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2517/18 Play Offs – Predict Off Final!

BH: We finally come to the finale of the season, Finals Night! Where dreams are made, hearts are crushed and plenty of violent blood bowl as well! Here are the standings in the predict off after the semi-finals round.

Pundit Points
Loktar 10
 Gerhard 9
 The Doc 4
 JoJo 4

I really cannot belive this……how did you get SEVEN points last round! And two correct scorelines as well!

LG: Wellz youz either got it or ya dont, an Iz gotz it! Gerhard Iz gonna smash ya next week!

BH: I am still absolutely astounded! If you saw how he picked these predictions you would be as amazed as I am folks. Well lets see what our pundits can do for the final round. JoJo and the Doc aren’t out of the running just yet and can still mathematically catch Gerhard and Loktar. Here is their predictions for Finals Night.

Match The Doc  Gerhard Loktar  JoJo
World Championship Super Bowl XII
Quenelles Chevaliers vs The Mousillion Patriots 2-1  1-2 2-1  2-1
HDWSBBL League Knockout Cup III
Vidarheim Thunder vs Pastafarians  2-1 1-2 3-4  1-2
HDWSBBL Sheild (Fury Animal Frenzy)
Ragnar’s Raiders vs Chaos All-Stars  1-4  1-1 2-3 2-1

And with that it’s nearly all over once again! Finals night will certainly be a special night and good luck to the teams competing in it!

2517/18 Play Offs – Predict Off Semi Final

BH: Well folks it was a heated opening round of the play offs and here is where our coaches currently stand in the predict off table.

Pundit Points
 Gerhard 8
 Loktar 3
 The Doc 3
 JoJo  3

Gerhard is leading the charge after getting full marks in the Championship predicting both winner and the scoreline correctly! Maybe Loktar should listen to him!

LG: Lookz little man, youz gotta go big or go home in da betting game. Now I still in da running n dat Gerhards luck will run out soon!

BH: We will see Locktar! Here are the pundits next predictions for the Semi-finals.

Match The Doc  Gerhard Loktar  JoJo
World Championship Super Bowl XII
 Quenelles Chevaliers vs Atrocity Exhibition  1-2  1-3 2-1  2-0
Osterwald Ravens vs The Mousillion Patriots  2-1  2-1 3-4  3-1
HDWSBBL League Knockout Cup III
Warpstone Wanders vs Vidarheim Thunder  3-0  2-0 4-3  3-2
Pastafarians vs Grudge Corsairs  2-0  1-0 2-1  2-0
HDWSBBL Sheild (Fury Animal Frenzy)
Chaos All-Stars vs Nahuontl Natterjacks  2-1  1-2 0-5  2-0

And it seems Loktar may of taken a bit of advice to calm down a bit….well only a little anyway. Good luck to the coaches and teams in the next round!

2517/18 Play Offs – Predict Off

BH: It’s that time once again folks!! It’s the predict off and featuring this year are TheDoc, JoJo and Gerhard. It’s a three way race but with lots of matches to predict it’s going to be tight. The rules remain the same as last year with one point for a correct winner, and two bonus points for the correct scoreline as well.

LG: Oi stumpy! Since dat froggy thing aint in it dis year, iz wantz a crack at da prediction thing!

BH: Oh Loktar! Where have you been? Look only if you can actually give us decent predictions, and not stupid ones. I mean who bets on the All-Starz to win 10-0 against Atrocity!??

LG: It woz 250/1 I coulda made a killin’!

BH: Anyway, here are the pundits predictions for the opening matches in the play offs.

Match The Doc  Gerhard Loktar  JoJo
World Championship Super Bowl XII
 The Deadly Spawn vs The Mousillion Patriots 2-3 1-2 4-3 3-1
 Ghouly Grabbers vs Atrocity Exhibition 2-1 0-2 3-2 2-0
HDWSBBL League Knockout Cup III
Vidarheim Thunder vs Bogenhafen Rams 2-1 1-2 5-4 3-2
Grudge Corsairs vs Averheim Eagles 0-1 1-0 1-4 1-2
HDWSBBL Sheild (Fury Animal Frenzy)
Nahuontl Natterjacks vs Ragnar’s Raiders 2-1 2-1 4-3 3-2

BH: Dam it Loktar!! What on Nuffles balls are those predictions!! Well folks if these actually get pulled off by Loktar I will  eat my own legs. What are your predictions? Leave yours in a comment below.

