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2516/17 Season Ramp-Up Begins!

Please welcome our new HDWSBBL reporters Basco Headpatch (Riverside Rainbows Team Capitan) and Loktar Gaunt (Head coach of the Temper Bay Marauders).

BH: Good evening spots fans! And welcome to the start of the eleventh season of the HDWSBBL. This year is going to be a real humdinger with all new teams entering the league in what has been dubbed “Year of the Rookies”.

LG: Yea dem newbies are gonna getz a right old hankering dis year! I expect much carnage and lotz of dem touchdowny things throughout!

BH: But before we can even begin the season we should maybe run down the season format as well as how teams can sign up. So without further ado I will now hand over to the league commissioner to explain the details.


Season 11 Rules & Format

This season will feature brand new teams only, for this year only no returning teams are allowed to enter. Teams are to follow normal rules on entering the league which are detailed here in the league handbook, all teams are encouraged to read the league rules.

HDWSBBL League Handbook 1.4

The format will be the same as it was last year. But to new coaches here is a run down of how it will work. Team are split into two conferences of 8 with each team playing the other teams in their conference once in a mixture of home and away matches totalling 7 matches to be played. The winner of each conference will be crowned the conference champion and will win the Championship in their respected conference.

To reach certain play-offs you have to achieve a certain finish. The top three teams will enter into the Championship Super Bowl, with the conference champions gaining a bye into the semi-finals. Second place will play third place between the two conferences. Fourth through to sixth will enter into the League Knockout Cup. Similar format apples to the Super Bowl with fourth place gaining the bye into the semi-finals with fifth playing sixth between the conferences. Finally the seventh and eighth placed teams will enter into the Shield. Seventh will play eighth between the conferences, this will no longer be a random draw. At most each team will play ten matches with a minimum of eight.

The season will start on 1st September 2016 with a match taking place every other week from the start date. See here for a very basic date only schedule (to be tarted up soon!):

Season 11 Schedule

Alongside the start of the season on the first the draw will also take place at 7:00pm sharp to ensure plenty of time to play your opening match. The fixtures will then be uploaded and released that week, once released please ensure the commissioner of any holidays or evenings you cannot make to allow a reschedule during an off week. Please also try and prioritise the league before any other games to ensure not to hold up the rest of the league the off week is designed to allow catch up.

All teams are to submit a team registration form and a roster either electronically to or in person on a Thursday night. Also on offer as per previous years is the background bonus. To gain this bonus also submit a detailed description of your team as well as a stadium background to gain 30,000gp to use after your first match. If nothing is submitted the commissioner may write something which doesn’t reflect your team as you want. All forms as well as a blank roster can be found here:

Team Registration Form

Blank Roster Sheet

Please also note the league expects teams to be fully painted and the correct race and positional to be represented. Points will be deducted. Also please note that the commissioner prefers that the online versions of rosters to be used rather than written ones. If a printed copy cannot be obtained the commissioner can be notified and he will print one off for you on the night. And finally with the impending re-release of Blood Bowl by Games Workshop, there may be rule changes by GW in the game. If this happens mid season the Rules will remain unchanged until the season ends. Once the season is finished new rules (if any) will be applied. Any problems contact the commissioner.


BH: A lot to take in by these new coaches but I’m pretty sure that if Loktar here can understand them anyone can.

LG: Woz you saying little man!

BH: Urrr and with that we bid you goodnight and a huge good luck to the new coaches. We will of course will bring you the news as it comes in!

LG: Yea wot he said!

Bloodweiser XI 2515/16

Hello once again Blood Bowlers of the HDWSBBL,


As the season has come to the close it has fallen to me to pick the best XI players to make the team of  2515/16.  This season has again been a wonderful season 197 touchdowns scored, 116 completions thrown and 260 casualties caused including 31 deaths! So who has made the list and can claim to be a “Bloodweiser pro-team member 2515/16”.


