Chanelf Challenge Cup Second Round Fixtures & Predictions

The Challenge Cup moves into it’s second round. Using the Swiss system the following matches will feature:

All fixtures will take place tonight! Keep up with the matches by following our Twatter feed. But before we head out we have some previews and predictions on these matches, featuring our newest pundits and reporters, Skritch’n’Skratch and Altann Octopunch to which I am sure you will find out more about them in the coming days.


Gaen Vale Stags vs Themysciran Thunderers

This week’s top of the table clash see the Stags take on the Thunderers. Buoyed by their victories in the previous round, both teams will be looking to take control of the table and make a strong statement to the rest of the league. Elvish dexterity or Amazon agility: which will prevail?

Skritch’n’Skratch: 3-2 “Dowz Elves woz well scorey last week. Deyz shud win”.

Altann Octopunch: 3-0 “The Stags are no Sea Elves, but I expect elves to always show good form…”


The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Barack Varr Dreadnauts

Both securing narrow, if dominant, wins, the Blitzers and Dreadnauts will seek to close the narrow gap to the top two teams and make the league their own in the next round of fixtures. The divisions two resident heavyweight ‘bash’n’grind’ teams- only one can prevail.

Skritch’n’Skratch: 2-1 “Da stinky boyz wil smash da stunty-boyz. An wez ‘don’t like da beardy wunz.”

Altann Octopunch: 0-1 “This is not how Blood Bowl should be played, but the dwarves will use their death roller (Cheats!) to grind to a narrow win.”


Akumal City Rainmakers vs The Tlaqua Spacehoppers

A narrow loss for the Spacehoppers and a lucky draw for the Rainmakers sees them head up the ‘best of the rest’. A frog-off between two very evenly matched teams, bragging rights will be up for grabs: Who will be ‘Top Frog!’ ?

Skritch’n’Skratch: 2-2 “Da froggy wunz wil jump lotz n score loadz”.

Altann Octopunch: 4-3 “The experience of The Spacehoppers coach, as previous head coach of the Natterjacks, should seem them scrape through this one in a high scoring game”.


Hobbiton Gardeners vs Norsca Wild Fire

Seeking to submarine their way to the top after last rounds unlucky draw, the Gardeners face Norsca Wild Fire, who were simply unable to score against the Blitzers. Both teams will be looking to get their campaigns back on track in a match that is likely to set the tone for the rest of their campaigns.

Skritch’n’Skratch: 2-1 “Da stunties wil smash da norf humies”.

Altann Octopunch: 2-1  “Everyone knows when a Halfling draw, its really a win, so the Gardeners will continue their ‘hot streak’ as well as serving up their legendary hot pies”.


Bridgetown Bantams vs Pastafarian Juniaz

The Bantams and The Juniaz will both look to jump start their seasons with a win over one of their other rivals for the title of ‘Best Stunty’. The Juniaz looked good on offence, but will need to shore-up their leaky defence, while the Bantams will look to take advantage of a team down on its luck. Arguably the pick of this week’s fixtures, it has the potential to be a thriller!

Skritch’n’Sratch:: 2-3  “Gobbos will always beat da fat wunz…!”

Altann Octopunch: 2-1  “This looks to be a great toss off, comind down to a tree and a halfling and a troll and a goblin. The troll will swallow the goblin, and the bantams will win!”.

Season 14 – Week 1 – All Kicking Off!

So, due to popular demand (or so we told him) we have managed, with no expense spared (or spent) to contract esteemed HDWSBBL luminary, Jojo Curwen for match reports for the ongoing Chanelf Championship. Although, we must stress that he HASN’T been told that this is the actual name of the competition and we must ask all of our staff and audience not to tell him by any means.

Themysciran Thunderers Vs Bridgetown Bantams

I’ll be honest, I missed most of this one, but I caught the highlights later on. This league has a weird tendency for stunties to do better than the national statistics would expect. Sometimes a Halfling team surprises all with it’s resiliency and ability to score.

This was not one of those games.

Amazon teams are usually known for their careful positioning and finesse, but when your opponents are Halflings all that can go out of the window, and boy did it here. Staggering out of the first half with only six fieldable players and four at the final whistle. It makes the Thunderers 2-0 result frankly look merciful. A hard lesson for the Bridgetown Bantams, but if you don’t give them beatings like this, they’ll never learn.

