Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506

Championship Cups

All of the matches, all of the effort is directed at winning championship gold. The HDWSBBL has a multitude of trophy’s available to their teams. There are currently 4 Major & 2 Minor Championships to be won. The details are below:

Cup Title Competitions
The HDWSBBL League Cup 9
The HDWSBBL Championship Cup 13
The HDWSBBL Challenge Cup 7
The HDWSBBL Shield 11
HDWSBBL World Series 4
Old World Conference Cup 8
New World Conference Cup 8
The HDWSBBL Vase 1

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Sweet, Sweet Victory, Yeahh!

After fourteen matches since their debut in the HDWSBBL, We Tree Fellows finally won their first ever game. The amazing and wonderful feat was performed on the 29/10/2509 where they won four – two against fellow struggling team the Innsmouth Shadows. But this came at a prize as their star catcher Ant tried to dodge too many Ghouls and Zombies and indecently fell on his spine and died right on the spot. He will be missed dearly by WTF fans across the Old World. We Salute you Ant!

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