World Championship Super Bowl XI

This Competition is now complete. The winners were The Mousillion Patriots.(See more Awards)

This Competition was part of the league under a previous ruleset.

The grand finale to the season, the cup every team wants to win. Fame and glory await those who enter the pitch for this Super bowl final to be crowned world champions but only one team can claim this.

It’s the most prestigious cup in HDWSBBL history and the Old World other than the Blood Bowl Championship. The World Championship Cup is what dreams are made of, and what every player can only dream of holding. No other match in the league is most anticipated than the Super Bowl final and no other match gets as much coverage.

In mirror matches with the other conference 2nd will play 3rd with the winner going on to play the 1st placed team. At the end only one team remains to be crowned the World Champion. The winner of course will win the Championship Cup but also 300,000gp in winnings with the runner-up receiving 200,000gp. Also this match has already been selling well and therefore this match the attendance is now tripled to reflect this.

The HDWSBBL is awarding once again, The Super Bowl MVP. This is separate from the normal MVP awarded and goes to the player with the most SSP’s on either participating team. This does not add an extra MVP to the player, it is purely for show only. In the case of the highest SSP player being the one who gained the normal MVP only, the MVP is then ignored and it will then go to the next highest player.


Tournament Standings

Quarter Final Semi Final Final
Nahuontl Natterjacks 2
Sartosa Buccaneers 1
White Lighting 2
Nahuontl Natterjacks 0
White Lighting 2
The Mousillion Patriots 3

The Chaos Brawl Stars 0
The Mousillion Patriots 1
The Mousillion Patriots 2
Kardashian Korsairs 1


Date Match Result Gate
23.02.17 White Lighting vs The Mousillion Patriots 2 - 3 (1 - 3) 74,000
02.02.17 The Chaos Brawl Stars vs The Mousillion Patriots 0 - 1 (1 - 2) 58,000
02.02.17 White Lighting vs Nahuontl Natterjacks 2 - 0 (2 - 2) 62,000
19.01.17 Nahuontl Natterjacks vs Sartosa Buccaneers 2 - 1 (0 - 3) 28,000
19.01.17 The Mousillion Patriots vs Kardashian Korsairs 2 - 1 (2 - 0) 26,000

Team Statistics

Kardashian Korsairs 1 0 1 0 1 2 0 2 1 0 0%
Nahuontl Natterjacks 2 1 1 0 2 3 2 5 2 0 50%
Sartosa Buccaneers 1 0 1 0 1 2 3 0 3 0 0%
The Chaos Brawl Stars 1 0 1 0 0 1 1 2 0 0 0%
The Mousillion Patriots 3 3 0 0 6 3 7 2 0 1 100%
White Lighting 2 1 1 0 4 3 3 5 7 0 50%

Player Statistics for this competition

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1Graal du Sang Wight Blitzer The Mousillion Patriots 12
2K Catcher White Lighting 11
3Albus Lupin Werewolf The Mousillion Patriots 10
4Lupus Varg Werewolf The Mousillion Patriots 9
5Huitzilofrogtli Blitzer Nahuontl Natterjacks 7
-White Lighting Blitzer White Lighting 7
7Strongbow Thrower White Lighting 6
8Deces du la Morte Wight Blitzer The Mousillion Patriots 5
-Swordfysh Blitzer Sartosa Buccaneers 5
-Berk Bilge-Belly Jnr Chaos Troll The Chaos Brawl Stars 5
-Quetzalcroakal Blitzer Nahuontl Natterjacks 5
-Blarina Blazestrike Witch Elf Kardashian Korsairs 5
-Charles de Ghoul Ghoul Runner The Mousillion Patriots 5
14Porthos Flesh Golem The Mousillion Patriots 4
-Krusher the Anchor II Ogre Sartosa Buccaneers 4
16Ometeoadtl Linefrog Nahuontl Natterjacks 3
-Aldle Raloaro Blitzer Kardashian Korsairs 3
-Thatchers Catcher White Lighting 3
-Omega Catcher White Lighting 3
-Berto Redsheet Catcher (Legacy) Sartosa Buccaneers 3
-Ferdinand Rackham Thrower Sartosa Buccaneers 3
-Hyla Totec Catcher Nahuontl Natterjacks 3
23Norg\’Th M\’Hthrog Chaos Ogre The Chaos Brawl Stars 2
-Shovel Zombie The Mousillion Patriots 2
-Magners Catcher White Lighting 2

Top Scorers

Most Vicious

Top Passers

Top Interceptors

# Player Position Team Value
1Graal du Sang Wight Blitzer The Mousillion Patriots 1

Top Deflections

No Deflections have been made yet

Most Valuable Players (MVP)

Top Killers

# Player Position Team Value
1Strongbow Thrower White Lighting 1


Main Awards

Award Team
WinnerThe Mousillion Patriots
Runner-UpWhite Lighting

Awards assigned to Teams

Award Team Value
Most TD'sThe Mousillion Patriots6
Most CASThe Mousillion Patriots7
Most INTThe Mousillion Patriots1
Most COMPWhite Lighting7

Awards assigned to Players

Award Player Team Value
Best PlayerGraal du SangThe Mousillion Patriots12
Most TD'sLupus VargThe Mousillion Patriots3
Most INTGraal du SangThe Mousillion Patriots1
Most COMPStrongbowWhite Lighting4
Championship Super Bowl MVPGraal du SangThe Mousillion Patriots0