LG: Waarrgghhhh wez got diz Basco!

Season 12 – Huge Roundup & Final Week Preview

BH: Well folks it’s been an awfully long time! The folks at the HDWSBBL media office are really slacking in bringing you the weekly summaries, so I have decided to take it upon myself to bring you a massive round up and preview for the past few weeks and the upcoming final week. There has been a lot of action and shock results in which at least the other media outlets have been keeping you updated with, but lets take a closer look at the teams and their results. We will preview their upcoming match, show previous results and a small run down of what they have been up. Also we will highlight their Player In-Form, who has accumulated the most SSP’s for the results listed and finally a best and worst potential finish. So lets get right down to this bumper edition!


New World Conference

The NWC has been tightly contested for many weeks with several teams on equal points and the table changing weekly. As of today this is the current standings:


Ghouly Grabbers 6 4 1 1 13 6 7 11 7 4 13
Quenelles Chevaliers 6 4 1 1 10 7 3 9 9 0 13
Warpstone Wanders 6 3 1 2 13 9 4 5 7 -2 10
The Mousillion Patriots 6 3 1 2 8 6 2 14 3 11 10
Vidarheim Thunder 6 1 5 0 10 9 1 7 9 -2 8
Nahuontl Natterjacks 6 1 1 4 10 13 -3 3 10 -7 4
Averheim Eagles 6 1 1 4 8 15 -7 10 8 2 4
Ragnar’s Raiders 6 1 1 4 7 14 -7 8 14 -6 4



Ghouly Grabbers

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

The Grabbers have a mixed bag of results but have kept consistency and an under the radar performance to place them at the top of the table on equal points with the Chevaliers. After the Patriots loss against the Wanderers it seems to be a two horse race between them both. But with them playing the Patriots next week it is a must win match to maintain their top spot and take the Conference Championship. As long as they take a point they are guaranteed at least a top three finish.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

This will potentially decided the Grabbers fate and if they lift the Conference Championship. The Patriots will also be looking to cause an upset to keep their Championship play off hopes alive.

Best Finish: 1st  Worst Finish: 4th

Player In-Form: Cuna Sillius – #10, Werewolf

New World Conference League 2517/18 6 5 4 0 0 0 23

Gaining SSP’s in every match his key game was scoring a hat-trick against the Natterjacks during week 5. Without a doubt the Grabbers key player.



Quenelles Chevaliers

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

Despite protests from Blood Bowl fans the first Bretonnian team have been enjoying some fine success. Much like the Grabbers they have had a reasonable return in points and are only second to them on touchdown difference. A win will secure them a top finish but also if the Grabbers loose they will take the title as the Patriots and Wanderers cannot catch them if they do. A draw would throw open the entire table with the top four teams able to cause headaches so they must beat the Natterjacks at all costs.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

If the Chevaliers beat the Natterjacks it’s very likly they will take the Championship. They just need to keep an eye on the Grabbers and Wanderers if they loose.

Best Finish: 1st  Worst Finish: 4th

Player In-Form:  Sir Bedivere le Noir – #3, Blitzer

New World Conference League 2517/18 6 4 1 0 0 0 14

Scoring four of the ten touchdowns for the Chevaliers puts the noble Sir Bedivere as the teams key player. Expect more touchdowns from him to come.



Warpstone Wanderers

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

The Wanderers on and off form has cost them in keeping up the pace with conference leaders, and that loss to the Chevaliers would of hurt. But they now find themselves only three points behind and on equal points along the Patriots, with the better touchdown difference. A key figure in the team this season has not been a rostered player. There use of a Bright Wizard in several matches have been devastating causing at least six injuries with the famous fire ball! And you can bet that if they can they will hire him again for the next match.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

The Wanderers will need a few things to go their way to try their luck at the title. They will need the Chevaliers and the Grabbers to both loose and for themselves to score more than the Patriots. It could happen, but at the very least they should be looking at a Championship spot if they win.

