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Collecting Dust…..

Good evening sports fans,

Well it has been a very crazy holiday break but we have all managed to get back into the swing of things, well almost. Now it has come to my attention that the HDWSBBL Press office has been rather relaxed as of late, but fear not, a highly trained motivator is whipping them into shape (and he uses a cat-o-nine tails…)

So coming up in the next few hours, days and weeks, expect a full 30 match review of the Tutsbone Jackals and the Wee Tree Fellows, re-cap of the last two weeks of matches (the janitor has been working nights and double shifts, his wife needs treating) and a kick up the bum to all our bloggers to bring you new and exciting news.

But it has not all been bad. Fans of the previous year may remember head coach Kai of the Teotigua Predators, well after Gerhard has gone MIA of late, Kai has sprung into action and not a moment too soon! He has already placed his predictions to the final rankings and let me tell you they are certainly very interesting indeed. So why are you still reading me rambling on? Head over to his blog now at:

Hopefully the slight spanner in the press office is almost unstuck and the office will be pumping out news reels faster than you can say “What ogre?” But what do you think of the league so far? Do you have anything you would like to say? Then leave a comment and good old Bob Fortune will get back  to you. But until the next time folks, keep watching those stars! The players in the KO box sure will!

– Bob Fortune (HDWSBBL Press Office Editor)

30 games for the Innsmouth Shadows

We are a little bit late on this one but here at the HDWSBBL we are proud to announce that another team has reached the milestone of 30 games. Recently the Innsmouth Shadows played their 30th game against the Lustrian Leapers in the opening round of the Spite Challenge 2510/11 which resulted in a draw. As is now the tradition, we will take a look back at their career to date in the HDWSBBL.

The Innsmouth Shadows first joined the HDWSBBL as an expansion team at the start of the 3rd season (2508). They where immediately placed within North Division where they have been ever since.

The Shadows didn’t have the best start to their careers and it took them until their 5th game in the HDWSBBL to pick up their first win in a match against the Seductors! From there the shadows endured a savage 5 game losing streak until they defeated the Wee Tree Fellows in the opening round of the Ankle Biter Competition. Before this victory the Shadows where in danger of being lost amongst all the new teams and being forgotten like some of the other failed teams, however in the second round of the Ankle Biter the Shadows took part in one of the most controversial moments in HDWSBBL History ensuring that they would not be forgotten in a hurry.

During a Semi-Final game against the Middenhein Manhunters the Shadows had played a good match and looked like they would be advancing to the finals. However just before they scored the winning Touchdown the ball was knocked out of play and landed in the crowd. The ball was then thrown down the field with great accuracy to the Shadows End Zone where the Manhunters simply picked up the ball and scored the winning touchdown! To this day the Shadows claim it was one of the Loren Rangers who threw the ball which cost them the match. In their defence, the Rangers did occupy the entire front row for the match and are notorious for their accurate passing. The controversy, and JoJo’s hatred for Elves continues to this day.

Since that day the Shadows have maintained a curious win / loss record in the league. They are notorious for not having much luck during the league stages of any competition for the HDWSBBL League cup but they often find that they advance through at least one round of every other competition they enter! Take the 2509/10 season for example. After losing 6 of their 8 games in the Open Scramble 2510/110 the Shadows went on to come 2nd in the Pepslay Challenge competition almost managing to topple the Loren Rangers (it did take a whole arsenal of secret weapons, bribes, traps, blackmail and downright deviousness to get there but that is just par for the course!).

So far, this season they are on the top of their game. At the moment of writing they are at the top of North Division (which is a nice change from coming in last in North for the past two seasons) and have a good chance of staying that way. Could the Shadows finally end that long and rocky road to their first HDWSBBL Championship this season? We might have our answer in only a few short weeks.

The Opponents

The Shadows have had a number of feuds over the years. They may not be feuds in the same way as say RSV and the Rangers, but whenever the Shadows get drawn against certain other teams there is always palatable tension in the air. The three teams that the Shadows have encountered the most times over the past 30 games are the Karond Kar Corsairs, The Tail Slammers and the Wee Tree Fellows. On the whole they have had the best luck against WTF as they have won two games, drawn a game and lost a game.