Blockers/Line of Scrimmage

  • Festus “The Pestitant”, Drakwald Defilers: This player has been a stalwart of the HDWSBBL for years now.  An absolute destroyer of players with 9 casualties this season he’s going to hit hit hit and be an unmovable force on that front line.
  • Asgoth “The Furious”, Drakwald Defilers: What’s better than one killer Chaos Warrior? Well it’s two Killer Chaos Warriors and this one actually caused one death this season in his 9 casualties!
  • Rumple Pigskin, Morgs Raiders: A Mummie who stands in the middle of the warriors and smacks the living hell out of opposition?  Yes please!  A rookie who matched the Star players from the Defilers and a very very worthy addition to this XI players.



  • Fenrir Canus, Universal Horrors:  Broke the record for most casualties in a match, caused the most casualties this season with 11 and caught the pass to score the winning touchdown in the Superbowl! What more do you want from a blitzer? Make this boy the team’s captain!
  • Selene Viperidae, Lustrian Snake Queens: Returning veteran girl with a lot of punch.  7 of them to be exactly and a TD to her name.  Strong, packs a punch and can tackle. Sign her up immediately.
  • Moist Von Lipwig, Middenheim Manhunters: A legend in this league and on his return he didn’t disappoint being the top scoring blitzer in the league.  Scored 5 and can pass a bit as well this super strong and super agile blitzer was only bested by the mighty Oberwald himself.  How ironic that the fans who loved him so much killed him.


  • Elesser Everlong, The Loren Rangers: It wouldn’t be a Bloodweiser XI without an Everlong in the ranks would it.  The best player of the season – period 9 TDs, 1 completion and 2 MVP awards in 8 games shows this HDWSBBL legend still has it where it counts.  Top player in a top team.
  • Guy De Brionne, Carcassonne Province Paladins: Joint top scorer this season also scoring 9 TDs in only his second season.  Super quick and solid against opponents he is a brand new Star in the HDWSBBL.  Long may it continue for the young Paladin.
  • Graklur-Kal, Drakwald Defilers: Wait, another player who scored 9 TDs in 9 games this season? Oh yes and he also caused 2 casualties.  This super agile beastman is excellent running with the ball, helping his team mates and removing players from the pitch.  He also catches the ball with consummate ease.
  • Kimo, Teotigua Predators: 7 TDs in 8 games, 1 completion (not bad for a short player) and 3 MVP awards made him the second most valuable player this season.  Quick, super agile leaper who scores for fun.  He has to be in there even if he has been injured in recent matches.  A HDWSBBL superstar!



  • Lobsang Ludd, Middenheim Manhunters: This space was always going to be hotly contested but in the end only one man stood up, walked in and snatched it from the pretenders to the crown.  Lobsang threw an amazing 17 completions in 8 games to show he is top dog when it comes to getting the ball down field quick.


 Notable Mentions/Subs

  • Anklebiter, Universal Horrors:  Came into his own in the 2515/16 season but when you’re up against 3 legends of HDWSBBL history and a 2nd season wonder any one will find it hard to break into the starting line up.
  • Hohepa, Teotigua Predators: Caused a casualty a match on average.  Shame he died against the Manhunters.
  • Arnulf, Suderholm Snow Leopards: Voted the most valuable player 4 times in 9 matches this season.  One to watch for the future in this rookie Norse team.
  • Gobmuncha, Gitz and Shigglez: Not a great year for the returning goblin team but Gbomuncha ended the season with the most kills from every player and both came against the Tail Slammers. Bonus.


Congratulations to all the players who made the team.  What a great way to mark 10 seasons of HDWSBBL .


I would invite all of you to post below your player of the season and their most memorable moments of the season.  Congratulations again and I look forward to seeing how the teams get on in SEASON XI!

See you pitch-side,

The Doc

The Predict off 2515-16: Round 2

Hi there folks,


An update from my last post.  Now we know a couple more of the results we can put together a full set of semi-final predictions! As always JoJo, Kai and myself will predict the winners.  However, lets look at the scores so far

JoJo: 2 correct scores and a correct result = 7 points!