Best Finish: 1st  Worst Finish: 5th

Player In-Form:  – Stritrikih Deathstar #11, Gutter Runner

New World Conference League 2517/18 5 4 0 0 4 0 16

Sadly a non-rostered player can be featured as a key player (hopefully the Wizards name will come forward for the fan mail!). Needless to say the Gutter Runners are the key to any Skaven team doing well. And Stritrikih with his four touchdowns and four completions shows he is a well balanced all rounder.


The Mousillion Patriots

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

Last years World Championship Champions are really struggling this year. Some unlucky results have seen them way off the mark of where they should be. It’s not as if they haven’t been playing well, apart from week 6!, as they have won three matches against tricky opponents. But they haven’t taken their chances like they did last year. It isn’t over for them just yet though.

Best Finish: 1st  Worst Finish: 5th

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

Much like the Wanderers the Patriots still mathematically have a chance of taking the title still, but they will need to win their match and score more than the Wanderers do. It’s a tall ask but they will be the king makers for the Chevaliers and Wanderers if they beat the Grabbers.

Player In-Form: Albus Lupin – #9, Werewolf

New World Conference League 2517/18 6 1 9 0 0 1 26

Off the back of a good season for Albus, he has really stepped up his game this season. With a crunching nine casualties he really is the the seasons most dangerous player and the Patriots key player to allow his teammates to score.


Vidarheim Thunder

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

The kings of the draw are the most consistent team in the HDWSBBL currently. Slow and steady might be their game, but with the loss of a possible 10pts if they had turned the draws into wins their consistency may cost them. However they still have a chance to make the Super Bowl if results go their way and both the Wanderers and Patriots loose their matches they could sneak in and take the final spot. This is of course they win their final match and not draw it again.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

They still have a chance of sneaking the third place spot as long as the Wanderers and Patriots loose their matches in which the Thunder will leap frog them by one point and cause a huge upset. They can’t go any lower than 5th so at the very least they will want to make the 4th place spot and have a bye in the League Cup.

Best Finish: 3rd  Worst Finish: 5th

Player In-Form: Mungr Wendosson – #4, Runner

New World Conference League 2517/18 4 3 0 0 0 1 14

Presently the top scorer for the team but faces some competition from his team mate and fellow Runner Hagi Bardsson.



Nahuontl Natterjacks

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

From one end of the table to the other, the bottom three are in a race to secure a League Cup spot. The Natterjacks have not had a memorable season at all. With four straight losses their attempt to make the Super Bowl again are over. However they still have a chance to take a spot in the League Cup. After they broke the loosing streak last week they may have the momentum to beat the Chevaliers and secure a spot. However they wont be out of the woods just yet if the Eagles and Raiders win their match as well. A point may do it for them however again they would be relying on the other results to go their way. At all costs they must win at the very least.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

The draw against the Thunder cost any chance for the Natterjacks to climb higher in the table than 6th. They will need to ensure they get at the very least a point to avoid dropping to the shield competition. It will be a tight battle for the 6th place spot.

Best Finish: 6th  Worst Finish: 8th

Player In-Form: Hyla Totec -#4, Catcher

New World Conference League 2517/18 5 1 0 0 8 1 16

The catcher has become a hybrid thrower for the team in recent matches also netting a touchdown too. Against the Thunder in which the team drew he completed five completions to help secure this.



Averheim Eagles

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

After the loss on the opening day the Eagles tried to push on. However it has not been the Eagles season this year. With many unlucky results they find themselves with the possibility of being in the shield. However it is not over for them just yet. The battle for the final League Cup spot could be theirs if they win and win convincingly and hope the other two teams succumb to losses.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

After getting their first league win the Eagles still haven’t done enough to climb out of the bottom two. They could still take that final league cup spot but they have to beat an in form Wanderers team, who will be looking themselves to cause an upset.

