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Welcome to the new era!

Welcome one and all to the new era of the HDWSBBL. After 15 years (and 14 Seasons, 1,107 games, 65 Competitions, 128 teams, and 2,456 players) the league is going through a little reboot! 

Not quite the full Marvel Comics style reboot where the players have a different past, but one where we embrace the new Blood Bowl ruleset and focus on the new legends that will be created over the coming years.

The site has received its first proper make over after 13 years which was long overdue. There are still a few kinks to work out, but those will be addressed in due course (not 13 years, I promise!). 

If you wish to go back and see the site as it was, frozen in time at the end of the 14th season, then a permanent archive is available.

For now settle down, and strap yourself in for the 15th Season of the HDWSBBL!

Stars in their eyes

Greetings Sports fans. It has been awhile since we have taken a look at the goings on in the league! Lets reverse that trend and take a look at Star players.

Believe it or not it has been 7 years since the HDWSBBL signed a contract with their agents and the NAF to allow the recognised star players to play in the league. At the time in 2511 it was a controversial decision with coaches both for and against bringing in outside help. In the end the fear that home grown stars would be ignored was overruled by the extra violence and amazing plays that stars could provide.

To celebrate we got our interns to take a look through the leagues archives and see what they could come up with.

In numbers:

  • 50 of 66 recognised stars have played at least one game in the HDWSBBL.
  • The 5 most popular stars are:
    • Morg ‘n’ Thorg (55 games)
    • Wilhelm Chaney (28 games)
    • Deeproot Strongbranch (20 games)
    • Zara the Slayer (17 games)
    • Nobbla Blackwart (15 games)
  • Star players have made 389 appearances in the league, or 297 unique matches.
  • The league has spent a total of 92,520,000 gp on Hiring Star players, that is enough for 92 NEW teams (or Gerhards bonus for writing an article – whatever happened to him?)!
    • The league has paid the top 5 stars 42,910,000 gp alone with 23,650,000 gp of that going to Morg! We know who is buying the next round!
  • The biggest impact the stars have caused is an increase in causalities – 82 to be precise. Morg is responsible for 32 of these, but it is not surprising considering he has played more games than the vast majority of HDWSBBL players!
  • No star player has ever made an interception!
  • We have no recorded deaths or injuries of stars in the league (nothing to do with their contracts forbidding it – honest) – but they have killed 11 HDWSBBL players.
    • Morg has personally claimed 3 lives, with Deeproot and Headsplitter claiming 2 each
  • Star players have been the match MVP 24 times
  • 11 Stars have played in a final, and won 18 HDWSBBL championships:
    • Morg ‘n’ Thorg – 5 Championships (New World Conference Cup, The HDWSBBL Vase, The Shield x3)
    • Eldril Sidewinder – 2 Championships (HDWSBBL Championship Cup, Old World Conference Cup)
    • Wilhelm Chaney – 2 Championships (HDWSBBL Championship Cup, New World Conference Cup)
    • Fezglitch – 2 Championship (HDWSBBL league Cup, the Shield)
    • Hack Enslash – 1 Championship (HDWSBBL Championship Cup)
    • Zara the Slayer – 1 Championship (HDWSBBL Championship Cup)
    • Setekh – 1 Championship (HDWSBBL Championship Cup)
    • Hubris Rakarth – 1 Championship (New World Conference Cup)
    • Prince Moranion – 1 Championship (Old World Conference Cup)
    • Icepelt Hammerblow – 1 Championship (Old World Conference Cup)
    • Ugroth Bolgrot – 1 Championships (The Shield)
  • The most popular season for star appearances was the 2511/12 season when the contract was signed with 64 appearances. The 2517/18 season came close with 61 games containing at least one star player. The current season (2518/19) has so far seen 25 matches with stars (out of 16 games!) – only time will tell if it will see more stars than any other season.