Kai: 1 correct score and a correct result = 4 points

Doc: 2 correct results = 2 points


Superbowl Semi-Final

Universal Horrors vs Carcassonne Province Paladins

(K) Chaps, I know that this one has been played and the result was leaked to me from the Paladins.  In good honour I will sit this one out.


(D) Well Kai that is good of you.  JoJo and I have put in some early predictions so I will put those down now.  The Horrors vs Paladins was the game I wanted.  I like the humans style and they played exceptionally well against the Black Towers last season.  A good marker of how they have progressed is their win over the much fancied Talos Tobacconists which was exceptional.  My Horrors also have a couple of men down including our Captain Fenris.  However, I don’t think that this will stop my team.  We will use the super-offensive nature of the Paladins against them and make sure we get the ball in hand more often than not.  This one is the Horrors and we will go to the Superbowl final.


(J) On paper, the Baccies should have had the Paladins, but somehow just didn’t turn up. SOMEBODY on that team has pleased their Far Eastern Betting Syndicate, that’s all I’m saying. Anyway, Paladins vs Horrors. That’s gonna be a real battle for the Paladins make no mistake. The Pallies have proved they’ve got a willful disrespect for the odds, but surely THIS is asking too much of them.
Predicted Result: (K) N/A (J) 1-0 to the Universal Horrors (D) 2-1 win to the Horrors.


Drakwald Defilers vs Lustrian Snake Queens

 (J) LSQ going through would largely negate the Defilers large amount of Claws, but Mighty Blow is still a bugbear to deal with though. Unless the Defilers bench half the team in the first half then it wont be them.  I say the Defilers are just too dangerous to stop now, but who knows what can happen?


(K) So here the Defilers are again, another semi final, another year and one game from the superbowl. But no Vampires or necro are standing in their way this time, instead their path is blocked by some very angry ladies. The Queens are much more complete than many might have expected after steamrollering the Predators last week, but they face a much more intimidating prospect in the mighty Defilers. The Chaos boys are desperate to add some silverware to all their dominance and I just don’t see the Queens having enough weapons to take them down. The Defilers have been stopped short a couple of times before but not this time, Defilers to the superbowl.


(D) Well I didn’t expect this and that is probably the reason why I am last in this little competition!  The power of the Defilers against the agility of the Snake Queens.  I think this comes down to pure pain.  The Defilers cause enough and they stroll through this match.  However, they don’t have any proven tacklers and this could be a problem.  I’ll this though the defilers will grind and grind the only thing that will stop them will be speed and the girls just don’t have enough of it.  Defilers to win.


Predicted Result: (J) 2-1 Defilers (K) Defilers win 2-1 (D) Defilers win 2-0


The League Knockout Cup

Middenheim Manhunters vs Innsmouth Shadows

(K) Another classic HDWSBBL clash this one, and if you know your history, the Shadows have a bit of a grudge from way back when Blood Bowl was in black and white and the Rangers won trophies. Nonetheless the Manhunters have been in flying form, only one game away from a play-off berth so this really can swing either way. The Shadows have a lot of momentum built up and it’s fair to say they’ll take plenty of stopping. I’ve been heartily impressed by the Manhunters this year, but I think last week might have made me a believer, so I’m going all out and backing the Shadows.


(J) After my boys put behind them 7 years of hurt and humiliation by taking the Loren Rangers apart at the seams in the last round, anything that happens now is just a bonus. That said, I’ve got a semi-final related score to settle with the Manhunters as well. The Shadows are eager to keep the momentum going, but the Manhunters have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat from me in the past in identical circumstances. Sure the Manhunters are missing a fairly big hole in their lineup right now, but they still have the advantage of numbers and inducements. I reckon the Shadows will squeek through on extra time, if at all.


