The Thunderdome

Home Teams

At present only Themysciran Thunderers call this stadium their home.

Right on the beach of the secret island of Themyscira lies The Thunderdome! Some might say that playing on sand gives too much of an advantage to the home team, but they’re adamant that they stand just as much chance of falling over as the opposition. Visiting teams aren’t quite sure how they arrive at the games, but arrive they do. On the morning of the match, they wake up on the island with all their kit, and the next day they are back in their homes.

Recent Matches in this stadium

19.12.19Themysciran Thunderers vs Liz ‘n’ Let DieHDWSBBL League Cup V (North Division)19,000
22.11.19Themysciran Thunderers vs Beards of ZeusHDWSBBL League Cup V (North Division)21,000
31.10.19Themysciran Thunderers vs Liz ‘n’ Let DieWinter Series 2519/20 (South Division)16,000
17.10.19Themysciran Thunderers vs Har Ganeth VipersWinter Series 2519/20 (South Division)21,000
11.07.19Themysciran Thunderers vs The Bloated Bile BlitzersChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)23,000
04.07.19Themysciran Thunderers vs Barack Varr DreadnautsChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)22,000
13.06.19Themysciran Thunderers vs Bridgetown BantamsChanelf Challenge Cup 2519 (Central Division)10,000