[we have since informed him that Halflings are in fact a seperate humanoid race, and not, as he apparently has been thinking for the last three centuries “small human children who should know better”]

Barack Varr Dreadnauts Vs Tlaqua Spacehoppers

A game of two very differing styles clashing together, the stolid meticulous dwarf form, versus the dynamic and aggressive Slaan style. But no amount of amphibian acrobatics could prevent the Dwarves from grinding down the field and equalising on the Slaan after their early TD in the first half.

After resetting the clock, the second half saw textbook Dwarf play throughout, as a result most of the crowd were already asleep when a half-hearted pitch invasion was called. Only the Dreadnaut fans turned up, pounding flat a few of the frogs. The game ended in a stolid 2-1 win for the Dwarves, sadly marred by accusations of collusion between the Referee and Greenskeepers in allowing them to continue tending the pitch even after a touchdown had been scored by the home team.

The Greenskeepers of the Barak Varr Anchorhead Stadium deny all accusations, and made a strongly worded statement telling us that we could all “F*ck off.”

Gaen Vale Stags Vs Pastafarian Juniaz

Not the best of starts for this new team, sponsored by the well known Pastarfarians, as a curiously bad start (even for goblins) will have left nobody apart from the Coaches Far Eastern Betting Syndicate happy. The Vale Stags were looking for a good head start in this competition, and they certainly got it here. Two TD’s ahead in the first half, they continued in the same vein for the rest of the game. But the goblins DID show signs of life with a couple of thrown teammate touchdowns facilitated by their Doom Diver, who is sure to make a big impact as the competition continues. A 5-2 result in typical Elvish fashion.

Hobbiton Gardeners Vs Akumal City Rainmakers

The Rainmakers are still feeling their way in the game clearly, as anyone who finds themselves 1-0 down against Halflings in the first half really does need to take a good hard look at themselves. But most of all Slaan, there really shouldn’t be anything a Halfling team can do to stop a Slaan team from scoring but it seems they worked it out in the end with a 1-1 draw. The Gardeners are ecstatic at this result, as of course a draw counts as a win for stunties.

Norsca Wild Fire Vs The Bloated Bile Blitzers

Nurgle haven’t done too well in this league, but perhaps the Blitzers will be the team to buck the trend. The end of the first half had things looking promising, and in the second half Wild-Fire couldn’t get the equalizer and tie the match. The Blitzers seemed very happy with their performance and are looking on towards bigger things. As always though, time will tell.

Quick Summary of Week 1

  • 5 games in Central Division – Chanelf Challenge Cup 2519
  • 15 Touchdowns scored
  • 19 Casualties caused (3 resulted in Death)
  • 10 Completions made
  • 27,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 1

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

Chanelf Challenge Cup 2519 – Central Division

Obituaries for Week 1

Standings (After First Round)

Gaen Vale Stags 1 1 0 0 5 2 3 3 1 2 30
Themysciran Thunderers 1 1 0 0 2 0 2 3 1 2 30
The Bloated Bile Blitzers 1 1 0 0 1 0 1 3 1 2 30
Barack Varr Dreadnauts 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 1 1 0 30
Akumal City Rainmakers 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 3 2 1 10
Hobbiton Gardeners 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 2 3 -1 10
The Tlaqua Spacehoppers 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 1 1 0 0
Norsca Wild Fire 1 0 0 1 0 1 -1 1 3 -2 0
Bridgetown Bantams 1 0 0 1 0 2 -2 1 3 -2 0
Pastafarian Juniaz 1 0 0 1 2 5 -3 1 3 -2 0

Player Statistics for the (Week 1)

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1 Chacaerulea Linefrog Akumal City Rainmakers 10
2 Snodule Scuzzball Rotspawn The Bloated Bile Blitzers 7
3 Grung Fodrinsson Runner Barack Varr Dreadnauts 6
Mhaenal Elamice Blitzer Gaen Vale Stags 6
Ozwold Doom Diver Pastafarian Juniaz 6
Huani Catcher Akumal City Rainmakers 6
7 Bufo Fett Linefrog The Tlaqua Spacehoppers 5
Matthewn \\\”Chopper\\\” Harris Troll Slayer Barack Varr Dreadnauts 5
Bialaer Pavyre Linesman Gaen Vale Stags 5
Da Kwartamasta Goblin Pastafarian Juniaz 5