(D) Well I’d not have expected for the Shadows to go and beat the Rangers so comprehensively!  It was impressive.  The Manhunters though have been very impressive this year as well getting early points on the board before going securing their 4th place in the league.  For me it all depends on which teams turn up.  If both teams come on form we have one hell of a match here.  Expect scoring and casualties taken from the pitch.  I’m just not sure if both will turn up on the one day.  The Manhunters will play very similarly to the Rangers and with Moist being no-longer with us I just think the Manhunters may not have enough in the bag.  It could swing either way but I’m saying the Shadows get the win.

Predicted Results: (K) 2-1 Shadows win (J) 2-1 Shadows in extra time (D) 3-2 Shadows in extra time


Tail Slammers vs Suderholm Snow Leopards

(J) You remember how I said “Being really jammy” doesn’t work as a long term strategy? Well, that’s because there’s an exception that proves the rule, and that exception is Enginegear of Mordheim! How will the Snow Leopards handle the smarmiest and most experienced Skaven coach the league has ever seen? Will they be left spitting in frustration and fury like the rest of us? You can’t stop the rat. Tail Slammers for the final.


(K) Easier ride than the Leopards had planned, but the result is the same, a semi final. When the Slammers have been good this year, they’ve been exceptional, stopping the Tobacconists from winning their division will rank as one of their all time highlights. But they face a team which has been steadily improving as the season has gone on, the Leopards are more than capable of putting the hurt on, and have shown that against better teams than the Slammers. Tough one to call this, but I’m banking on the rats having an ‘on’ day, painful as that might be to hear.


(D) The Slammers make a semi and they are playing well! It’s more amazing than JoJo winning the predict off.  I can’t see further than the Skaven here.  It’ll take a lot of pain to stop the Slammers and I think by the time this happens it’ll be over on the score board.

Predicted Result: (J) 3-1 Slammers (K) 3-2 Slammers win (D) 3-0 Slammers slam home the win!


Well thanks again folks.  See you pitchside for the play-offs.  Who will get to the finals?!

Superbowl IX: The Preview

Hello Sports Fans and Coaches of the HDWSBBL,


Are you ready for the Superbowl!  In the Crown Jewel match of the HDWSBBL the Arkhan Black Towers play the Black Mountain Bloodjaws in a winner takes all chance to get their hands on the most coveted trophy.  It is the first time these two wonderful rookie teams have met in a match which could be the closest and most entertaining of the entire season!  Let’s look at the teams and how they made it to the HDWSBBL Superbowl Final.


Team Overview:

Arkhan Black Towers

What a rookie season the Towers have had.  11 wins, 1 draw and only 1 loss on their way to the New World Conference Play-Offs 2514/15 championship and the The Sly Sports Challenge Cup 2514/15.  Along the way they have beaten the much fancied Ashut Titans, the brilliantly rebuilt and coached Oxmoor Savages (three times), and the OWC finalists of the Darkfleet Assasins.  Scoring 25 touchdowns and causing 31 casualties in 13 games the Towers have excelled in taking the weaknesses of their opponents and using it to their advantage.  13 men on the roster with emerging stars coming from their Mummies and Ghouls “The Doc” has guided them well and has again made it to the Superbowl for a 3rd time in 4 seasons.  However, “The Doc” has always lost to the eventual Superbowl winner.  Will it be 3rd time lucky?  With a Spike! Magazine rating of 257 it could be destiny that he lifts the trophy this time.


Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
New World Conference Play-Offs 2514/15 2 2 0 0 3 0 4 6 0 0 100
The Sly Sports Challenge Cup 2514/15 4 4 0 0 8 3 8 6 0 0 100
World Series 2514/15 7 5 1 1 14 5 19 12 0 0 71


Black Mountain Bloodjaws

There are only so many superlatives you can have about the Bloodjaws 2nd half to the season.  It all started after they beat the Darkfleet Assasins on their way to lifting, the challenge cups little brother, The Sly Sports Vase Championship 2514/15.  Since then they haven’t looked back: 8 wins and 1 draw in a season where they have won 9 from 14, drawn 4 and lost only 1 to the Oxmoor Savages.  Now they have added the Old World Conference Play-Offs 2514/15 to the trophy cabinet after beating Darkfleet Assasins in the OWC final and the veteran (and favourites for the OWC championship) Temper Bay Marauders 4-0(!) in the semi-final.  They are led by the quartet of blitzers who take care of business every time they hit the field and supported by 4 hulking black orcs.  Only 11 players who have also scored 25 touchdowns and 42 casualties and with a huge bank balance they have a Spike! magazine rating of 304.  Watch out they could cause this to be a slobberknocker!


Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
Old World Conference Play-Offs 2514/15 3 3 0 0 10 3 16 1 6 0 100
The Sly Sports Vase Championship 2514/15 3 3 0 0 6 3 12 1 3 0 100
The Sly Sports Challenge Cup 2514/15 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 0 0 0
World Series 2514/15 7 3 0 4 9 4 13 5 4 0 43


Player overview

Arkhan Black Towers Black Mountain Bloodjaws
Gutwrencher (Ghoul) – 44 SPP Best Player Korgak the Krazy (Blitzer) – 51 SPP
Gutwrencher (Ghoul)– 13 TDs Top Scorer Korgak the Krazy (Blitzer) – 11 TDs
Prince Ehtar  (Mummy) – 9  Cas Most Vicious Korgak the Krazy (Blitzer) – 9 Cas
N/A! Best passer Vrograg Spleen Chucker (Thrower) – 9 Comps
N/A! Top Inteceptor N/A!
186 Total SPP 229

There is a bit of a gap here in SPP and team development and this can all be traced back to the conferences that each team played in.  Whilst the Towers had the Ashut Titans, Oxmoor Savages and Monster Mashers the Bloodjaws had 2 types of elf and the norse of the Valhallen Vixen’s.  The casualties racked up and the Orcs got better at what they do best – hitting things.   However, if you look at the teams make up they are more equal with most players having two bits of added training to their arsenal.  Looking at the top player stats you can see that it is remarkably close.  Where the teams do differ are the team styles.  No passes from the undead and a handy 9 completions from Vrograg Spleen Chucker shows the Orcs are not afraid to mix it up.  Could this be the thing that tips the balance? Well it worked against the Assasins.



The Arkhan Black Towers will be looking to keep it as fluid and as versatile as possible.  This is what they excel in.  Finding a way to get through no matter how it happens.  Can they hit? Yes two mummies can hit as hard as anyone in the game and alongside the super strong zombie in the front line have gone toe-to-toe with Chaos and Chaos Dwarves and come out victorious.  Can they ball handle? Yes.  Just look at those TD figures.  So how will they play?  On offence watch for the pain to be rained down from the front line (1) as the mummies hit the Black Orcs/Linemen.  The ghouls will play the ball (2) and move it to safety waiting for a gap before running it through to the Endzone (3).  Orc defence will rely on remaining standing and hitting back pushing the undead away.  If they can injure a few players along the way that could be very useful to tie down the faster Towers players.


Towers Offence Superbowl


Orc offense will be about pain and grinding with the added advantage of being able to have the passing option.  A quick touchdown is not out of the question if you have a pass and then a handoff just to dash to the endzone.  The Black Orcs and Blitzers will line up to hit the front line (1) whilst Vrograg Spleen Chucker gets the ball (2).  Now comes the choice – form “Da Cage” or look to pass and it will be dictated by the amount of time is on the clock.  A full half to score and the Boyz will roll down the field.  Only less than a quarter left and it will be passing time.  What and option to have!


Bloodjaws offence Superbowl


A prediction?  Well I can’t give one for score.  Being one of the coaches in this Superbowl match I don’t want to say it will be one thing or another.  What I can say as it will be close.  Orcs vs Undead normally is and it will take at least 2 touchdowns from one team to win this one.  Casualties could be critical and the Orcs are built to hurt but if the Towers can get a couple off the pitch that will change the picture all together.  One’s thing for certain whoever wins this one will certainly deserve the title.