Best Finish: 6th  Worst Finish: 8th

Player In-Form: Anselm Mengelberg – #5, Blitzer

New World Conference League 2517/18 6 1 3 0 0 1 14

Causing three casualties and also a touchdown the Blitzer has been critical to the team. He will be looking to splat some rats in their upcoming match to add to his tally of hits.



Ragnar’s Raiders

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

Finally bringing up the rear are the Raiders. Nuffle has certainly cursed them this season as they attempted to better their first season. A three match loosing streak could be their undoing unless they pick themselves up and beat the Thunder in the Norse derby. Anything else then they will be relying on other results to go their way.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

The Raiders are not confined to the Shield either just yet. Even a point against the Thunder could secure them that final spot. They will need to make sure they win to make sure they will take it. The bottom three will be hard to call.

Best Finish: 6th  Worst Finish: 8th

Player In-Form: Ivar Larsson – #3, Runner

New World Conference League 2517/18 6 3 0 0 1 1 15

Scoring three touchdowns and a completion Ivar has improved in leaps and bounds after being with the team since the formation of it. This has been his season and he will certainly be looking to improve upon this even more in the next match.



Old World Conference

Unlike the NWC the OWC has had three runners for the Championship for most weeks. However a few slip ups by the top teams could cause last minute upsets. Here is the current table standings:


Osterwald Ravens 5 4 1 0 8 4 4 8 8 0 13
The Deadly Spawn 5 3 1 1 11 8 3 1 12 -11 10
Atrocity Exhibition 5 3 0 2 9 4 5 17 3 14 9
Pastafarians 5 2 2 1 8 7 1 8 7 1 8
Grudge Corsairs 5 1 2 2 5 11 -6 6 6 0 5
Bogenhafen Rams 6 1 1 4 12 11 1 8 8 0 4
Chaos All-Stars 5 0 1 4 4 12 -8 6 10 -4 1


With the Rams now finished unless the All-Starz can inflict TEN touchdowns to nill against Atrocity they are in the Shield and the Rams will make the League Cup.



Osterwald Ravens

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

The Ravens have enjoyed a very in-form season on the back of their League Cup Championship from last season. The head coach owes this all down to improved performances in defense but also keeping their feet firmly on the ground and taking each game as it comes rather than getting complacent. As long as they get a point they will claim the Conference Championship. If they loose they want to hope that the Pastafarians do the business on the Spawn to keep them at bay.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

With the Ravens only needing a point to tie up the Conference they will need to make sure they do the job. With the Spawn keeping up the pace they cannot rely on them to get the result for them.

Best Finish: 1st  Worst Finish: 2nd

Player In-Form: Ludwig Streissener – #8, Catcher

Old World Conference League 2517/18 5 4 0 0 0 1 17

Having had to play second best to Ruppel Kurz last season, he has taken it upon himself to be the best this season. So far so good but Kurz is level with him on touchdowns for the season still.



The Deadly Spawn

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

The Spawn have kept up their pace with the Ravens despite the defeat to Atrocity. Three straight wins and some very fine performances pile the pressure on the Ravens to deliver. However they will need to get a good result against the Pastafarians to keep their place in the top three. If they loose and Atrocity win they will find themselves missing out on the Super Bowl after a very convincing comeback.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

This will be the highlight of the OWC this week. Both teams are in good form going into this match so it will be down to who will have the most players left on the pitch to go the distance. The Spawn need to be careful otherwise they could end up missing out on the Championship altogether.

Best Finish: 1st  Worst Finish: 4th

Player In-Form: DeFranco – #13, Catcher

Old World Conference League 2517/18 4 4 1 0 0 2 24

The catcher is in fine form going into the final league match. Scoring some critical touchdowns and also becoming the “guy who just clears the ball in a panic to keep the scoreline” he can only go up from here.


Atrocity Exhibition

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

The former Championship winners were the bookies favorites to take the Conference and at the start they were flying high smashing teams left, right and center and leaving the competition in fear. However two poor performances against the Pastafarians and the Ravens leave them sitting third with the possibility of missing out on the Super Bowl play-offs if they loose and the Pastafarians win. They must ensure they beat the All-Starz to avoid the slip up and secure a Super Bowl spot.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

Having just played their 30th match against the Ravens, Atrocity will be looking to remain in the Championship at a shot to reclaim their title. They may be out of the race for the Conference title but you can be sure they will be making sure they don’t go into the League Cup.

