Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506

Elven Union

When the NAF collapsed, many Elven teams were left penniless. Those teams that have survived the fallout are not as rich as the High Elf teams nor as well equipped, but they sure know how to play the game. Sporting facemasks and mohawks, they take to the pitch to relive the glory days they once played in.

  • Re-Roll Cost: 50,000gp

Positions available for Race

Name Limit MA ST AG AV Skills Cost
Linesman 0 - 16 6 3 4 7 none 60,000gp
Thrower 0 - 2 6 3 4 7 Pass 70,000gp
Catcher 0 - 4 8 3 4 7 Catch, Nerves of Steel 100,000gp
Blitzer 0 - 2 7 3 4 8 Block, Side Step 110,000gp

Star Players available for Race

Name MA ST AG AV Skills Cost
Dolfar Longstride 7 3 4 7 Loner, Diving Catch, Hail Mary Catch, Kick, Kick-off Return, Pass Block 150,000gp
Eldril Sidewinder 8 3 4 7 Loner, Catch, Dodge, Hypnotic Gaze, Nerves of Steel, Pass Block 200,000gp
Hubris Rakarth 7 4 4 8 Loner, Block,Dirty Player, Jump Up, Mighty Blow, Strip Ball 260,000gp
Jordall Freshbreeze 8 3 5 7 Loner, Block, Diving Catch, Dodge, Leap Side step 260,000gp
Morg 'n' Thorg 6 6 3 10 Loner, Block, Mighty Blow, Thick Skull, Throw Team-mate 430,000gp
Prince Moranion 7 4 4 8 Loner, Block, Dauntless, Tackle, Wrestle 230,000gp

Teams belonging to this Race

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Pulled a Moist!

The Middenhein Manhunters were the first team to have one player score 4 touchdowns in a single game.
Moist Von Lipwig achived this feat in the 2506/07 season match aganist the Highland Nut Crushers. The second team were the Loren Rangers star catcher Elesser Everlong, which was also aganist the Highland Nut Crushers in the 2506/07 season.

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