Season 8 – All’s Well that Ends Well:

Greetings Blood Bowl Fans and Fellow coaches,


It is I Doctor Viktor Necromortis or “The Doc” to you uninitiated people. I have taken control of “Hack of the Day” for this final instalment of the season to bring you the summary of the season and the “Bloodweiser World Series XI” 2514.


Looking back through the season I think it has been astounding that the teams have achieved so much.   The Talos Tobacconists showed their full potential and reached the Superbowl after winning the New World Conference; Teotigua had the Flying Frogs stroll into the playoffs semi-finals; the HDWSBBL had no fewer than 10 new teams join its ranks and records have been smashed (all too aptly in the case of the Ogres and their casualties)!


That brings me to the Finals of our illustrious competitions of the New World Conference, Old World Conference, Squitters Cup (the Shield) and the Superbowl.   The NWC as I said earlier has been won by the chaos red machine of Talos Tobacconists who finally showed all the grit required to beat the unbeaten Karond Kar Oblivion and take the trophy.  Well done to the team a huge achievement and shows what hard work and application can do.  OWC this year was closely contested as the Waterbowl Wanderers beat the Drakwald Defilers (who lose their 3rd successive conference final) to take their first trophy in the HDWSBBL.  The “best of the rest” title fell to the Har Ganeth Heartbreakers who ran rings around the very impressive Riverside Rainbows Halfling team but unfortunately their luck ran out when it was most needed.  Finally (no pun intended) the Superbowl 2513/14 was won by the Waterbowl Wanderers.  After an impressive start by the Tobacconists many fans saw the Elf team battered and bruised but Coach James Bonsack underestimated Elf versatility and instead of leading 1-0 at the half the elves grabbed an equaliser at the whistle.  Receiving the ball the elves took no chances and quickly made it 2-1 in the 2nd half and held out for the win as the chaotic destruction ground to a halt.  Congratulations to the Wanderers and commiserations to the Tobacconists it was a fantastic game.


Lastly it falls to me to name the World Series XI sponsored by Bloodweiser.  This year has been incredibly difficult.  So many good and game changing performances have left us with a plethora of talent to choose from.  However, I have narrowed it down:


#1: Thrower: Jenny Craig (SOT) – Again and for the 2nd year this girl has shown all the elves how it’s done in the passing stakes.  Jenny has teamed up well with Rita this season and the passes have floated and flourished with this Amazon calling the shots.  Great performance.

#2: Lineman: Wandlebury (GMG) – Did someone call for destruction? Well this ogre deals it out with 11 casualties in the World Series alone (not to mention his exploits in the playoffs).  As a coach why wouldn’t you want him on your line?

#3: Lineman: Asgoth “The Furious” (DD) – Narrowly missed out on being the top weapon of mass destruction by 1 casualty to Wandlebury.  Consistent over 3 seasons in his job.  What more can be said apart from “Can I have more than one of him?”.

#4: Lineman: Sesslith “the Seductive” (DD) – What better to go the other side of our Ogre than another Chaos Warrior?  Upping their performance from last season Sesslith has impressed with 8 casulaties and a most valuable player award.

#5: Blitzer: Duke Markus Varghulf (NN) – A rookie vampire at the start of the season who went in to the veteran Nightlords team just to steal the lime light with 6 touchdowns, 2 casualties, 3 passes and 4 most valuable player awards.  A “fangtastic” return from the joint “Player of the Season”.

#6: Blitzer: Matt “Hustle” Haddelback (NT) – I know what you are saying a Titan’s player making the World Series XI?  However all you have to do is look at the casualty stats and you can see why.  10 games 1 TD and 9 (yes 9!) casualties and 2 MVPs.  You will win many games if you can kill your opponent and this guy knows how to do it.

#7: Runner: Arcani Spark IV (AAS) – The other “Player of the Season” scored a Hat-trick in his last match and has 10 TDs all season.  Enough said.

#8: Runner: Gorsquakor (DD) – A season doesn’t go past without this player being on this list.  A slow start but his quality shone through as he lead the Defilers to another Playoff final.  One of the top players in the league.