Who is hiring them

So, who are hiring these stars? The top 10 (ish) teams that have hired stars are:

  • Gitz ‘n’ Shigglez – 14 occasions
  • Tail Slammers – 14
  • The Riverside Rainbows – 14
  • Lightning Claws – 12
  • Chaos All-Stars11
  • Grudge Corsairs – 11
  • Arcani’s All Sparks – 11
  • The Asgard Marauders 10
  • Dark Wings of Fury – 10
  • The Wild Brunch – 10
  • Suderholm Snow Leopards – 10
  • Warpstone Wanders10

Three of the teams on the list are active this season (highlighted above) so have a chance of hiring even more! Considering the form of teams, I don’t think it will help them much….

The Top ten hiring races are:

  • Halfling – 42 stars hired
  • Skaven – 41
  • Human – 30
  • Norse – 29
  • Dark Elf – 23
  • Goblin – 22
  • Chaos Pact – 20
  • Necromantic – 19
  • Underworld – 18
  • Chaos – 17

Over the past seven years all races have hired at least one star player for a match!

Are they worth it?

So are stars worth it? From raw statistics  – no! On average they underperform per match with their HDWSBBL counterparts. Even special plays such as Deeproot scoring a Touchdown has been replicated by a Treeman in the league before (can anybody name said Treeman in the comments)?

However they are invaluable for making sure a team has a full roster on the pitch, and the fans they bring with them to the stadiums. For that they will always be worth it.

Ideally we would provide a detailed breakdown of if hiring a star increases your chances of winning, but we had to le the interns go home and see their families.

Nothing brings this more to life than the 11 star players who are HDWSBBL Champions! Originally star players were banned from finals but, like all rules, that was nothing a bribe or two could not change! Since then 5 stars have played in the final and won the HDWSBBL Championship itself. Would those teams have won the championship without help? That is still being debated in taverns across the old world to this day!

Whats next?

It does not look like Star players are going anywhere soon. Since their introduction the league has seen amazing growth and the stars have provided amazing memories for the teams. They are a helping hand when teams are desperate, and they allow HDWSBBL talent to make a name for themselves and take down a legend (and boy do they try)!

Sorry folks, it looks like Morg isn’t going anywhere soon!

On the Horizon it looks like even more stars are on the way as more legends make their return to the pitch. Once the HDWSBBL has worked out the arrangements with their agents we will let you know!

30 games for the Innsmouth Shadows

We are a little bit late on this one but here at the HDWSBBL we are proud to announce that another team has reached the milestone of 30 games. Recently the Innsmouth Shadows played their 30th game against the Lustrian Leapers in the opening round of the Spite Challenge 2510/11 which resulted in a draw. As is now the tradition, we will take a look back at their career to date in the HDWSBBL.

The Innsmouth Shadows first joined the HDWSBBL as an expansion team at the start of the 3rd season (2508). They where immediately placed within North Division where they have been ever since.

The Shadows didn’t have the best start to their careers and it took them until their 5th game in the HDWSBBL to pick up their first win in a match against the Seductors! From there the shadows endured a savage 5 game losing streak until they defeated the Wee Tree Fellows in the opening round of the Ankle Biter Competition. Before this victory the Shadows where in danger of being lost amongst all the new teams and being forgotten like some of the other failed teams, however in the second round of the Ankle Biter the Shadows took part in one of the most controversial moments in HDWSBBL History ensuring that they would not be forgotten in a hurry.

During a Semi-Final game against the Middenhein Manhunters the Shadows had played a good match and looked like they would be advancing to the finals. However just before they scored the winning Touchdown the ball was knocked out of play and landed in the crowd. The ball was then thrown down the field with great accuracy to the Shadows End Zone where the Manhunters simply picked up the ball and scored the winning touchdown! To this day the Shadows claim it was one of the Loren Rangers who threw the ball which cost them the match. In their defence, the Rangers did occupy the entire front row for the match and are notorious for their accurate passing. The controversy, and JoJo’s hatred for Elves continues to this day.

Since that day the Shadows have maintained a curious win / loss record in the league. They are notorious for not having much luck during the league stages of any competition for the HDWSBBL League cup but they often find that they advance through at least one round of every other competition they enter! Take the 2509/10 season for example. After losing 6 of their 8 games in the Open Scramble 2510/110 the Shadows went on to come 2nd in the Pepslay Challenge competition almost managing to topple the Loren Rangers (it did take a whole arsenal of secret weapons, bribes, traps, blackmail and downright deviousness to get there but that is just par for the course!).

