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Below is a list of all the upcoming matches in the HDWSBBL:

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The Vase Championship II

South Division

Date Match
28.11.19 DC Marvels vs Norsca Wild Fire
12.12.19 Barack Varr Dreadnauts vs DC Marvels
12.12.19 The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Har Ganeth Vipers
19.12.19 Norsca Wild Fire vs Barack Varr Dreadnauts
19.12.19 DC Marvels vs The Bloated Bile Blitzers

HDWSBBL League Cup V

North Division

Date Match
12.12.19 Gaen Vale Stags vs Lokomotiv Lustria BBFC
12.12.19 Beards of Zeus vs Liz 'n' Let Die
19.12.19 Themysciran Thunderers vs Liz 'n' Let Die
19.12.19 Lokomotiv Lustria BBFC vs Beards of Zeus

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Burning Holes in My Pocket!

The Loren Rangers were the first team to hit spiraling expensives.

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