Top Scorers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Grung Fodrinsson Runner Barack Varr Dreadnauts 2
Mhaenal Elamice Blitzer Gaen Vale Stags 2
Ozwold Doom Diver Pastafarian Juniaz 2
4 Chacaerulea Linefrog Akumal City Rainmakers 1
Luke Flystalker Catcher The Tlaqua Spacehoppers 1
Pustule Picker Pestigor The Bloated Bile Blitzers 1
Durlan Sylbalar Blitzer Gaen Vale Stags 1
Zilyana Torjeon Catcher Gaen Vale Stags 1
Ryo Holazorwyn Catcher Gaen Vale Stags 1
Abroulete Thrower Themysciran Thunderers 1

Most Vicious

# Player Position Team Value
1 Psionia Lineswoman Themysciran Thunderers 2
Huani Catcher Akumal City Rainmakers 2
3 Chacaerulea Linefrog Akumal City Rainmakers 1
L. Croakribbittson Linefrog The Tlaqua Spacehoppers 1
Angus \\\”Lucky\\\” Loriccson Deathroller Barack Varr Dreadnauts 1
Billy Bad-Breath Bloater The Bloated Bile Blitzers 1
Snodule Scuzzball Rotspawn The Bloated Bile Blitzers 1
Terminal Typhoid Rotter The Bloated Bile Blitzers 1
Airdan Perra Linesman Gaen Vale Stags 1
Galan Kezgella Linesman Gaen Vale Stags 1

Top Passers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Leaper Organa Catcher The Tlaqua Spacehoppers 3
2 Andrathatm Eilfina Thrower Gaen Vale Stags 2
Huani Catcher Akumal City Rainmakers 2
4 Jar Jar Skinks Catcher The Tlaqua Spacehoppers 1
Juscyra Catcher Themysciran Thunderers 1
Itotia Catcher Akumal City Rainmakers 1

Chanelf Challenge Cup – Draw and First Round

Tonight sees the start of season  14 with the Chanelf Challenge Cup. Here is a list of the teams who are taking part in this competition:

(D) – Debut
(RT) – Returning Team


The draw took place and the following fixtures were drawn:


Challenge Cup History

Season 14 kicks off in style with the first of three competitions this season, The Chanelf Challenge Cup. This competitions format is similar to it’s previous staging being a swiss format over four rounds with teams gaining points for a win, loss or draw. The team who finishes top will win the Cup but also a whopping 150,000gp to add to their treasury. You can see more about this competition by following this link here. But it would be a very short post if all we talked about was this years Challenge Cup competition so here we are to discuss a little more about the history of the Cup and some previous competitions featuring it.

The HDWSBBL Challenge Cup was first introduced as the PitRat Cup and was only considered a minor cup for the 2507/08 season. The cup was created to allow the newer teams to the league to participate in a simple knock-out tournament to gain more experience and a chance to win some silverware, with the likes of The Loren Rangers and Ragnar’s Swift Velocity not participating. The tournament proved a huge success and brought teams from North and South battling it out for the title. The inaugural winners of the Cup were the Karak Smashers, who beat the Loren Tornadoes in a thrilling 2-1 win.

The next competition afterwards was the Zombway Cup 2508/09. The knock-out format was repeated as the competition before with a massive sixteen teams competing for it (this time without The Loren Rangers). This competition occurred during one of the longest seasons to date with the final eventually taking place in early June, with the scheduled time of early February! Ragnar’s Swift Velocity played the Lustrian Snake Queens in another close contest, in the end the Snake Queens claimed their first title on their debut season winning 2-1.

At the end of the Zombway Cup 2508/09  problems arose as teams complained the fact that the cup should be open to all teams not just the newer ones (reports claim The Rangers were the only ones complaining about it!). The commissioners then decided that since it was a big success and the fact that there wouldn’t be a lot of newer teams next season, the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup was changed to a major championship and all teams in the HDWSBBL could enter with no restrictions. The commissioners also decided to change the format to a shorter but more competitive competition, the Swiss format, of which is the system that is used today.

The new format and new rules allowed The Loren Rangers to finally enter the competition after two seasons of sitting on the sidelines. The Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 was an action packed affair with many rivalry’s being created and settled, Star Players being killed and one of the most bloodthirsty match days in HDWSBBL history, the day of the dead. In the end The Loren Rangers were victorious despite a nervy final round match against the Innsmouth Shadows. A full review of this particular competition can be found here.

Featuring once again for the 2510/11 season new sponsors Spite hosted the Spite Challenege 2510/11 in the same format as the previous edition. The Tail Slammers lifted the title after a very tight contest which saw six teams being mathematically possible to lift the title. You can see the article explaining this here. The Slammers shocked the competition with their 3-1 over the Brimstone Flayers along with Rangers failing to win their match and also a back to back title. The Teotigua Predators, who came second in the end despite winning their match just missed out. The Swiss system brings about situations like this and can make for some interesting final match weeks.