So far, this season they are on the top of their game. At the moment of writing they are at the top of North Division (which is a nice change from coming in last in North for the past two seasons) and have a good chance of staying that way. Could the Shadows finally end that long and rocky road to their first HDWSBBL Championship this season? We might have our answer in only a few short weeks.

The Opponents

The Shadows have had a number of feuds over the years. They may not be feuds in the same way as say RSV and the Rangers, but whenever the Shadows get drawn against certain other teams there is always palatable tension in the air. The three teams that the Shadows have encountered the most times over the past 30 games are the Karond Kar Corsairs, The Tail Slammers and the Wee Tree Fellows. On the whole they have had the best luck against WTF as they have won two games, drawn a game and lost a game.

Of course, no entry on the Shadows can be published without commenting on the Shadows distaste of Elves. Now for some reason JoJo has it in his head that there is some vast conspiracy against him and his kind that is being organised by the Elves of the Old World. JoJo Points to several occasions where his team has had the upper hand only to be thwarted by Elves. Normally at this point we recap the different races and teams that a team has faced over their 30 games, for the Shadows we will show exactly who they have played, heir racial breakdown, and a very special table just for JoJo:

Team Pld W L D
Beaumont Blitzers 2 1 1
Drackwald Deadheads 2 2
Grappler Flesh Grinders 1 1
Karond Kar Corsairs 4 4
Lustria Leapers 1 1
Mc Cauligh Reavers 1 1
Middenhein Manhunters 1 1
Seductors 1 1
Tail Slammers 4 2 2
Teotigua Predators 1 1
The Bile Blitzers 2 2
The Brewers 1 1
The Loren Rangers 3 2 1
The Wolf Pack 2 2
We Tree Fellows 4 2 1 1
Race Pld W L D
Dark Elf 6 1 5
Elf 4 2 1 1
Human 2 1 1
Lizardmen 1 1
Necromantic 2 2
Norse 2 2
Nurgle 2 2
Orc 3 1 1 1
Skaven 4 2 2
Slann 1 1
Wood Elf 3 2 1
Race Pld W L D
Elves 13 3 8 2
Non-Elves 17 6 9 2

The Players

In their 30 games, there have been 21 Players / Creatures who have worn the team colours. They have been in the following positions:

  • 11 Zombies (of which 2 where Journeymen, another 1 was taken from the Wee Tree Fellows)
  • 3 Ghouls
  • 3 Wights
  • 2 Werewolves
  • 2 Flesh Golems

For a team primarily consisting of players assembled from stolen body parts, the players have an surprisingly long average career length of 20.11 games. However only 2 players have taken part in all 30 games, Eleeazar Smith (Werewolf) and Nig (Zombie).

In total the team has scored 44 Touchdowns (averaging 2.32 per player), caused 58 causalities (at an average of 3.1 per player), made 24 completions (with an average of 1.26 per player) but caught only 3 Interceptions (though impressively, one of which was by Carter the Zombie!). In total, the team is the most violent team currently active in the HDWSBBL and is ranked the 4th most violent team in HDWSBBL history. They are the 2nd most deadly active team to face and are tied at 9th place in the most deadly teams in HDWSBBL history listing.

As for the Players themselves, the top 5 players of all time on the team are as follows:

Eleeazar Smith (Werewolf) – 83 SPP
Most Violent player on the team, played in all 30 games. Eleeazar is also the most violent player in HDWSBBL history (both active and all time) and ranked 6 on the top 25 active players list (11th of all time).
Erza Wheedon (Werewolf) – 78 SPP
One of the top scorers of the team, send most violent player in the team. Ranked 7th on the top 25 active players list (13th of all time)
Simon Orne (Ghoul) – 60 SPP
Top Scorer of the team, best passer of the team. Simon is ranked 10th on the top 25 active players list (20th of all time) and is currently the 4th top active scorer (9th of all time).
Carter (Zombie) – 38 SPP
Most MVP awards received on the team, Best Zombie Player of all time and the 18th best active player in the HDWSBBL
Captain Whipple (Wight) – 28 SPP
Was one of the most promising players on the team until he suffered his second death during a match with the Tail Slammers at the start of 2510. He was also the Team Captain.

