbowl Semi-Final

Universal Horrors vs Carcassonne Province Paladins

(K) Chaps, I know that this one has been played and the result was leaked to me from the Paladins.  In good honour I will sit this one out.


(D) Well Kai that is good of you.  JoJo and I have put in some early predictions so I will put those down now.  The Horrors vs Paladins was the game I wanted.  I like the humans style and they played exceptionally well against the Black Towers last season.  A good marker of how they have progressed is their win over the much fancied Talos Tobacconists which was exceptional.  My Horrors also have a couple of men down including our Captain Fenris.  However, I don’t think that this will stop my team.  We will use the super-offensive nature of the Paladins against them and make sure we get the ball in hand more often than not.  This one is the Horrors and we will go to the Superbowl final.


(J) On paper, the Baccies should have had the Paladins, but somehow just didn’t turn up. SOMEBODY on that team has pleased their Far Eastern Betting Syndicate, that’s all I’m saying. Anyway, Paladins vs Horrors. That’s gonna be a real battle for the Paladins make no mistake. The Pallies have proved they’ve got a willful disrespect for the odds, but surely THIS is asking too much of them.
Predicted Result: (K) N/A (J) 1-0 to the Universal Horrors (D) 2-1 win to the Horrors.


Drakwald Defilers vs Lustrian Snake Queens

 (J) LSQ going through would largely negate the Defilers large amount of Claws, but Mighty Blow is still a bugbear to deal with though. Unless the Defilers bench half the team in the first half then it wont be them.  I say the Defilers are just too dangerous to stop now, but who knows what can happen?


(K) So here the Defilers are again, another semi final, another year and one game from the superbowl. But no Vampires or necro are standing in their way this time, instead their path is blocked by some very angry ladies. The Queens are much more complete than many might have expected after steamrollering the Predators last week, but they face a much more intimidating prospect in the mighty Defilers. The Chaos boys are desperate to add some silverware to all their dominance and I just don’t see the Queens having enough weapons to take them down. The Defilers have been stopped short a couple of times before but not this time, Defilers to the superbowl.


(D) Well I didn’t expect this and that is probably the reason why I am last in this little competition!  The power of the Defilers against the agility of the Snake Queens.  I think this comes down to pure pain.  The Defilers cause enough and they stroll through this match.  However, they don’t have any proven tacklers and this could be a problem.  I’ll this though the defilers will grind and grind the only thing that will stop them will be speed and the girls just don’t have enough of it.  Defilers to win.


Predicted Result: (J) 2-1 Defilers (K) Defilers win 2-1 (D) Defilers win 2-0


The League Knockout Cup

Middenheim Manhunters vs Innsmouth Shadows

(K) Another classic HDWSBBL clash this one, and if you know your history, the Shadows have a bit of a grudge from way back when Blood Bowl was in black and white and the Rangers won trophies. Nonetheless the Manhunters have been in flying form, only one game away from a play-off berth so this really can swing either way. The Shadows have a lot of momentum built up and it’s fair to say they’ll take plenty of stopping. I’ve been heartily impressed by the Manhunters this year, but I think last week might have made me a believer, so I’m going all out and backing the Shadows.


(J) After my boys put behind them 7 years of hurt and humiliation by taking the Loren Rangers apart at the seams in the last round, anything that happens now is just a bonus. That said, I’ve got a semi-final related score to settle with the Manhunters as well. The Shadows are eager to keep the momentum going, but the Manhunters have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat from me in the past in identical circumstances. Sure the Manhunters are missing a fairly big hole in their lineup right now, but they still have the advantage of numbers and inducements. I reckon the Shadows will squeek through on extra time, if at all.


(D) Well I’d not have expected for the Shadows to go and beat the Rangers so comprehensively!  It was impressive.  The Manhunters though have been very impressive this year as well getting early points on the board before going securing their 4th place in the league.  For me it all depends on which teams turn up.  If both teams come on form we have one hell of a match here.  Expect scoring and casualties taken from the pitch.  I’m just not sure if both will turn up on the one day.  The Manhunters will play very similarly to the Rangers and with Moist being no-longer with us I just think the Manhunters may not have enough in the bag.  It could swing either way but I’m saying the Shadows get the win.

