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From this page you are able to download the files you may require to play Blood Bowl in the HDWSBBL.

If you wish to save these files to you computer you should right-click in the file-name and select Save link from the menu.

  • The HDWSBBL match report sheet. This needs to be filled out every game if you wish your statistics be recorded by the league. A new and improved match report sheet which should help coaches better.
  • Blank roster sheet.
  • New team registration form. When a new team enters or returns to the league this form must be filled out for the new team.
  • The HDWSBBL League Rules. This handbook contains all the rules and regulations we uphold in the league. This version of the Handbook has been updated for the 2516/17 season (Version 1.4).

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Finals are our Speciality

Finals are the HDWSBBL speciality. The 2506/07 season had a total of 112,000 fans turned up to the finals and 3rd place play off. The 2507/08 season had a total of 184,000 fans, inculding the final of each championship cup an average of 61,333 a final. The 2508/09 season had an amazing 240,000 fans turn up and average of 60,000 fans each final and the 2509/10 season had a whopping 238,000 fans turn up an average of 79,333 a match! A note to the reader that the 2509/10 season also featured only three finals compaired to the normal four.

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