Of course, no entry on the Shadows can be published without commenting on the Shadows distaste of Elves. Now for some reason JoJo has it in his head that there is some vast conspiracy against him and his kind that is being organised by the Elves of the Old World. JoJo Points to several occasions where his team has had the upper hand only to be thwarted by Elves. Normally at this point we recap the different races and teams that a team has faced over their 30 games, for the Shadows we will show exactly who they have played, heir racial breakdown, and a very special table just for JoJo:

Team Pld W L D
Beaumont Blitzers 2 1 1
Drackwald Deadheads 2 2
Grappler Flesh Grinders 1 1
Karond Kar Corsairs 4 4
Lustria Leapers 1 1
Mc Cauligh Reavers 1 1
Middenhein Manhunters 1 1
Seductors 1 1
Tail Slammers 4 2 2
Teotigua Predators 1 1
The Bile Blitzers 2 2
The Brewers 1 1
The Loren Rangers 3 2 1
The Wolf Pack 2 2
We Tree Fellows 4 2 1 1
Race Pld W L D
Dark Elf 6 1 5
Elf 4 2 1 1
Human 2 1 1
Lizardmen 1 1
Necromantic 2 2
Norse 2 2
Nurgle 2 2
Orc 3 1 1 1
Skaven 4 2 2
Slann 1 1
Wood Elf 3 2 1
Race Pld W L D
Elves 13 3 8 2
Non-Elves 17 6 9 2

The Players

In their 30 games, there have been 21 Players / Creatures who have worn the team colours. They have been in the following positions:

  • 11 Zombies (of which 2 where Journeymen, another 1 was taken from the Wee Tree Fellows)
  • 3 Ghouls
  • 3 Wights
  • 2 Werewolves
  • 2 Flesh Golems

For a team primarily consisting of players assembled from stolen body parts, the players have an surprisingly long average career length of 20.11 games. However only 2 players have taken part in all 30 games, Eleeazar Smith (Werewolf) and Nig (Zombie).

In total the team has scored 44 Touchdowns (averaging 2.32 per player), caused 58 causalities (at an average of 3.1 per player), made 24 completions (with an average of 1.26 per player) but caught only 3 Interceptions (though impressively, one of which was by Carter the Zombie!). In total, the team is the most violent team currently active in the HDWSBBL and is ranked the 4th most violent team in HDWSBBL history. They are the 2nd most deadly active team to face and are tied at 9th place in the most deadly teams in HDWSBBL history listing.

As for the Players themselves, the top 5 players of all time on the team are as follows:

Eleeazar Smith (Werewolf) – 83 SPP
Most Violent player on the team, played in all 30 games. Eleeazar is also the most violent player in HDWSBBL history (both active and all time) and ranked 6 on the top 25 active players list (11th of all time).
Erza Wheedon (Werewolf) – 78 SPP
One of the top scorers of the team, send most violent player in the team. Ranked 7th on the top 25 active players list (13th of all time)
Simon Orne (Ghoul) – 60 SPP
Top Scorer of the team, best passer of the team. Simon is ranked 10th on the top 25 active players list (20th of all time) and is currently the 4th top active scorer (9th of all time).
Carter (Zombie) – 38 SPP
Most MVP awards received on the team, Best Zombie Player of all time and the 18th best active player in the HDWSBBL
Captain Whipple (Wight) – 28 SPP
Was one of the most promising players on the team until he suffered his second death during a match with the Tail Slammers at the start of 2510. He was also the Team Captain.

Final Words

Before we show their statistics for their 30 games in the HDWSBBL, we thought it best to have a word with their head coach himself. Over to you JoJo:

It seems like only yesterday that the shadows first played……. Actually no, that’s a colossal lie. Its been a long and unpleasant road to get this far, beset upon at all sides by betrayal, cheating, incompetence and Elves.

But here we are, 30 games later. We are bigger, meaner, quicker and fatter then ever before – but only time will tell if we can actually put this to use.

