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Without a majestic stadium, a Blood Bowl game is little more than a brawl. Where else can fans from all over the known world relax and drink beers and watch their favorite game?

Most of the HDWSBBL teams have their own stadium. Select any from the below list to read more about it.

HDWSBBL - Did You Know


During a critical semi-final of the Anklebiter competition between the Innsmouth Shadows and the Middenheim Manhunters, a draw had led to extra time play.
The Shadows were in unseen form, and half of the Manhunters team were unconscious or otherwise in the dugout. Victory and a final against the Beaumont Blitzers seemed to be looming, when the Manhunters ball carrier was shoved into the crowd.

The resulting crowd throw-in however, flew majestically over the Shadows players before accurately landing directly into their endzone, whereupon it was relative childs play for Sam Vimes to skirt past the clumsy hands of the Shadow’s Zombies and Flesh Golems and get the golden goal.

The controversy came when it transpired that the entire front row of the stands where that outrageous throw had come from happened to have been bought up by the entire Loren Rangers.

Understandably, the Innsmouth Shadow’s coach: Joseph “I see pointy eared people” Curwen was less than amused at this.

Though spokespersons for the Loren Rangers have often denied all allegations of ball handling, this incident did nothing to improve Curwens growing hatred and paranoia concerning Elves of all kind.

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