#9: Runner: Balder (AM) – Another player who’s second season form pulled his team to the playoffs almost single handed.  Consistent scoring and ability to inflict pain on his opponents Balder is another player who can play runner, catcher or blitzer in any team.

#10: Catcher: Rita (SOT) – Without Rita and Jenny Craig the Temptation girls would have been shield bound but this woman is a class above when it comes to scoring.  10 TDs in 10 games says how valuable she can be for a team.

#11: Catcher: BeanBag (WW) – Lastly but not least a winner of the Superbowl with the Wanderers scoring 7 TDs in his first World Series and becoming a supplementary blitzer for the team.  Creates space for the other members of the team to work in.  A brilliant debut season for this elf.


Well my friends that is it for another season.  I wish you all the best for your post-season recovery and preseason training.  See you all next season in the HDWSBBL.


Dr Viktor Necromortis

Breaking News: The Doc predicts the Shield, Playoffs and Superbowl

Greetings Blood Bowl coaches and fans from Nachthaften,


Yes it is I Dr Viktor Necromortis and as part of our traditional coverage of the HDWSBBL Kai Konami and I usually predict all the Shield, Playoff matches and the Superbowl.  Unofrtunately Kai seems to have disappeared off the face of the Old World so this year I am going to do this myself (with no bias at all, obviously).


Shall we begin with the Shield:

Wild Brunch vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers 

Well this was a bit of a shock this season when the elves from Naggaroth fell into the Shield but this match should be an interesting one.  The Heartbreakers on their day will give anyone in the league a good match and the Halflings have proven to scare a few people so this one will be close.  For me it all depends on which Heartbreakers turn up; if it is the ones who want to play this game is theirs, if not it will be one halfling team in the final.

Prediction: 2-0 Heartbreakers but it’ll be closer than it sounds.


Riverside Rainbows vs Nordenringen Titans

The second of the Halfling teams this year have pulled off some great results (including beating my Nightlords with some disgusting tactics- throwing players! Grrr!) and to be fair I can’t see the Titans stopping them again.  This will send at least on ‘Fling team to the final

Prediction: 2-0 Riverside Rainbows.


Shield Final

Riverside Rainbows vs Har Ganeth Heartbreakers

Well this one will be close again and all depends on two things (1) If the elves can cope with the wizard, Morg, masterchef and other consumables the Rainbows will have and (2) if the Heartbreakers show the desire to win a trophy this season.  With the right aptitude the elves can and should win this one with simple stand off tactics and superior ball play.  However, the coach this year has proven to be more interested in the Bloodweiser babes than the match and this could lead to a Fling win if he doesn’t keep his eye on the ball.

Prediction: 2-1 Rainbows (AET) as the inducements take their toll on the Heartbreakers.


NWC Playoffs:

Biohazard DX vs Arcani’s All Sparks

A difficult one to predict.  Excellent defensive capabilities of the Nurgle against the superior running skills of the Skaven.  If you had asked me in the beginning of the season I would have backed Biohazard DX to the hilt but since a few matches have passed and the Skaven have picked up some momentum coming into the play offs I would say that they have the advantage here.

Prediction: 2-0 All Sparks.


Asgard Marauders vs Sect of Temptation

Everyone knows the Nightlords and I love the Sect girls (we always try and get one or two of them to come back with us to Nachthaften) but I cannot see them winning this match.  The seasoned tactics and superior ability of the Norsemen to hurt the Sect will be too much for the Amazons.  It will be a hard fought match but expect the Sect to leave the field in pieces.

Prediction: 1-0 Marauders (and a surgeons table full of injured women!).


OWC play offs:

Teotigua Flying Frogs vs Gog Magog Gladiators

Another wonderful match.  The league fixture of this match was very close with the Ogres not doing enough damage to effect the game but this time they are fully tooled up with the casualty leader of the season and a host of damage dealing friends.  The Slann on the other hand have been beaten pillar to post on their journies and may now be ready to break.  I see this one being a blood bath and if the ogres can get their hands on the ball like they will do on the frogs then this one is over.

