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In the HDWSBBL, the year is divided into Seasons. During these seasons various competitions are run to determine the winners of the various cups. Teams can carry on from season to season ensuring that they can retain their championships or gain another chance at the big time.

Traditionally a HDWSBBL Season runs from autumn to late spring (September – May, we sometimes may finish early, however this only occurs on a forth Sunday under a blue moon, when all the planets are¬†aligned¬†and it’s bath night).

Select one of the seasons below to learn more about the championships that where contested and the competing teams (a Star indicates that the Season is currently active):

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

A Wasted Effort

During the Anklebiter semi final between the Innsmouth Shadows and the Middenheim Manhunters, it is reported that after spectacularily failing no less than 4 easy blitz attempts in a row, the Referee brought the Innsmouth Shadows Werewolf: Ezra Wheedon aside for timewasting – on account of the fact that he was clearly wasting his bloody time in this game.

It was at this point that furious Shadows coach Joseph Curwen caught up to Ezra and beat him into a coma that would last for the next week.

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