Predicted Results: (K) 2-1 Shadows win (J) 2-1 Shadows in extra time (D) 3-2 Shadows in extra time


Tail Slammers vs Suderholm Snow Leopards

(J) You remember how I said “Being really jammy” doesn’t work as a long term strategy? Well, that’s because there’s an exception that proves the rule, and that exception is Enginegear of Mordheim! How will the Snow Leopards handle the smarmiest and most experienced Skaven coach the league has ever seen? Will they be left spitting in frustration and fury like the rest of us? You can’t stop the rat. Tail Slammers for the final.


(K) Easier ride than the Leopards had planned, but the result is the same, a semi final. When the Slammers have been good this year, they’ve been exceptional, stopping the Tobacconists from winning their division will rank as one of their all time highlights. But they face a team which has been steadily improving as the season has gone on, the Leopards are more than capable of putting the hurt on, and have shown that against better teams than the Slammers. Tough one to call this, but I’m banking on the rats having an ‘on’ day, painful as that might be to hear.


(D) The Slammers make a semi and they are playing well! It’s more amazing than JoJo winning the predict off.  I can’t see further than the Skaven here.  It’ll take a lot of pain to stop the Slammers and I think by the time this happens it’ll be over on the score board.

Predicted Result: (J) 3-1 Slammers (K) 3-2 Slammers win (D) 3-0 Slammers slam home the win!


Well thanks again folks.  See you pitchside for the play-offs.  Who will get to the finals?!

World Series update: The race for the playoffs!



Today we have an exciting preview going on with the final matches of the World Series 2515/16 insight we have to look at who’s in, who’s out and who’s in the balance in both the New World Conference and the Old World Conference.


New World Conference

This is where the true action is this season and it has come down to one thing – Who will take the final Superbowl playoff spot in the NWC.  Currently sitting pretty and in pole position by 1 point are the Middenhein Manhunters, whose season started so brilliantly but a stutter mid-season has let the others back into the hunt.  Right behind them equal on 9 points are the HDWSBBL favourites The Loren Rangers and 2nd season veteran humans the Carcassonne Province Paladins.  Both these teams have had varying fortunes but have started to pull results when they need them.  The big question is “Who will make it and join the Defilers and Predators in the race for the Superbowl?”

The Run in:

The last game will be crucial for all the teams let’s have a look through them:

Middenhein Manhunters

Unfortunately for the Manhunters they are against the Defilers.  You can’t get tougher opponents in this league but there is a chance.  The Defilers play in one way and that is to hurt the opposition whilst Gorsquakor gets in the TD.  If you can prevent the cage moving and hurting AND (more importantly) score one of your own TDs you have a chance.  Do the Manhunters have what it takes to do that?  Yes.  Will they… that’ll all come down to the coaches confidence on the day as sometimes this team is just unplayable! Chin up Manhunters your still in the chase!

The Loren Rangers

Elf on Elf for the Rangers and they’d better be careful.  The Dark Wings of Fury are getting better and better each match and with inducements, that suit their hit and run gameplay, they could be a real handful for the Rangers.  The smart money is on 3 points back to Loren but it could easily be 1-1 “if” the Dark Elves play “hit the woodies” instead of quickly scoring!

Carcassonne Province Paladins

Garlic-munching cheese eaters as they were once called have done alright for themselves.  Beating the Rangers and only losing to the big teams above them.  They are the dark horses of this fight.  Their job is simple – beat the Asgard Marauders and do it by 2 or more TDs with a handful of casualties for the Norse and they might just go through “if” the Rangers and Manhunters slip up.


Who’s in the Superbowl playoffs?  Safe money is on the Rangers.  If you wanted a punt either way you say Paladins.  However, the long shot is the Manhunters.  Win and they are through, tie and it requires both the others to slip up, lose and the Rangers and Paladins will probably over take them.  Any way you cut it.  It’s going to be close.


Old World Conference

It’s the race for the top in this conference.  Who will finish at the summit and avoid the round one playoff tie?  Top of the division are the Universal Horrors by only one point above the Talos Tobacconists who are only one point above the Lustrian Snake Queens.  Who’s going to be top of the shop and who will be playing in the first playoff games against the NWC teams?