This is why regardless of what happens, I am announcing that the shadows will officially be disbanding at the end of this season!

I feel that as a team there’s nowhere else for us to go, and if we cannot hoist a trophy at the end of this season then we never will.

Also, I feel that CERTAIN TEAMS refuse to move on and let new talent come in which stifles the league as a whole. I for one would rather end it now then have people say GO NOW YOU GITS, NOBODY WANTS YOU TO STAY AND NOBODY ENJOYS SEEING YOU WIN TROPHY ATER TROPHY YOU POINTY EARED GITS!

Well, thats how I feel anyway.

Thanks JoJo, I think we best leave it there. Below is the performance of the Innsmouth Shadows after 30 HDWSBBL games saved for prosperity.

The Innsmouth Shadows 30 9 17 4 46 62 60 48 24 3 30

30 Games for the Manhunters!

It has been a long time coming but the Manhunters finally played their 30th match here in the HDWSBBL a few weeks ago against Damage Inc! They are the fourth team to play 30 games after The Loren Rangers, Ragnars Swift Velocity and the Karond Kar Corsairs.

The Manhunters where one of the four founding teams of the HDWSBBL way back in 2506 were they shared the honour of being the first human team in HDWSBBL history with RSV. Their first season was, relatively speaking, a thing of wonder. They managed to finish second in the inaugural League competition and make it through to the finals of the Championship I. Of course, it later turned out that they actually finished third in the Open Scramble 2506/07 and their incorrect position was due to a rounding error!

This never put them off though and they headed into their second Season with lots of enthusiasm. Their second Season saw them up against a varied lot including the Karak Smashers, the Loren Tornadoes and the Drackwald Deadheads. While they once again failed to pick up any championships they did get an Eagle Award for most entertaining death as young Linesman Rufus Drumknott was crushed to death by a Dwarven Death Roller!

Their third season brought much of the same pain. They where shoved in South Division with the Man Eaters, Brimstone Deadheads and the Perverse Maidens of Torture. They only managed to pick up three wins all season but they did manage to end their losing steak of a jaw dropping 10 games. The highlight for them was advancing through the Ankle Biter competition all the way to the finals before being defeated by the Beaumont Blitzers. After that they decided to hide away from the entire world making us believe that they had died. In a master stroke of publicity (quiet Gerhard) the team emerged at the start of this season to give the game one more try.

So far this season they have only picked up one win in two games (at the time of their 30th game) however they are the third team to win their 30th game making RSV the only team to lose the milestone game itself!

The Opponents

While the Manhunters have had a few high profile feuds and grudge games with various HDWSBBL teams, their most famous feud is with Nuffle itself! Over their career, the Manhunters have sworn and cursed Nuffles name, they have prised Nuffle with all their heart and all they have received in return is rejection.

Aside from Nuffle, the Manhunters have had regular clashes with a few teams. One of their oldest rivalries was against two other founding teams, the Loren Rangers and fellow humans, RSV. Against these teams the Manhunters have never fully flourished. They have never managed to defeat either team but did hold the Rnagers to a draw. As they are lined up to face the Rangers later on in this season, it will be interesting to see if the times have changed anythings.

One of the leagues other favourites is when the Manhunters take on Skaven teams, be it the Ankle Biters or the Tail Slammers. Against the Skaven teams they have had much success winning two out of the three encounters. We know for a fact that the Tail Slammers are itching for a rematch (and a bath) so hopefully they will get their wish at some point this season.

To end this section, we will take a look at the statistics of the Manhunters against the many varied races they have encountered over their 30 games.

Race Pld W L D
Amazon 2   2  
Chaos Pact 1 1    
Dark Elves 1   1  
Dwarves 2   2  
Human 2   2  
Khemri 1 1    
Necromantic 3 1 2  
Ogre 2   2  
Orcs 7 4 3  
Skaven 3 2   1
Wood Elves 6   5 1

The Competitions

The Manhunters hold a certain record in the HDWSBBL in that they are the first team to reach 30 games who have never won a HDWSBBL Championship (Major or Minor)! That has never stopped them from trying time after time though. Over their four active seasons they have taken part in 8 competitions and at one point where one of the only teams to have taken part in all of the active competitions (until they failed to qualify for the Championship II).

