The Slann team is an ancient race of space travellers stranded on our planets many ages ago. After realizing that rescue was never coming they settled down and began ordering the Lizardmen around as their leaders. While most Slann prefer to become fat and lazy lording over the Lizardmen, a few of younger and more energetic members enjoy travelling the realm and playing Blood Bowl. While the Slann have no passing game to speak of, their ability to leap, dive, and intercept are second to none.

  • Re-Roll Cost: 50,000 GP
  • Special Rules:

Positions available for this Race

Position Limit MA ST AG AV Skills Cost
Linefrog 0 - 16 6 3 3 8 Leap, Very Long Legs 60,000 GP
Catcher 0 - 4 7 2 4 7 Diving Catch, Leap, Very Long Legs 80,000 GP
Blitzer 0 - 4 7 3 3 8 Diving Tackle, Jump Up, Leap, Very Long Legs 110,000 GP
Kroxigor 0 - 1 6 5 1 9 Loner, Bone-head, Mighty Blow, Prehensile Tail, Thick Skull 140,000 GP

Star Players available for this Race

There are currently no Star Players assigned to this race

There are currently no Star Players assigned to this race

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