Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506

The Gunbarrel

Home Teams

At present only Barack Varr Dreadnauts call this stadium their home.

Coming soon!

Recent Matches in this stadium

12.09.19Barack Varr Dreadnauts vs The Bloated Bile BlitzersWinter Series 2519/20 (North Division)22,000
11.07.19Barack Varr Dreadnauts vs Norsca Wild FireChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)22,000
13.06.19Barack Varr Dreadnauts vs The Tlaqua SpacehoppersChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)27,000
25.10.18Barack Varr Dreadnauts vs The Stompy and the SquishOld World Conference League 2518/19 (South Division)0
18.10.18Barack Varr Dreadnauts vs PastafariansOld World Conference League 2518/19 (South Division)27,000
20.09.18Barack Varr Dreadnauts vs The Fury Little AnimalsOld World Conference League 2518/19 (South Division)0
06.09.18Barack Varr Dreadnauts vs Temper Bay MaraudersOld World Conference League 2518/19 (South Division)25,000

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Loosing Streaks

The record for most consecutuve losses is 13 and is currently held by the Valhallen Vixens. The Vixen’s blame most of it upon Nuffle and how he had cursed them because of their previous luck in their first season

Prior to this the record was at 8 held by the Middenhein Manhunters another team who were cursed by Nuffle.

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