Green Stag Lane

Home Teams

At present only Gaen Vale Stags call this stadium their home.

Having had to sell their old stadium to pay of previously accrued debts of the previous owners.
Ready for the new season the Stags will move in to their new stadium Green Stag Lane. Although a smaller ground than they used to have the stadium still seats 10,000 fans and has actual toilets and all new fancy ale pumps that fill from the bottom its magic.

Recent Matches in this stadium

12.12.19Gaen Vale Stags vs Lokomotiv Lustria BBFCHDWSBBL League Cup V (North Division)28,000
28.11.19Gaen Vale Stags vs Themysciran ThunderersHDWSBBL League Cup V (North Division)25,000
10.10.19Gaen Vale Stags vs Norsca Wild FireWinter Series 2519/20 (North Division)14,000
04.07.19Gaen Vale Stags vs Norsca Wild FireChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)14,000
20.06.19Gaen Vale Stags vs Themysciran ThunderersChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)14,000
13.06.19Gaen Vale Stags vs Pastafarian JuniazChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)18,000