After that competition the Cup was rested for a while until the 2514/15 season in which the Cup was picked up by the sports giants Sly Sports. The competition went way back to it’s roots with the knock-out format it previous was. The Sly Sports Challenge Cup 2514/15 was part of a deal with the league to feature a three part competition phase. Firstly the Challenge Cup competition itself, the second being the first round losers would be entered into the first inaugural Vase Championship in another straight knock-out competition to determine a champion. The final part would be a Super Cup match between the Challenge Cup winner and the Vase Championship winner to determine the undisputed champion. Although the Challenge Cup and Vase Championship were competed for, there was never a Super Cup ever made or competed for. Arkham Black Towers were the eventual champions of the Challenge Cup after beating the Oxmoor Savages 2-1 (the third time in so many weeks they faced each other as well!), this also counted towards Arkham Black Towers completing the first ever Triple Crown by winning the Championship, Conference Championship and Challenge Cup, a feat which has not been repeated since.

Despite signing a deal to host the competitions for two seasons back to back, Sly Sports decided to drop their deal for some unknown reason (rumour mills are still discussing this even now). But after a hiatus of two years they finally agreed to re-sponsor the competition to honour their agreement previously. Going back to the Swiss format the competition took another direction in which it was played during the summer before the main league competition in the winter. This proved to be a somewhat popular as it provided another chance for teams to get some match time but also more importantly some sliverware. The Sly Sports Challenge Cup 2517 featured only a handful of teams this time around but that did not stop the action and drama that occurred. The Hashut Hairy Hammers lifted their first title after not loosing a single game during the competition, with the Deadly Spawn and Arcani’s All Sparks coming second and third respectfully after loosing a match.

Now back for good the Challenge Cup will feature at the start of a new season with the main sponsor being changed each year to avoid the complications previously with Sly Sports.

A nice trip down memory lane for a lot of fans who can remember these moments over the years. If there are any certain memories you can remember that occurred during any of the Challenge Cup competitions we would love to hear from you in the comments section. Good luck to all the teams in this seasons edition!

Who is the best coach in league history?

To break the fourth wall for a bit, one of the most common arguments is “who is the best coach in the HDWSBBL”. At present we have ways of tracking statistics across teams, seasons, competitions etc, but there is no way for coaches to really take a look and see how they are doing on the whole. Until now

If you head over to the Owners page you will able to see the full details of your performance in the HDWSBBL. Who was your best team? How many championships have you won? How many Star Players have you used? How many players have died under your watch? All of these (and more) can now be discovered.

One thing I did want to add is the statistic of “coach you have faced the most often” but sadly I need to make a few database changes for that unless you want to wait a good 30 seconds for it to generate! I will save that for next time along with more detailed statistics of races so the “Best coach of a race” debate can have accurate figures to use / hide from 🙂

I believe I can speak for Alex when I say thank you to all the coaches, regardless of if you have been here year after year, or if you only managed a few games. When we started this league way back in 2006 we had no idea it would still be going strong (I did hope I would win a few more games then I did but nevermind). Hopefully, there are many more seasons to come.

I also know this website is sometimes held together with more bandages then Ramtut the 3rd, and slower than a Beast of Nurgle so I appreciate the patience while we slowly get things up to date (If the website was a living being it would be old enough to be in secondary school!).

So go forth, have a look, and remember to torment anybody who has worse stats than you – if they have a problem they can settle it with a good old game of Blood Bowl!

Stars in their eyes

Greetings Sports fans. It has been awhile since we have taken a look at the goings on in the league! Lets reverse that trend and take a look at Star players.

Believe it or not it has been 7 years since the HDWSBBL signed a contract with their agents and the NAF to allow the recognised star players to play in the league. At the time in 2511 it was a controversial decision with coaches both for and against bringing in outside help. In the end the fear that home grown stars would be ignored was overruled by the extra violence and amazing plays that stars could provide.

To celebrate we got our interns to take a look through the leagues archives and see what they could come up with.

