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Old World Conference League 2517/18

South Division

Date Match
16.11.17 Atrocity Exhibition vs Osterwald Ravens
16.11.17 Bogenhafen Rams vs Grudge Corsairs
16.11.17 Chaos All-Stars vs Pastafarians
30.11.17 The Deadly Spawn vs Pastafarians
30.11.17 Chaos All-Stars vs Atrocity Exhibition
30.11.17 Grudge Corsairs vs Osterwald Ravens

New World Conference League 2517/18

North Division

Date Match
16.11.17 The Mousillion Patriots vs Warpstone Wanders
16.11.17 Nahuontl Natterjacks vs Vidarheim Thunder
16.11.17 Averheim Eagles vs Quenelles Chevaliers
16.11.17 Ghouly Grabbers vs Ragnar's Raiders
30.11.17 Ragnar's Raiders vs Vidarheim Thunder
30.11.17 Warpstone Wanders vs Averheim Eagles
30.11.17 The Mousillion Patriots vs Ghouly Grabbers
30.11.17 Quenelles Chevaliers vs Nahuontl Natterjacks

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

The Ankle biters almost beat the Highland Nut Crushers record of consecutive losses in the 2507/08 season but managed to draw a game and eventually equal the record. They did, however, never win a game in the HDWSBBL. Their final record stands at 0-2-7!
The team was eventually "replaced" by the Skaven Council called the Tail Slammers who faired a lot better!

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