Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506


Since the 2511/12 season the HDWSBBL currently contests 3 major Championship Cups , the New World Conference Cup, the Old World Conference Cup and the World Championship Cup which is still the HDWSBBL Championship Cup but has been given a re-branding. As well as these cups the World Series is also contested replacing the HDWSBBL League Cup, and although it doesn’t award a Championship Cup as such it still determines who advances to the play-offs and who drops out and enters the HDWSBBL Shield , which is still being used to date and still classed as a minor Championship Cup.

Below is a list of all the competitions that have taken place in the HDWSBBL to date (A Star indicates that the competition is currently active):

2517/18 Season

2516/17 Season

2515/16 Season

2514/15 Season

2513/14 Season

2512/13 Season

2511/12 Season

2510/11 Season

2509/10 Season

2508/09 Season

2507/08 Season

2506/07 Season

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

The Ankle biters almost beat the Highland Nut Crushers record of consecutive losses in the 2507/08 season but managed to draw a game and eventually equal the record. They did, however, never win a game in the HDWSBBL. Their final record stands at 0-2-7!
The team was eventually "replaced" by the Skaven Council called the Tail Slammers who faired a lot better!

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