Final Words

Before we show their statistics for their 30 games in the HDWSBBL, we thought it best to have a word with their head coach himself. Over to you JoJo:

It seems like only yesterday that the shadows first played……. Actually no, that’s a colossal lie. Its been a long and unpleasant road to get this far, beset upon at all sides by betrayal, cheating, incompetence and Elves.

But here we are, 30 games later. We are bigger, meaner, quicker and fatter then ever before – but only time will tell if we can actually put this to use.

This is why regardless of what happens, I am announcing that the shadows will officially be disbanding at the end of this season!

I feel that as a team there’s nowhere else for us to go, and if we cannot hoist a trophy at the end of this season then we never will.

Also, I feel that CERTAIN TEAMS refuse to move on and let new talent come in which stifles the league as a whole. I for one would rather end it now then have people say GO NOW YOU GITS, NOBODY WANTS YOU TO STAY AND NOBODY ENJOYS SEEING YOU WIN TROPHY ATER TROPHY YOU POINTY EARED GITS!

Well, thats how I feel anyway.

Thanks JoJo, I think we best leave it there. Below is the performance of the Innsmouth Shadows after 30 HDWSBBL games saved for prosperity.

The Innsmouth Shadows 30 9 17 4 46 62 60 48 24 3 30

30 Games for the Manhunters!

It has been a long time coming but the Manhunters finally played their 30th match here in the HDWSBBL a few weeks ago against Damage Inc! They are the fourth team to play 30 games after The Loren Rangers, Ragnars Swift Velocity and the Karond Kar Corsairs.

The Manhunters where one of the four founding teams of the HDWSBBL way back in 2506 were they shared the honour of being the first human team in HDWSBBL history with RSV. Their first season was, relatively speaking, a thing of wonder. They managed to finish second in the inaugural League competition and make it through to the finals of the Championship I. Of course, it later turned out that they actually finished third in the Open Scramble 2506/07 and their incorrect position was due to a rounding error!

This never put them off though and they headed into their second Season with lots of enthusiasm. Their second Season saw them up against a varied lot including the Karak Smashers, the Loren Tornadoes and the Drackwald Deadheads. While they once again failed to pick up any championships they did get an Eagle Award for most entertaining death as young Linesman Rufus Drumknott was crushed to death by a Dwarven Death Roller!

Their third season brought much of the same pain. They where shoved in South Division with the Man Eaters, Brimstone Deadheads and the Perverse Maidens of Torture. They only managed to pick up three wins all season but they did manage to end their losing steak of a jaw dropping 10 games. The highlight for them was advancing through the Ankle Biter competition all the way to the finals before being defeated by the Beaumont Blitzers. After that they decided to hide away from the entire world making us believe that they had died. In a master stroke of publicity (quiet Gerhard) the team emerged at the start of this season to give the game one more try.

So far this season they have only picked up one win in two games (at the time of their 30th game) however they are the third team to win their 30th game making RSV the only team to lose the milestone game itself!

The Opponents

While the Manhunters have had a few high profile feuds and grudge games with various HDWSBBL teams, their most famous feud is with Nuffle itself! Over their career, the Manhunters have sworn and cursed Nuffles name, they have prised Nuffle with all their heart and all they have received in return is rejection.

Aside from Nuffle, the Manhunters have had regular clashes with a few teams. One of their oldest rivalries was against two other founding teams, the Loren Rangers and fellow humans, RSV. Against these teams the Manhunters have never fully flourished. They have never managed to defeat either team but did hold the Rnagers to a draw. As they are lined up to face the Rangers later on in this season, it will be interesting to see if the times have changed anythings.

One of the leagues other favourites is when the Manhunters take on Skaven teams, be it the Ankle Biters or the Tail Slammers. Against the Skaven teams they have had much success winning two out of the three encounters. We know for a fact that the Tail Slammers are itching for a rematch (and a bath) so hopefully they will get their wish at some point this season.

