Below is a list of all the upcoming matches in the HDWSBBL:

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The Championship XIV

South Division

Date Match
21.10.21 Cambridge Campanologists vs Green Man Irregulars
21.10.21 Khorney Goats vs Ragnars Swift Velocity
21.10.21 Da Hog Peak Squigbackz vs Black Peak Thunderguts
04.11.21 Green Man Irregulars vs Khorney Goats
04.11.21 Black Peak Thunderguts vs Cambridge Campanologists
04.11.21 Ragnars Swift Velocity vs The Terra Hawks
18.11.21 Khorney Goats vs Black Peak Thunderguts
18.11.21 The Terra Hawks vs Green Man Irregulars
18.11.21 Cambridge Campanologists vs Da Hog Peak Squigbackz
02.12.21 Black Peak Thunderguts vs The Terra Hawks
02.12.21 Da Hog Peak Squigbackz vs Khorney Goats
02.12.21 Green Man Irregulars vs Ragnars Swift Velocity

North Division

Date Match
21.10.21 The Asgard Marauders vs The Chunder Plunderers
21.10.21 Snot Club Lotz vs Tortuga Bay Buccaneers
21.10.21 Badland Bruiser’s vs Kingsport Wizards
04.11.21 The Chunder Plunderers vs Snot Club Lotz
04.11.21 Kingsport Wizards vs The Asgard Marauders
04.11.21 Tortuga Bay Buccaneers vs Cromarc Wyldyr Waywatchers
18.11.21 Snot Club Lotz vs Kingsport Wizards
18.11.21 Cromarc Wyldyr Waywatchers vs The Chunder Plunderers
18.11.21 The Asgard Marauders vs Badland Bruiser’s
02.12.21 Kingsport Wizards vs Cromarc Wyldyr Waywatchers
02.12.21 Badland Bruiser’s vs Snot Club Lotz
02.12.21 The Chunder Plunderers vs Tortuga Bay Buccaneers