In all, the Manhunters have won three runner-up awards for competitions and qualified for the HDWSBBL Championship cup one time (out of three attempts). They have also won a “most Touchdowns in a competition” award for the Ankle Biter Competition for the HDWSBBL Shield back in 2508/09.

The Players

Over the course of 30 games, the Manhunters have had 21 players don their uniform and have been comprised of the following positions:

  • 5 Blitzers
  • 2 Catchers
  • 2 Throwers
  • 11 Linesmen
  • 1 Ogre

Combined, the players have an average life expectancy of 20.5 games and only three players have taken part in all 30 games (Sam Vimes, Janson Ogg and Lobsang Ludd). Of the original 12 players, a surprising 10 are still active within the team!

The top 5 players on the team are as follows:

  • Lobsang Ludd (Thrower) – Top thrower for the team, Top thrower in a competition (1 time)
  • Moist Von Lipwig (Blitzer) – Top Scorer of the team, Joint top causality causer for the team, Player of a competition (2 times), Most causalities in a competition (1 time), Player of the Season (1 time – 2506/07 Season)
  • Reg Shoe (Catcher) – Top Catcher for the team, joint second top scorer
  • Sean Ogg (Blitzer) – Joint top interceptor of the Season (1 time – 2506/07)
  • Sam Vimes (Blitzer) – Joint second top scorer, Top scorer for a competition (1 time)

When mentioning the Manhunters roster, it is always worth remembering poor Lupin Wonse. This Linesman has taken part in 27 games for the Manhunters and yet has never received a single Star Player point, not even an MVP!


The Manhunters have been through it all. From the highs of playing in a Championship Cup final through to fighting it out for the Shield. There have (thankfully) not been many teams like the Manhunters and if this is indeed their last season then we hope they finally get rid of their luck and claim a championship of their own. It is at this point that we normally ask the Head coach for a quote but as Lord Havlock is notoriously tight lipped and lets the grumpy Janitor be the team’s mouthpiece (whether he likes it or not) we have not bothered!

So, as always, we end with a look at the team’s performance to date, for future reference:

Middenhein Manhunters 30 9 19 2 44 62 28 32 74 2 30

Good luck Manhunters, may Nuffle finally bless you!

30 Games for the Corsairs!

Believe it or not the Karond Kar Corsairs have played their 30th game in the HDWSBBL! As is the tradition we thought we would look back on their career so far.

Despite being part of the HDWSBBL for less then two seasons the Corsairs have a legendary reputation. Debuting in the 2508/09 Season in North Division they quickly took apart their opponents including the Loren Rangers to cruse to their first Divisional Title.

Their incredible debut season continued from there with them storming through the league play-off and claiming the HDWSBBL League Cup on their first attempt. They showed similar form in the Championship III and quickly dispatched the Lustrian Snake Queens in the final to claim their second Championship in the season and becoming the first (and so far only) team to win both majors in a single season!

So far their second season has continued to be as successful. Residing once again in North Division with some familiar faces they claimed their second Divisional title after a rocky start to the season. Although they have failed again to claim the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup, their two remaining games this season could see them take both the HDWSBBL League and Championship Cups.

On the pitch they are often unmatched. In their 30 games they have only lost three games against some of the HDWSBBL finest (the Perverse Maidens of Torture, The Drackwald Deadheads and most recently the Loren Rangers). All other teams who have stood before them have fallen.

Not a team to gloat, the Corsairs let their actions on the pitch do the talking. All our post match interviewers get is a quick praise for Khaine and their life spared (if they are lucky) to spread the news about the latest victory.

Their fans on the other hand are some of the most dedicated in the League. After the Corsairs won two championships in the 2508/09 Season they managed to round up several hundred Virgins to sacrifice to the Dark Gods and since then the female attendance to the Corsairs games has shrunk dramatically! Their fans can also be found all around the old world debating on which of the 4 blitzers is the best and wondering how long will it be before the Corsairs are champions again. We shudder to think what the fans will do should the Corsairs win any further Championships this season.