To end this section, we will take a look at the statistics of the Manhunters against the many varied races they have encountered over their 30 games.

Race Pld W L D
Amazon 2   2  
Chaos Pact 1 1    
Dark Elves 1   1  
Dwarves 2   2  
Human 2   2  
Khemri 1 1    
Necromantic 3 1 2  
Ogre 2   2  
Orcs 7 4 3  
Skaven 3 2   1
Wood Elves 6   5 1

The Competitions

The Manhunters hold a certain record in the HDWSBBL in that they are the first team to reach 30 games who have never won a HDWSBBL Championship (Major or Minor)! That has never stopped them from trying time after time though. Over their four active seasons they have taken part in 8 competitions and at one point where one of the only teams to have taken part in all of the active competitions (until they failed to qualify for the Championship II).

In all, the Manhunters have won three runner-up awards for competitions and qualified for the HDWSBBL Championship cup one time (out of three attempts). They have also won a “most Touchdowns in a competition” award for the Ankle Biter Competition for the HDWSBBL Shield back in 2508/09.

The Players

Over the course of 30 games, the Manhunters have had 21 players don their uniform and have been comprised of the following positions:

  • 5 Blitzers
  • 2 Catchers
  • 2 Throwers
  • 11 Linesmen
  • 1 Ogre

Combined, the players have an average life expectancy of 20.5 games and only three players have taken part in all 30 games (Sam Vimes, Janson Ogg and Lobsang Ludd). Of the original 12 players, a surprising 10 are still active within the team!

The top 5 players on the team are as follows:

  • Lobsang Ludd (Thrower) – Top thrower for the team, Top thrower in a competition (1 time)
  • Moist Von Lipwig (Blitzer) – Top Scorer of the team, Joint top causality causer for the team, Player of a competition (2 times), Most causalities in a competition (1 time), Player of the Season (1 time – 2506/07 Season)
  • Reg Shoe (Catcher) – Top Catcher for the team, joint second top scorer
  • Sean Ogg (Blitzer) – Joint top interceptor of the Season (1 time – 2506/07)
  • Sam Vimes (Blitzer) – Joint second top scorer, Top scorer for a competition (1 time)

When mentioning the Manhunters roster, it is always worth remembering poor Lupin Wonse. This Linesman has taken part in 27 games for the Manhunters and yet has never received a single Star Player point, not even an MVP!


The Manhunters have been through it all. From the highs of playing in a Championship Cup final through to fighting it out for the Shield. There have (thankfully) not been many teams like the Manhunters and if this is indeed their last season then we hope they finally get rid of their luck and claim a championship of their own. It is at this point that we normally ask the Head coach for a quote but as Lord Havlock is notoriously tight lipped and lets the grumpy Janitor be the team’s mouthpiece (whether he likes it or not) we have not bothered!

So, as always, we end with a look at the team’s performance to date, for future reference:

Middenhein Manhunters 30 9 19 2 44 62 28 32 74 2 30

Good luck Manhunters, may Nuffle finally bless you!

Gerhard: a look a the top 25 players – Start of 2510/11 Season

Greetings my loyal minions, last season I did an overview of the top 25 players of the league. It went down quite well so I have been asked to take a look at the current top 25 players now that a few of the teams occupying the list from last time have gone. I am doing this investigation now but also plan on doing it midway through the season (even though the thought of looking at lists of Elves and Skaven makes me sick!).

As with last time, I will start with some stats. All figures and comments are based on the standings after only one game of the 2510/11 Season of the HDWSBBL.

