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Season 11 – Week 1 Fixtures

Tonight will see the re-start of the HDWSBBL in season 11! Tonight’s fixtures are as followed:


New World Conference

01.09.16 Blackwell Tunnel Rats vs White Lighting
01.09.16 Reptile Dysfunction vs Osterwald Ravens
01.09.16 Ragnar’s Raiders vs The Deadly Spawn
01.09.16 Kardashian Korsairs vs The Fury Little Animals

Old World Conference

01.09.16 Bridgetown Yellowbellies vs The Mousillion Patriots
01.09.16 Anlashok Revalations vs Sartosa Buccaneers
01.09.16 Pastafarians vs Cirque du Gobbo
01.09.16 The Chaos Brawl Stars vs Greenleaf Shamblers


Good luck to all the new coaches and teams tonight!