The Ciderdome

Home Teams

At present the following teams call this stadium their home.

Tucked away in a quiet part of Ulthuan, far from the populous centre of the city, is a run-down area where less fortunate elves live.  This “run-down area” is still far grander than anything seen in the empires of men, but few high elves would be seen there.  The most prominent building of this district is the old Bloodbowl stadium.  A relic of an older day when the NAF ran a scheduled league on astrogranite pitches, when all teams had a stadium of their own.  This stadium was purchased by an Ulthuan charity to support the White Lightning project, where homeless ex-Bloodbowlers were given a new team to play for.

The intended tenants, elf team White Lightning, have yet to raise the funds required to sign up to the HDWSBBL league, so the stadium owners have in the mean-time hired out the stadium for a season to legendary goblin team Gitz n Shigglez.  Perhaps the rent money will allow the elves to finally show their stuff in the league?  More likely, it will just about cover the costs needed to repair the damage inflicted by the goblins’ arsenal of weaponry, and by the trolls’ dietary habits.

Recent Matches in this stadium

15.11.18Chaos All-Stars vs Quenelles ChevaliersNew World Conference League 2518/19 (North Division)27,000
04.10.18Chaos All-Stars vs Team ChaosNew World Conference League 2518/19 (North Division)21,000
01.02.18Chaos All-Stars vs Nahuontl NatterjacksThe Fury Animal Frenzy (Central Division)28,000
04.01.18Chaos All-Stars vs Atrocity ExhibitionOld World Conference League 2517/18 (South Division)30,000
16.11.17Chaos All-Stars vs PastafariansOld World Conference League 2517/18 (South Division)17,000
02.11.17Chaos All-Stars vs Bogenhafen RamsOld World Conference League 2517/18 (South Division)9,000
21.09.17Chaos All-Stars vs Grudge CorsairsOld World Conference League 2517/18 (South Division)17,000
02.02.17White Lighting vs Nahuontl NatterjacksWorld Championship Super Bowl XI (Semi Final)62,000
24.11.16White Lighting vs Osterwald RavensNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)20,000
03.11.16White Lighting vs The Deadly SpawnNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)24,000
13.10.16White Lighting vs Ragnar's RaidersNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)23,000
15.09.16White Lighting vs Reptile DysfunctionNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)17,000