Combined, the top 25 players account for 1455 of the 8216 Star Player Points in the Leagues history (that’s 17.7% – down from the 24% last time). The positions break down as follows:

  • 5 Blitzers (20%) – 4 less then last time (was 36%)
  • 4 Catchers (16%) – 1 less then last time (was 20%)
  • 4 Throwers (16%) – 2 more then last time (was 8%)
  • 3 Gutter Runners (12%) – Up 2 from last time (was 4%)
  • 2 Lineselves (8%) – new entry
  • 2 Skinks (8%) – new entry
  • 2 Werewolves (8%) – 1 less from last time (was 12%)
  • 1 Ghoul (4%) – 1 less then last time (was 8%)
  • 1 Wardancer (4%) – same as last time
  • 1 Zombie (4%) – new entry

The only position missing this time that was present last time was Witch Elves! In terms of the teams that the players come from:

  • 7 from The Loren Rangers (28%) – 1 more then last time (was 20%)
  • 4 from the Middenhein Manhunters (16%) – new entry
  • 4 from the Tail Slammers (16%) – 3 more then last time (was 4%)
  • 4 from The Innsmouth Shadows (16%) – 1 more then last time (was 12%)
  • 2 from the Orcland Cleavers (8%) – new entry
  • 2 from the Teotigua Predators (8%) – new entry
  • 2 from the We Tree Fellows (8%) – new entry

The following teams are no longer represented (because they have retired, stupid): Karond Kar Corsairs, Ragnars Swift Velocity, Beaumont Blitzers, Mc Cauligh Reavers and the Drackwald Deadheads

That’s the number crunching out the way, lets get on with it:

#1 – Caneran Everlong (Catcher (Legacy)) – The Loren Rangers

I was correct! Last time we recapped the top players Caneran was behind his brother in the standings. I commented that it is often the younger brother who you have to watch out for. Despite being a stinking Elf, he proves that Gerhard is always right! It’s a shame he took over the top spot from Roeder from RSV. Hopefully he will suffer the same fate as Crownstar from last season, a humiliating death.

  • Was number three last time behind his brother Elesser Everlong
  • Currently ranked as the top player of all time in the HDWSBBL!
  • Is ranked as the best Elf (any team or position) that is active in the HDWSBBL
  • Is the current top scorer for the Loren Rangers
  • Responsible for scoring the 1000th Touchdown in HDWSBBL history
  • Currently holds the records for most Touchdowns scored in a competition and in a Season
  • Currently the top active scorer in the HDWSBBL (second of all time)
  • Currently holds the record for most Star Player Points earned in a season

#2 – Elesser Everlong (Catcher (Legacy)) – The Loren Rangers

Elesser is the other half of the dynamic duo of the Rangers. I hear there is some friction between the two brothers once Caneran began to outscore his older brother. Maybe the older bother will put the younger one out of his misery to reclaim the top spot? I do love a bit of sibling rivalry.

  • Was number two last time ahead of his brother Caneran Everlong
  • Currently ranked as the third best player of all time

#3 – Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) – The Loren Rangers

The Elf with laser sights for his eyes has moved up a few positions since last time. I must admit I was impressed when he managed to out throw most of the other teams last season, never mind break his own record for most Completions in a season. Yes, the Wee Tree Fellows might be able to throw the ball around more often, but Youngwhite manages to get the ball where it is needed. I almost have respect for the new Captain of the Rangers!

  • Was ranked as number 4 last time
  • Currently ranked as the fourth best player of all time
  • Currently ranked as the best Thrower (any Race) that the league has ever seen (active or former).
  • Holds the current record for most Completions in a season.

#4 – Arcani Spark (Gutter Runner) – Tail Slammers

Despite my best efforts to have him killed, the “fury turd on legs” is still alive and kicking. If he manages to retire with his legs intact we will one day make a great attraction at a freak show, what with all that leaping about he does. Come on someone, end his miserable life.

  • Was ranked as number 10 (joint) last time
  • Currently ranked as the ninth best player of all time
  • Currently ranked as the highest Skaven (any Position) in the leagues history.

#5 – Lobsang Ludd (Thrower) – Middenhein Manhunters

The first Human in the list and also the Captain of the Manhunters! Ludd was once known as the best thrower in the league. Things have moved on since then and he has a lot of ground to catch up on to reclaim his former title. He once managed to kill a Wardancer who tried to take the ball of him. I like his style (although I still dislike the Manhunters).

