The Festering Mucus Arena

Home Teams

At present the following teams call this stadium their home.

The Festering Mucus Arena was easy to rebuild as it was only ever a small wooden shack deep within the enormous garden of Nurgle. With a quick lick of gangrene and sneeze of vomit, the stadium was better than ever, with a new food court and toilet facilities. Away fans are warned there is a 77.7% chance of death when attending.

With a new look, a new stadium, a new coach, they required a new name, they are now known as……. The Bloated Bile Blitzers!!!

Recent Matches in this stadium

12.12.19The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Har Ganeth VipersThe Vase Championship II (South Division)0
08.11.19The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Barack Varr DreadnautsThe Vase Championship II (South Division)28,000
31.10.19The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Gaen Vale StagsWinter Series 2519/20 (North Division)26,000
19.09.19The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Norsca Wild FireWinter Series 2519/20 (North Division)12,000
29.08.19The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Norsca Wild FireNon-Competitive (First Round)17,000
04.07.19The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Bridgetown BantamsChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)20,000
20.06.19The Bloated Bile Blitzers vs Barack Varr DreadnautsChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)11,000
18.03.10The Bile Blitzers vs Orcland CleaversPepslay Challenge 2509/10 (Central Division)21,000
25.02.10We Tree Fellows vs The Bile BlitzersPepslay Challenge 2509/10 (Central Division)0
07.01.10The Bile Blitzers vs Orcland CleaversOpen Scramble 2509/2510 (South Division)29,000
26.11.09The Bile Blitzers vs Teotigua PredatorsOpen Scramble 2509/2510 (South Division)27,000
29.10.09The Bile Blitzers vs Grappler Flesh GrindersOpen Scramble 2509/2510 (South Division)32,000
15.10.09The Bile Blitzers vs Mc Cauligh ReaversPepslay Challenge 2509/10 (Central Division)24,000
24.09.09The Bile Blitzers vs The Loren RangersOpen Scramble 2509/2510 (South Division)29,000