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The Championship I

This Competition is now complete. The winners were Ragnars Swift Velocity.(See more Awards)

This inaugural Championship Tournament saw the debut of the HDWSBBL Championship Cup. Once the dust was settled from the Open Scramble the top 4 teams entered a knockout tournament to determine the champion.

The upset of the tournament came when Ragnars Swift Velocity defeated the recently crowned league champions, the undefeated Loren Rangers in the opening round of the tournament in what is one of the closest and bloodiest games in HDWSBBL History. Ragnars Swift Velocity later went on to win the tournament.

The winner received a bonus of 40,000gp and the runner-up received a bonus of 20,000gp. For the Final and Semi-Final games, the attendance was doubled.


Semi Final Final
The Loren Rangers 3
Ragnars Swift Velocity 4
Ragnars Swift Velocity 3
Middenhein Manhunters 2
Highland Nut Crushers 0
Middenhein Manhunters 3


  • The Highest recorded attendance (Final or Semi-Final) is 60,000 fans in the match between Ragnars Swift Velocity vs Middenhein Manhunters on 16.03.2507

Team Statistics

Highland Nut Crushers 2 0 2 0 0 9 4 0 6 0 0%
Middenhein Manhunters 2 1 1 0 5 3 2 4 8 0 50%
Ragnars Swift Velocity 2 2 0 0 7 5 7 6 6 1 100%
The Loren Rangers 2 1 1 0 9 4 4 7 9 0 50%

Player Statistics for this competition

Best Players

Top Scorers

Most Vicious

Top Passers

Top Interceptors

Most Valuable Players (MVP)

Top Killers


Main Awards

Award Team
Winner Ragnars Swift Velocity
Runner-Up Middenhein Manhunters
3rd Place The Loren Rangers
Qualifier Ragnars Swift Velocity
Qualifier The Loren Rangers
Qualifier Middenhein Manhunters
Qualifier Highland Nut Crushers
Wooden Spoon Highland Nut Crushers

Awards assigned to Teams

Award Team Value
Most TD's The Loren Rangers 9
Most CAS Ragnars Swift Velocity 7
Most INT Ragnars Swift Velocity 1
Most COMP The Loren Rangers 8

Awards assigned to Players

Award Player Team Value
Best Player Elison Crownstar The Loren Rangers 20
Most TD's Lars Ulrichson Ragnars Swift Velocity 6
Most INT Jansen Ornoff Ragnars Swift Velocity 1
Most COMP Erison Youngwhite The Loren Rangers 8

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

The Ankle biters almost beat the Highland Nut Crushers record of consecutive losses in the 2507/08 season but managed to draw a game and eventually equal the record. They did, however, never win a game in the HDWSBBL. Their final record stands at 0-2-7!
The team was eventually “replaced” by the Skaven Council called the Tail Slammers who faired a lot better!

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