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Old World Conference League 2518/19

South Division

Date Match
15.11.18 Averheim Eagles vs Barack Varr Dreadnauts
22.11.18 Temper Bay Marauders vs Pastafarians
22.11.18 The Fury Little Animals vs Bogenhafen Rams
29.11.18 The Fury Little Animals vs Crag Mountain Cavers
29.11.18 Bogenhafen Rams vs Temper Bay Marauders

New World Conference League 2518/19

North Division

Date Match
15.11.18 The Mousillion Patriots vs Nahuontl Natterjacks
15.11.18 Warpstone Wanders vs The Asgard Marauders
15.11.18 Vidarheim Thunder vs Team Chaos
15.11.18 Chaos All-Stars vs Quenelles Chevaliers
29.11.18 Nahuontl Natterjacks vs Vidarheim Thunder
29.11.18 The Mousillion Patriots vs Chaos All-Stars
29.11.18 Quenelles Chevaliers vs The Asgard Marauders
29.11.18 Team Chaos vs Warpstone Wanders
06.12.18 Team Chaos vs The Asgard Marauders

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

The sensitive cheerleading group for Tutbones re-united are continually recruiting new cheerleaders. This is probably down to the fact that when they get hit by players pushed into the sidelines they fall apart and are unable to lift their pom poms up any more. However new measures are being put in place such as iron armour. This however made it almost impossible to perform any routine at all and the only dance the fans are treated to is the shuffle.

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