The Opponents

As you can imagine, having beaten almost every team the have played has lead to some teams holding grudges against the Corsairs.

In particular the two Necromantic teams of the league (the Drackwald Deadheads and the Innsmouth Shadows) have had numerous clashes with the Corsairs. Despite using every known trick (and inventing some new ones) the Shadows are yet to defeat them although Mr Curwin promises that he will have his vengeance (cue fists shaking in the air). The Deadheads have had more luck having defeated them once but it was only this past week when the Corsairs denied them their chance of winning the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10.

Other teams have gone to more elaborate levels of deception to try and overcome the Corsairs. Not many people will quickly forget the Reavers wearing the team colours of the Corsairs in order to confuse them in the final of the Hunts Havoc 2508/09. Unfortunately for the Reavers it confused their team more then the Corsairs and they were quickly dispatched 2-1!

The true test of the Corsairs has come from other “legendary” teams such as the Rangers. These teams have pushed the Corsairs to their limits and in once instance actually defeated them. The Corsairs are reported to enjoy these encounters as it gives their players a nice warm up for the post-game debauchery!


Having already won two Championships (and lined themselves up for two more) it comes as no surprise that the Corsairs dominate most Competitions that they enter. For the league and Championship Competitions the Corsairs are often the bookies favourite to take the title.

It is only in the Competitions for the HDWSBBL Championship Cup (the Zombway Cup 2508/09 and the Pepslay Challenge 2508/09) that they appear to struggle. At one point it was rumoured that the Corsairs missed the memo about the Challenge cup being promoted to a Major and so never gave it their all. However inside sources have confirmed that the Corsair management was furious about the loss to the Rangers in the Pepslay Challenge and have already begun to plot their revenge for when these two teams next meet up in the final of the Championship IV in a few weeks time.

The Players

Like any team it is the players themselves that make the Corsairs the success they have been. The Corsairs have been blessed to have had a stable roster over the last two seasons and have only seen a handful of player fatalities (which includes the infamous “Eagle Award” winning death by Venonia Spite who tripped over and impaled herself on her own stilettos only minutes into her debut).

The highlight of the team for many fans is the fan labelled “Four Horsemen”. The four Blitzers of the Corsairs (Takarath Balefire, Varkon Darkblade, Ashinan Wyrmbane and Valdrek Bloodgate) have a deadly reputation. Between them they have scored 60 Touchdowns, caused 30 Causalities (8 resulting in fatalities) and numerous Completions and Interceptions.

If the Four Horsemen of the team are not to your liking then they have plenty of other stars such as Seravina Spite to drool over. The Corsairs currently have 5 players ranked in the top 25 players of the HDWSBBL, more then any other team at present!

The Statistics

As anybody who visits this site knows we love stats here at the HDWSBBL! The Corsairs have been setting and breaking records since their debut here in the HDWSBBL and don’t look like they will be stopping.

  • Won 24 games (80%)
  • Lost 3 games (10%)
  • Drew 3 games (10%)
  • Scored 82 Touchdowns (Average of 2.7 per match) – thats 8% of the leagues total
  • Made 50 successful completions (Average of 1.7 per match) – thats 5% of the leagues total
  • Caught 6 Interceptions (Average of 1 every 5 matches)
  • Caused 58 Casualties (Average 2 per match)
  • Caused 9 Deaths (Average of 1 every 3 matches)
  • Won 1 HDWSBBL League Championship Cup (Hunts Havoc 2508/09)
  • Won 1 HDWSBBL Championship Cup (Championship III)
  • Won 2 League Divisional Titles (both in North Division)
  • Qualified for the HDWSBBL Championship Tournament 2 times (out of 2 attempts)
  • Are the third team (after the Loren Rangers and Ragnars Swift Velocity) to reach the milestone of 30 games.
  • 6 players have taken part in all 30 games
  • Are the leagues top ranked team for fatalities!
  • Had 19 players on their Roster (3 Witch Elves, 4 Blitzers, 1 Assassin, 9 Line Elves and two Journeymen).
  • The average career of a member of the Corsairs is 19 games!
  • Top Player is Valdrek Bloodgate with 100 Star Player Points (around 3.3 per game). Bloodgate is also the only player in the leagues history to score a Touchdown, Catch an Interception, cause a Causality, throw a completion and be awarded the MVP in a single match)!
  • Top scorer is a tie between Ashinan Wyrmbane and Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzers) with 19 Touchdowns each (about 0.6 per game and 23% of the teams total Touchdowns, or 46% when combined).
  • Top passer is Valdrek Bloodgate (Blitzer) with 15 Completions (around 1 every 2 games) – Thats 30% of the teams total Completions.
  • Most vicious is Takarath Balefire (Blitzer) with 12 Casualties (of which 6 resulted in death). Balefire is also the leagues top killer and joint 3rd most violent player!