Best Finish: 2nd  Worst Finish: 4th

Player In-Form: Manfred Braingulper – #13, Ghoul

Old World Conference League 2517/18 5 5 1 0 0 0 17

Completing a hat-trick against the Corsiars and a couple more Manfred has been quiet of late, but leads equal only to his Ghoul counterpart in the best players of the season for the team.




Previous Results (Week 2-6)

The Pastafarians have enjoyed a late run to throw the top three up in the air. They could be the kingmakers in the OWC but they need not concern themselves with this fact, they have a chance to make the Championship play off for the first time in their history, and you can be sure that they will want to make it there too. One to watch in the final week.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

If they beat the Spawn they will guarantee their spot in the Championship play off. A draw will not do it, as they will need to hope Atrocity loose, and given that they lost the last two matches and they are up against it to get a Championship spot they look unlikely to do this. If they loose they will hold 4th place as it is very unlikely the corsairs will put 7+ past the Ravens but it could mathematically happen.

Best Finish: 2nd  Worst Finish: 5th

Player In-Form: Lin Greeny – #7, Blitzer

Old World Conference League 2517/18 5 2 0 0 2 2 18

Two touchdowns and two completions doesn’t sound a lot, but given the Pastafarians run of  results at the start of the season and both of the touchdowns meaning the team draws rather than looses, you can see why Lin is the best player in the team at this current moment.



Grudge Corsairs

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

The Corsairs have not had the worse debut season than some teams and they will be looking to rebuild for next years season where they can really push on. Playing somewhat unconventionally for Dwarfs they secured their first win in the league the other week against the Rams. They will want to cause an upset against the Ravens, and there will be a lot of fans (Spawn mainly) who will be watching their last match closely.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

A tough match for the Corsairs, but if they can secure the win, they will cause a big upset all around the OWC. It’s very unlikely that they will put more than 7+ past the Ravens, so its looks like they will be finishing 5th and making it to the League Cup, which is not to be scoffed at.

Best Finish: 4th  Worst Finish: 5th

Player In-Form: Philippe Bequel – #6, Runner

Old World Conference League 2517/18 5 3 0 0 0 1 14

Scoring two against the Rams the other week to secure the teams first win secures this players spot as the in form player.



Bogenhafen Rams

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

Having sealed their fate the other week, the Rams are the first team to finish in the League this season. Sadly it has not gone all to plan for them either, but they can be happy that they will at least compete in the League Cup rather than the shield as they first predicted. They can also take comfort in knowing that the Ravens ended up in the Cup too in their first season after some poor results and went on to win it! It could very well happen to them as well.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)


With the Rams all but securing 6th with the All Starz having to score 10+ against Atrocity it’s very likely that they will finish like this.

Best Finish: 6th  Worst Finish: 7th (But very unlikely!)

Player In-Form: Abelhard Helmutsson – #7, Catcher

Old World Conference League 2517/18 6 4 0 0 1 1 18

A very tidy start to a star in the making. He also scored two of the five against the All Starz, he will be one to watch in the next match for sure.



Chaos All-Stars

Previous Results (Week 2-6)

Chaos Pact have never had any sort of luck in the HDWSBBL (apart from the Brawl Stars of course!) so it’s no surprise that the All Starz have not had a very good season at all. Perhaps they had high ambitions as the “Real” All Stars team hence why they decided to use their brand. We believe it is Nuffle cursing the teams for such blatant copyrighting, in which the coach may think twice about it before doing it again. However it’s not all bad, they still have two matches to redeem themselves and take some silverware home.

Upcoming Match (Week 7)

The All Starz are confined to 7th place unless they put more than 10+ against Atrocity also breaking the league record of most touchdowns scored in a single match by a team (currently 7). A highly unlikely outcome but you never know with Blood Bowl….

Best Finish: 6th (But very unlikely!) Worst Finish: 7th

Player In-Form: Duke Luthor von Hawkfire – #2, Marauder

Old World Conference League 2517/18 5 1 0 0 4 1 12

The teams hybrid thrower/runner is the most in form player in the team. Could be a key player for the team in the future and perhaps the next two matches.