  • Currently ranked as the best active human in the league (3rd of all time)
  • Currently ranked as the eleventh best player of all time
  • Currently ranked as the second best thrower in HDWSBBL history

#6 – Moist Von Lipwig (Blitzer) – Middenhein Manhunters

It feels like just yesterday that I was scouting Moist for a position on RSV. He eventually turned it down to join the Manhunters (idiot). He is one of the shining starts of the team and was the best player of the 2506/07 Season so he is certainly one to watch out for. Although he has aged a bit since then I hear he can still pack a good solid punch. He is one of my picks to be the star of the season.

  • Currently ranked as the best Blitzer (any race) of all time
  • Currently ranked as the twelfth best player of all time
  • Holds the record for most Touchdowns scored in a single match with 4!

(joint) #6 – Eleeazar Smith (Werewolf) – The Innsmouth Shadows

A good doggie. Eleeezar is one of the top killers of the league having maimed multiple players over the last two seasons. Winning the Finger of death award has not gone to his head although I hear he was slightly confused when the life sized statue was delivered to him in Insmouth. It’s a great story but I cannot due it Justice. JoJo delivers it much better then me.

  • Was ranked as number 13 last time
  • Currently ranked as the twelfth best player of all time
  • Currently the most violent player in HDWSBBL history (all time and active)
  • Currently ranked as the most deadly active player in the league (joint second of all time)

#8 – Cappella Goldfalcon (Wardancer) – The Loren Rangers

Shock horror, another Elf. “Mr” Goldfalcon has been there since day one of the Rangers and witnessed many of his team mates being slaughtered. Fun fact, it was Goldfalcon who chased me away one night when he found me pissing on the grave of Crownstar! Looking back he may not have been chasing me away with all the dancing, he might have actually been hitting on me. Who knows how the minds of the Elves work…

  • Was ranked as number 18 last time, that is some leap (excuse the pun)
  • Currently ranked as the fourteenth best player of all time

(joint) #8 – Erza Wheedon (Werewolf) – The Innsmouth Shadows

The former fuck-tard himself has improved his game since I last reported on him. I guess JoJo’s strategy of starving him until he became useful actually paid off! Tail Slammers take note, simply starve your team. Hopefully you will forget to ever give them food again…

  • Was ranked as number 21 last time
  • Currently ranked as the fourteenth best player of all time

#10 – Elengad Greenstone (Catcher (Legacy)) – The Loren Rangers

Ok, I am bored with Elves now. Greenstone is obviously a good player (as he is in the top 10) but I guess he is always outshone by the Everlong Brothers (and before that, Crownstar). Now he has stepped down from being the Captain he can focus on getting his name up there in lights. Breaking into the top 10 was a good first step.

  • Was ranked as number 10 (joint) last time
  • Currently ranked as the seventeenth best player of all time

#11 – Simon Orne (Ghoul) – The Innsmouth Shadows

Bloody hell these Shadows have improved. Simon has moved up in the rankings from #24 to #11 since last time, very impressive. Last time we took a look at him he was having trouble being a great catcher on a team with no thrower. Things have not improved too much but he has improved his running game.

  • Was ranked as number 24 last time
  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

#12 – Hamish ‘The Hammer’ (Thrower) – We Tree Fellows

Hamish began making a name for himself last season when he appeared to make it his goal to become the best thrower in the league. Although he still pales in comparison to the likes of Youngwhite or Ludd I imagine we will be hearing more of this Elf, especially as he is one of the biggest targets in North Division this season!

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list
  • Currently ranked as the third best thrower in HDWSBBL history
  • Currently holds the record for most completions in a single match with 8!

#13 – Nurglost the Expectorus (Gutter Runner) – Tail Slammers

Great, a second Gutter runner! Nurglost is a more recent addition to the team having joined the team after they received a well earned kicking. Since then he has been the bane of many players in the league although he is overshadowed by his fellow Gutter Runner Arcani Spark.

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

#14 – Rulg Ear-Hacker (Thrower) – Orcland Cleavers

Ear-Hacker is one of the break-out stars of the league. Being the highest placed Orc on the list (and in fact, the only Orc to ever make it this high) makes him something special. Around these parts, Orc Throwers are always notorious blending the aggression of an Orc with the agility of something better. Ear-Hacker is responsible for most of the Touchdowns that the Cleavers score. I imagine his performances will be key this season in getting the Cleavers (back?) into their winning ways.

