Brunwasser Stadion

Home Teams

At present only Osterwald Ravens call this stadium their home.

Built in 2493 after a very lengly contruction time, the stadium was once the home of a previous team who dispanded after the NAF collapes. Situated along the Brunwasser river in Osstermark, the stadium is local to Buckow, Nagenhof, Brunfahre, Elbing and of course Osterwald, so attendances are fairly high at each home match. Boasting a capacity of 60,000 the stadium also includes a hotel, club mega shop, the Starkgelt Hospitaity Suite and a ironcast statue of the clubs crest and mascot the Raven of Starkgelt.

Recent Matches in this stadium

01.02.18Osterwald Ravens vs The Mousillion PatriotsWorld Championship Super Bowl XII (Semi Final)72,000
12.10.17Osterwald Ravens vs Chaos All-StarsOld World Conference League 2517/18 (South Division)28,000
21.09.17Osterwald Ravens vs Bogenhafen RamsOld World Conference League 2517/18 (South Division)19,000
07.09.17Osterwald Ravens vs The Deadly SpawnOld World Conference League 2517/18 (South Division)25,000
19.01.17Osterwald Ravens vs PastafariansHDWSBBL League Knockout Cup II (Quarter Final)20,000
01.12.16Osterwald Ravens vs Nahuontl NatterjacksNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)19,000
27.10.16Osterwald Ravens vs The Fury Little AnimalsNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)17,000
13.10.16Osterwald Ravens vs The Deadly SpawnNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)16,000
15.09.16Osterwald Ravens vs Kardashian KorsairsNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)17,000