And that concludes this bumper round up! Phew….we hope you enjoyed reading it and are looking forward to the final week as much as we are! Leave your comments below to who you think will finish where and anything else on your mind about the final week of the league. See you pitch side!



Season 12 – Kicks Off Tonight!

Tonight the new season kicks off! We have new and old teams returning for this seasons action and you can view the full draw results here. But before it all kicks off (in more ways than one) here is a preview for each conference and a prediction from our very own Basco for how the teams will fare.

New World Conference

The NWC hosts the full complement of teams (eight). You have the likes of the Nahuontl Natterjacks who played fairly well last season making it into the Championship and also New Skaeling Raiders (aka Ragnars Raiders) who were knocked out in the League Cup’s first round. But last years Championship champions The Mousillion Patriots were drawn into the NWC, with moans and grunts by the other coaches and fans. Beating off the top teams last season, apart from drawing with the Bridgetown Yellowbellies of course, to claim their first Championship win was certainly a huge achievement. And being draw with mainly new teams it’s hard to look past them once again to claim the Conference Championship. To stop them along the way however are the new bloods. Quenelles Chevaliers are the leagues first ever Brettonian team proper, the Warpstone Wanderers the latest edition of Skaven team to try their luck, Vidarheim Thunder who join their fellow Norsemen in the NWC, Averheim Eagles who despite coming dead last in the Challenge Cup earlier in the year will want to place slightly better than they did and finally the Ghouly Grabbers, another Necromantic team who complete the conference.

BH: A mix bagged conference in which any of these teams could take the Conference crown. I will have to side with either the Natterjacks and, surprise surprise, the Patriots to win it.

Old World Conference

With only seven teams drawn into the conference it does mean less matches but more importantly, less maiming (boo). But Super Bowl VII champions Atrocity Exhibition will certainly make up for it. They return this season along with the Osterwald Ravens who claimed last seasons League Cup Championship, The Deadly Spawn who came a close second place in the Challenge Cup this year and the Pastafarians the veteran Orc team who participated last season as well. The Grudge Corsairs a new Dwarf team, Bogenhafen Rams a human team lead by the infamous Halfing Ronlad Shortwick and the Chaos All-Stars whom we understand are actually not the legendary team and are just a shell of a copycat team join the others in what will certainly be the most painful conference this season.

BH: All eyes are on Atrocity to take the title, it will be theirs to loose. Other than that I can’t see any other team who would challenge them other than perhaps the Pastafarians.

What do you fans think? Who will take the Conference Championships this season? Let us know in the comments below. Good luck to all teams playing tonight and to the millions of sports fans tuning in tonight, we hope you have an enjoyable season whomever you support!

Season 12 – The Draw is Made

Tonight the draw for the NWC and OWC was made in great anticipation and we have the results:


Quenelles Chevaliers (Bretonnian)
New Skaeling Raiders (Norse)
Warpstone Wanderers (Skaven)
Vidarheim Thunder (Norse)
Averheim Eagles (Human)
The Mousillion Patriots (Necromantic)
Nahuontl Natterjacks (Slann)
Ghouly Grabbers (Necromantic)


Atrocity Exhibition (Undead)
Grudge Corsairs (Dwarf)
Pastafarians (Orc)
Bogenhafen Rams (Human)
Chaos All-Stars (Chaos Pact)
The Deadly Spawn (Slann)
Osterwald Ravens (Human)

An exciting draw and a very even one at that. Matches kick off next week but in the meantime look out for the announcement of the fixtures and a team highlight for all teams taking part this season.

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Take your perfumed paws off me you dam dirty elf!

In their first year, the Innsmouth Shadows ended up playing against every single Elven team in the entire league. The experience was apparently so traumatic, to both their coaches sanity and the teams win/loss ratio that coach Joseph Curwen vowed death to all elves everywhere forever.
He also suffers from paranoid delusions, whereupon he directs all of his defeats to be secretly caused by a 'massive elvish conspiracy'.

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