For completeness and for prosperity, their full record is below:

30 24 3 3 82 30 58 38 50 6 80

From here we look to the future. The Corsairs still have two games left to play. We will find out soon if they will once again make league history and become the 1st team to retain a Championship Cup!

The HDWSBBL thanks the Karond Kar Corsairs, the management, the players and their fans for all the action and glory over the last 30 games.

All praise Khaine!

30 Games for the Loren Rangers

This week, The Loren Rangers completed their 30th match here in the HDWSBBL. With the Rangers being the first team to reach this milestone, we thought it was time to take a look at one of the founding teams of the HDWSBBL.

The Rangers debuted way back during the inaugural 2506/07 Season. They immediately set the performance bar high upon their debut against the Middenhein Manhunters. In that season they became the first team to win the HDWSBBL League Cup by dominating their opponents all season long. Since then it is rare to see a statistics chart without a member of the Rangers somewhere in the top 5.

Once the league expanded into two divisions, they found a home in North Division for two seasons until the hand of fate placed them in South Division this season for the first time. During their two seasons in North Division they became North Division Champions once and came in second the other time.

The Opponents

The Rangers are well known for their feuds. Their fans love getting behind the team for a grudge match and the fact they normally win makes it even sweater.

During the early days of the league, the Middenhein Manhunters proved to be the much needed nemesis. However the Rangers quickly proved their dominance so the Rangers looked to the other human team in the league at the time, Ragnars Swift Velocity.

The two teams would meet for the first time towards the end of the Open Scramble 2506/07 and the Rangers ended up demolishing them in a 5-1 win in a match that both teams will never forget (as it stands it is still RSV’s worst defeat in the HDWSBBL). However RSV soon bounced back and eliminated the Rangers from the first HDWSBBL Championship Cup Tournament (The Championship I), igniting a feud that continues to this very day.

When RSV are not around, the Rangers get a kick out of playing with some of the other teams. One team to suffer at their hands is the Innsmouth Shadows who the Rangers first encountered during the 2508/09 Season. The Rangers have made a habit of tormenting the poor souls and have even (allegedly) cost them their place in the Finals of the Ankle Biter Tournament.

This Season they are faced with four fresh opponents who have never encountered the Rangers before. Judging by their opening game this season, the Rangers could end up having a lot of fun.


Like any team, the Rangers have had their ups and downs over the course of their Career. Few die hard fans will like to remember their disastrous runs during the Championship I and Championship III competitions. What they do like to remember is the glorious victories in the many league competitions that they have entered.

More after this special Did you Know:

HDWSBBL – Did You Know

The Rangers and the Challenge Cup

The Loren Rangers have never entered a competition for the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup. They have always been too busy (or been excluded because of their ability) to compete. This will change this season when the Loren Rangers will make an appearance in the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10.

Many would agree that the highlight of the Rangers career so far would be them becoming the first HDWSBBL league Champions in 2507. Since then they have come very close to lifting another Championship Cup but have never quite managed it. Will this season be the one for them were they once again become League Champions, or will the day their fans dream of arrive and we will see the Rangers lift the HDWSBBL Championship Cup?