The Run In:

Universal Horrors

Straight from a victory over the Big Socs their next match is against the Goblins of Gitz and Shigglez.  You’d not bet against the Horrors from grabbing the win, especially if damage can be done to the Goblins early, but “The Doc” has a nasty habit of slipping up against stunties so will it be clear sailing?  You’d expect a win but a loss or draw could see teams over take the Horrors in the standings.

Talos Tobacconists

Playing the depleted Tail Slammers.  Enough pain inflicted here and the Baccies get the win, surely? You have to remember though that the Slammers have inducement gold in their pockets and this could prevent the Baccies getting the numerical advantage.  If this happens the Baccies could miss going top and end in 2nd or possibly 3rd.  They will be wanting to try and take players from teh pitch to get the win but if the Skaven can survive will they cause their own damage on the score board?

Lustrian Snake Queens

A lack of consistency this season has hampered the teams progress but they haven’t been injured at all.  Though now the Snake Queens have the hardest job of all and that is the Big Society.  Don’t let the record fool you Chaos are tough to beat and this team is no exception.  A few injuries and the ladies could be in trouble.  However, you’d expect all those skills in evasion could keep them alive.  Will they be able to dodge the bullet?  If not expect them to finish 3rd.


Who’s going to win?  Safe money is still with the Horrors.  Beat the Gitz and walk into playoff round two aiming for a Superbowl place.  2nd I can’t see it being anyone else but the Baccies though if they do lose to the Slammers they could move entirely out of the Superbowl playoffs and into the League Cup.  3rd should be the Snake Queens but if they lose and the Slammers get a tie it could be enough for the Slammers to dispose the Queens to the League cup.  In short – it’s still all to play for in the top 4 places!


See you pitchside


The Doc

GSNN Takeover: ‘ave You Uzed dat Wizard Yet?

Da wizzard…. everywun noes ee’z da best indyoosment dat munny can buy. But not everywun noes da best way to use ‘im.  So I, Shigglez, ‘ed coach of da finest teem of goblinz ever seen in dis leeg, is gunna tell yoo sum seekrettz abowt how…


When should I hire dat wizard?

If yoo’z got 150k of cash to spend, an’ yoo’z not coaching gobboz (dey needz it fer uvver fings… ask der refz), den yoo should be hiring a wizzard.  Dere is nuffin else as good yoo’z gunna get fer dat cash.


When should I use dat wizard?

Dis wun in’t an eezy kwestshun to arnsa.  If da uvver teem is gonna score an’ yoo can recova da ball wen it goes looose, then use da wizzard.  If yoo’z got a chance to score but dere’s playaz in da way, use da wizzard.  If dere’s a big ol’ bounty on da pitch, like Fluffy da Cow-Killa or dat spawny hobgob cunt Fumbles, den use da wizzard da furst chance yoo get!


Whaa’ spell should I get ‘im to cazt?

I bashed sum gobboz togevver an’ did da maffs. A fireball is gunna hit wun of every too playas unda it, da litening bolt is gunna is gunna ‘it moar often unless itz da sooperbowl final an’ yoo really needz it to.  So: da bolt is da wun to go for, unless yoo’z playin’ a bashy teems – dem short beerdy gitz is a good eksampul – an’ yoo can get fiyv or moar of dem under a big fireball.


Anything else I should know?

‘Avin’ a wizzard is a big fing in da mind of da uvver coach. ‘Ee won’t wanna bunch ‘is teem up, in case yoo ‘it ‘em wiv a fireball. ‘Ee won’t wanna run forward too kwik ‘cos den yoo can jus’ bolt da ball an’ nikk it bakk.  So don’t always use da wizzard as erly as yoo can… waitin’ a wile may give yoo betta opportoonitiez.  Of cors, yoo don’t wanna wayt so long yoo ferget yoo’z got a wizzard…

Also: despite ‘ow much yoo pleed, da wizzard cannot be used on playas off da pitch. So wen dat spawny hobgob Fumbles HIDEZ IN DA DUGOUT FER MOST OF DA GAME, yoo’z not gunna be able to ‘it ‘im wiv da wizard. Moorz da pity.