Prediction: 2-1 Gog Magog Gladiators.


Nachthaften Nightlords vs Slaaneshi Big Society

This season the Nightlords will have played all 3 of the Chaos teams but this will be our first encounter with the servants of the deity Slaanesh.  As a set of teams this is a total mismatch with the Nightlords being superior in everyway but one – our thralls.  If the Slaaneshi can remove enough of the thralls from the field I believe that this will be a very close match.  However, I believe that my Nightlords will show restraint for blood and we will be victorius and extend our playoff run.

Prediction: 2-1 Nightlords


Round 2:

NWC playoffs

Arcani’s All Sparks vs Talos Tobacconists

I love this match up.  You read the teams on paper and the Tobacconists should walk away with this one clutching a skaven skull or two as well.  The All Sparks now have the grandson of Arcani spark though and this quick little bugger can score from the kickoff which gives them a slight advantage.  Who will win this one?  Will it be the ball playing chaos who could smash some teeth as they move to the endzone or the one tactic (though very effective tactic) of the All Sparks?  I am going to go on the side of the Chaos as if they can take out the quick rat then it is there for the taking.

Prediction: 3-2 Tobacconists (AET and smacking to poo out of that rat!)


Asgard Marauders vs Karond Kar Oblivion

I have to admit I didn’t expect the new Dark Elves on the block to be this good.  Yes they have had a favourable draw and some wins by forfeit but they have done exceptionally well.  You can’t over look though at the huge ability of the norse to cause damage and again it is bash vs dash in this tie.  I will say that despite a close match if the Marauders can get at the KK Oblivion early and quickly that they will win this one but if they give the elves time with the ball you can expect them to score at will.

Prediction: 2-1 KK Oblivion (just)



Teotigua Flying Frogs vs Drakwald Defilers

The Defilers are a great team and again they are showing what they can do to any opponent that they come up against.  I can’t see this changing against the fragile frogs and attrition will be the cause of the Slann leaving the HDWSBBL playoffs this season.  It’s clean cut unfortunately for Klaus von Jaeger and his team will be leaving for an early bath.

Prediction: 2-0 Defilers



Nachthaften Nightlords vs Waterbowl Wanderers

This was the fixture I wanted to play when I knew we’d have to play a wild card game.  The Wanderers have been on marvellous form with 10 wins from 10 which is unsurprising from a coach we have since found was New and Old World Champion with another team!  Our league match was close and I would want it to be the same again with the Nightlords being victorious this time around to meet the Defilers again.

Prediction: 2-1 Nightlords (fingers crossed! I did say an unbiased opinion didn’t I?)


Championship Matches:

KK Oblivion vs Talos Tobacconists

I always like the look of the Tobacconists team.  Lots of potential receivers of the ball, lots of ball handling capability and the strength from the warriors makes you drool with possibilities.  The Oblivion though  are on a wonderful run and are difficult to beat.  This makes me think that the Tobacconists will need to grind through the elves and maim on the way to win this.  I am not sure they will do this.  With this in mind I am drawn to choose the Oblivion to win the NWC.

Prediction: 2-0 Oblivion


Nachthaften Nightlords vs Drakwald Defilers

We meet again old friends.  This would be my 6 game in 3 seasons against the Defilers (if we get passed the Wanderers) and it will be as difficult as ever.  A championship game though and I would never bet against the Nightlords to pull it out of the bag.

Prediction: 1-0 Nightlords


Superbowl: Nachthaften Nightlords vs Karond Kar Oblivion

A Superbowl is always a special thing to play in (I should know losing the last 2 Superbowls to excellent teams).  This one would be no different.  In this one though I think the experience of the Nightlords would be paramount and we would get the win we have been craving to lift that hallowed trophy.

Prediction: 2-0 Nightlords (see totally unbiased)


Well to all the teams involved: Good luck I hope Nuffle shines his blessings on you.

Dr Viktor Necromortis.