The Players

No team would win any competitions without the players on the pitch. The Rangers have some of the finest players that the League has ever seen on their Roster. From Star Thrower Erison Youngwhite (with a staggering 69 completions to his name), the Everlong Twins (who have 37 Touchdowns between them) to Elison Crownstar (The Teams top scorer and one time player of the league), the team is full of star power.

They are led on the pitch by Elengad Greenstone, a Catcher who has lead the team since their debut. Greenstone has been responsible for nurturing the development of several new stars, and is responsible for the upkeep of the teams Treeman Oakton.

One of the running jokes in the bars around the Old World is that the door to the Rangers Locker room is reported to be bigger then the gates to the city of Reikland due to all the egos trying to fit in! While it is true that the Rangers have sometimes experienced moments of narcissistic tendencies, the boys know that when the whistle blows, it is time to cut the crap and play like the pros that they are.

The Man behind the magic

While it is true that the players take all the glory, none of it would be possible without the guiding hand of their Head Coach Jordan Hawk. Jordan is the man responsible for taking the Rangers from a rookie team to the force they are today.

In his memoirs he recalled that when Rangers owner Jacob Glade offered him the job, he almost turned it down due to the state of the team. However, after being offered full control over the team and the budget he accepted the job.

During the post-match celebrations the other day, we managed to get a few moments with Jordan to ask him how he is feeling.

I am very pleased to have coached the Rangers for the past thirty matches since our debut in 2506, as well as being a founding team. I am also very pleased with [our win] as I have just found out from our statistics experts we have now won twenty out of our thirty games. An amazing feat for it was far beyond what I had expected when I first took on the job.

We will be looking forward to the rest of the season and hopefully capitalise on this milestone. I would like to thank all the players, past and present, my outstanding coaching staff and the administration for their effort and support throughout the years I have been on the helm.

Recently, Jordan has come under some fire for the lack of Championships in the Loren Rangers Trophy Cabinet. He assures that fans that this is only a temporary lull. To prove his confidence he has put his job on the line! Let’s hope this successful coach can pull this off as the Rangers would be a lot less powerful without him.

The Statistics

What kind of HDWSBBL retrospective would be complete without some statistics? We asked our record keepers to take a look at the Rangers 30 games to date:

Over their 30 games, the Rangers have:

  • Won 20 games (67%)
  • Lost 7 games (23%)
  • Drew 3 games (10%)
  • Scored 90 Touchdowns (Average of 3 per match) – thats 14% of the leagues total
  • Made 110 successful completions (Average of 3.7 per match) – thats 18% of the leagues total
  • Caught 2 Interceptions (Average of 1 every 15 matches)
  • Caused 28 Casualties (Average 0.9 per match)
  • Caused 2 Deaths (Average of 1 every 15 matches)
  • Won 1 HDWSBBL League Championship Cup (Open Scramble 2506/07)
  • Qualified for the HDWSBBL Championship Tournament 3 times (the only team to have done so) although they have never won it.
  • Are the leagues top ranked team for Touchdowns and Completions.
  • Had 18 players on their Roster (1 Treeman, 4 Catchers, 3 Wardancers, 2 Throwers and 8 Line Elves)
  • Top scorer is Elison Crownstar (Catcher) with 32 Touchdowns (about 1.1 per game and 35% of the teams total Touchdowns). Elison is also the teams best player with 111 Star Player Points, and currently tied as the Leagues Top Scorer of all time.
  • Top passer is Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) with 69 Completions (a Staggering 2.5 per game) – Thats 76% of the teams total Completions and 11% of the leagues total Completions!
  • Most vicious is Cappella Goldfalcon (Wardancer) with 6 Casualties

For completeness and for prosperity, their full record is below

The Loren Rangers 30 20 7 3 90 45 28 57 110 2

There is so much more we could go into, from the captivating cheerleading squad, to the chants that ring out throughout their stand of the Riverdome (and the chants that their opponents bring). However, its time to stop the reflection and look towards the future, to a time when the Rangers could once again be HDWSBBL Champions.

From us here at the HDWSBBL, we wish the Rangers luck in the future. Thanks for all the first class action over the last three years.