New Skaeling Stadium

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At present only Ragnar’s Raiders call this stadium their home.

The New Skaeling stadium sits on the site of long forgotten Lizardmen ball court and the stands are filled with the denizens of the surrounding jungle. Playing to the crowd (and their gold), Floki has promised reduced ticket prices for hatchlings and even a Slaan head coach at some point in the future!

Recent Matches in this stadium

08.02.18Ragnar’s Raiders vs Chaos All-StarsThe Fury Animal Frenzy (Central Division)28,000
30.11.17Ragnar’s Raiders vs Vidarheim ThunderNew World Conference League 2517/18 (North Division)29,000
02.11.17Ragnar’s Raiders vs The Mousillion PatriotsNew World Conference League 2517/18 (North Division)35,000
19.10.17Ragnar’s Raiders vs Warpstone WandersNew World Conference League 2517/18 (North Division)17,000
21.09.17Ragnar’s Raiders vs Averheim EaglesNew World Conference League 2517/18 (North Division)17,000
19.01.17Ragnar’s Raiders vs Saphery White TowersHDWSBBL League Knockout Cup II (Quarter Final)24,000
08.12.16Ragnar’s Raiders vs Kardashian KorsairsNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)20,000
17.11.16Ragnar’s Raiders vs Blackwell Tunnel RatsNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)16,000
29.09.16Ragnar’s Raiders vs Osterwald RavensNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)16,000
01.09.16Ragnar’s Raiders vs The Deadly SpawnNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)13,000