Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506

Championship Cups

All of the matches, all of the effort is directed at winning championship gold. The HDWSBBL has a multitude of trophy’s available to their teams. There are currently 4 Major & 2 Minor Championships to be won. The details are below:

Cup Title Competitions
The HDWSBBL League Cup 9
The HDWSBBL Championship Cup 13
The HDWSBBL Challenge Cup 7
The HDWSBBL Shield 11
HDWSBBL World Series 4
Old World Conference Cup 8
New World Conference Cup 8
The HDWSBBL Vase 1


Slann Teams

The Lustria Leapers were the first ever Slann to play in the HDWSBBL. They debuted in the 2510/11 season.

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