In numbers:

  • 50 of 66 recognised stars have played at least one game in the HDWSBBL.
  • The 5 most popular stars are:
    • Morg ‘n’ Thorg (55 games)
    • Wilhelm Chaney (28 games)
    • Deeproot Strongbranch (20 games)
    • Zara the Slayer (17 games)
    • Nobbla Blackwart (15 games)
  • Star players have made 389 appearances in the league, or 297 unique matches.
  • The league has spent a total of 92,520,000 gp on Hiring Star players, that is enough for 92 NEW teams (or Gerhards bonus for writing an article – whatever happened to him?)!
    • The league has paid the top 5 stars 42,910,000 gp alone with 23,650,000 gp of that going to Morg! We know who is buying the next round!
  • The biggest impact the stars have caused is an increase in causalities – 82 to be precise. Morg is responsible for 32 of these, but it is not surprising considering he has played more games than the vast majority of HDWSBBL players!
  • No star player has ever made an interception!
  • We have no recorded deaths or injuries of stars in the league (nothing to do with their contracts forbidding it – honest) – but they have killed 11 HDWSBBL players.
    • Morg has personally claimed 3 lives, with Deeproot and Headsplitter claiming 2 each
  • Star players have been the match MVP 24 times
  • 11 Stars have played in a final, and won 18 HDWSBBL championships:
    • Morg ‘n’ Thorg – 5 Championships (New World Conference Cup, The HDWSBBL Vase, The Shield x3)
    • Eldril Sidewinder – 2 Championships (HDWSBBL Championship Cup, Old World Conference Cup)
    • Wilhelm Chaney – 2 Championships (HDWSBBL Championship Cup, New World Conference Cup)
    • Fezglitch – 2 Championship (HDWSBBL league Cup, the Shield)
    • Hack Enslash – 1 Championship (HDWSBBL Championship Cup)
    • Zara the Slayer – 1 Championship (HDWSBBL Championship Cup)
    • Setekh – 1 Championship (HDWSBBL Championship Cup)
    • Hubris Rakarth – 1 Championship (New World Conference Cup)
    • Prince Moranion – 1 Championship (Old World Conference Cup)
    • Icepelt Hammerblow – 1 Championship (Old World Conference Cup)
    • Ugroth Bolgrot – 1 Championships (The Shield)
  • The most popular season for star appearances was the 2511/12 season when the contract was signed with 64 appearances. The 2517/18 season came close with 61 games containing at least one star player. The current season (2518/19) has so far seen 25 matches with stars (out of 16 games!) – only time will tell if it will see more stars than any other season.

Who is hiring them

So, who are hiring these stars? The top 10 (ish) teams that have hired stars are:

  • Gitz ‘n’ Shigglez – 14 occasions
  • Tail Slammers – 14
  • The Riverside Rainbows – 14
  • Lightning Claws – 12
  • Chaos All-Stars11
  • Grudge Corsairs – 11
  • Arcani’s All Sparks – 11
  • The Asgard Marauders 10
  • Dark Wings of Fury – 10
  • The Wild Brunch – 10
  • Suderholm Snow Leopards – 10
  • Warpstone Wanders10

Three of the teams on the list are active this season (highlighted above) so have a chance of hiring even more! Considering the form of teams, I don’t think it will help them much….

The Top ten hiring races are:

  • Halfling – 42 stars hired
  • Skaven – 41
  • Human – 30
  • Norse – 29
  • Dark Elf – 23
  • Goblin – 22
  • Chaos Pact – 20
  • Necromantic – 19
  • Underworld – 18
  • Chaos – 17

Over the past seven years all races have hired at least one star player for a match!

Are they worth it?

So are stars worth it? From raw statistics  – no! On average they underperform per match with their HDWSBBL counterparts. Even special plays such as Deeproot scoring a Touchdown has been replicated by a Treeman in the league before (can anybody name said Treeman in the comments)?

However they are invaluable for making sure a team has a full roster on the pitch, and the fans they bring with them to the stadiums. For that they will always be worth it.

Ideally we would provide a detailed breakdown of if hiring a star increases your chances of winning, but we had to le the interns go home and see their families.

Nothing brings this more to life than the 11 star players who are HDWSBBL Champions! Originally star players were banned from finals but, like all rules, that was nothing a bribe or two could not change! Since then 5 stars have played in the final and won the HDWSBBL Championship itself. Would those teams have won the championship without help? That is still being debated in taverns across the old world to this day!

Whats next?

It does not look like Star players are going anywhere soon. Since their introduction the league has seen amazing growth and the stars have provided amazing memories for the teams. They are a helping hand when teams are desperate, and they allow HDWSBBL talent to make a name for themselves and take down a legend (and boy do they try)!

Sorry folks, it looks like Morg isn’t going anywhere soon!

On the Horizon it looks like even more stars are on the way as more legends make their return to the pitch. Once the HDWSBBL has worked out the arrangements with their agents we will let you know!