Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506

The Pen

Home Teams

At present only The Fury Little Animals call this stadium their home.

Recent Matches in this stadium

10.01.19The Fury Little Animals vs Warpstone WandersWorld Championship Super Bowl XIII (Quarter Final)32,000
06.12.18The Fury Little Animals vs Crag Mountain CaversOld World Conference League 2518/19 (South Division)22,000
22.11.18The Fury Little Animals vs Bogenhafen RamsOld World Conference League 2518/19 (South Division)20,000
25.10.18The Fury Little Animals vs The Stompy and the SquishOld World Conference League 2518/19 (South Division)0
06.09.18The Fury Little Animals vs PastafariansOld World Conference League 2518/19 (South Division)21,000
02.02.17The Fury Little Animals vs Greenleaf ShamblersThe Marauders Brawl (Semi Final)28,000
08.12.16The Fury Little Animals vs Blackwell Tunnel RatsNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)22,000
17.11.16The Fury Little Animals vs White LightingNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)18,000
22.09.16The Fury Little Animals vs Ragnar's RaidersNew World Conference League 2516/17 (North Division)10,000


Vampire Teams

The Nachthaften Nightlords were the first Vampire team in HDWSBBL history. They began debuted in the 2512/13 season.

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