Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506


Without a majestic stadium, a Blood Bowl game is little more then a brawl. Where else can fans from all over the known world relax and drink beers and watch their favorite game.

Most of the HDWSBBL teams have their own stadium. Select any from the below list to read more about it.

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Day of Death

The 15th of October 2509 is now known as the Day of Death in the HDWSBBL. On that day 8 games of the first round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 took place and resulted in an unprecedented level of carnage that has not been repeated since.
On that day 31 players where injured over the course of the evening with 8 of those resulting in fatalities including catchers Elison Crownstar and Gabriale Canavan of the Rangers, Star Assassin Venomblade of the Corsairs and the immortal Spider-Rat of the Tail Slammers!

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