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list
  • Currently ranked as the second best Orc Thrower of all time

#15 – Gariad (Blitzer) – Tail Slammers

There is something Ironic about the words Skaven and Blitzer in the same sentence. Away from the Blood Bowl pitch a Halfling with a piece of crap on a twig has more chance of inciting fear into the heart of men then a furry rat but on the pitch Gariad is a well known pain inflictor! Maybe that’s their secret, people underestimate them?

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list
  • Currently ranked as the most violent Skaven of all time

#16 – Horbag Talon-Gut (Blitzer) – Orcland Cleavers

I love the names of these Orcs. If you don’t cough up flem while pronouncing their names then you are doing it wrong! Horbag *spit* is just what an Orc should be, aggressive, mean and on the right side of stupid. He excels at punching through cages and likes nothing better to crush a few skulls before he gets out of bed in the morning (I hear he keeps them in his bedside draw).

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

(joint) #16 – Bat Rat (Gutter Runner) – Tail Slammers

What, a fourth Skaven! Are they breading like rats or something (don’t answer that, silly question). This is the one with the theme tune isn’t it? I thought we got rid of musical rats when Spider-rat was crushed to death. There is only one song I want to hear when I think about Skaven and that is the funeral march.

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

#18 – Carter (Zombie) – The Innsmouth Shadows

Seriously, a Zombie? I know we are at the start of the season but this is the best the league can come up with? At least he / it is above all the Predator players. I don’t really know what to say about this one! Brains…?

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

(joint) #18 – Dec (Catcher) We Tree Fellows

Under normal circumstances being a catcher on an Elf team would make him an instant star. However as he has to carry the useless bunch of Elves calling themselves the Wee Tree Fellows around with him he is often hindered. He has upped his game though since his fellow Catcher was killed last season. I guess he runs so fast because he does not want to end up as another pile of mangled flesh and bones.

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

#20 – Sean Ogg (Blitzer) – Middenhein Manhunters

One of the more experienced players in the league is Sean Ogg. He has been around with the Manhunters since their inception. I must admit I was surprised to see his name on the roster when they announced their return as he suffered a rather serious leg injury a few season back and I imagined that we would have retired. He is either really brave or really stupid (and knowing the Manhunters I chose…).

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

#21 – Sam Vimes (Blitzer) – Middenhein Manhunters

Vimes is the Blitzer who thinks he is a catcher. Never before have I seen a Human Blitzer run around as much as him. He really should learn to let the catchers do their job. Regardless he is the second best Touchdown scorer on the Manhunters and critical to their success. It would be a shame if something would happen to him.

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

(joint) #21 – Jardell Slivering (Lineself) – The Loren Rangers

Silvering is the first of two Line Elfs on the list. I have gone over the stats and there is nothing particular that makes these guys stand out. I guess that they are on the list simply because they have been around long enough to simply be better then the rest by default. I am sure some Elf Fan will jump on here and correct me.

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

#23 – Kimo (Skink) – Teotigua Predators

I’m gonna get you little Skinks one of these days. I cannot remember if this is the one with that can move quicker then the others, or the one that likes to take on bigger opponents (which is most of the league). All these little Lizards make my head spin. Either way, they have a short life expectancy so he won’t be here next time.

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

(joint) #23 – Rikku (Skink) – Teotigua Predators

It’s like a two for one deal here! The name Rikku rings a bell here, I have possibly admired him at some point or something (don’t panic, it is for the lovely colour of his skin, it will make a fine pair of boots). If I knew more about these Skinks I could comment on their personalities but I hear they are not great talkers and just spit out their tongues at you (kind of like my ex wife “buh-dum”).

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

#25 – Hesley White (Lineself) – The Loren Rangers

Rounding up the top 25 is a simple Lineself. Hesley has managed to beat the odds and has now been Part of the Rangers for some time. Hanging in the number 25 slot makes him the number 1 contender for leaving the list. If he can get his game together then he has a chance of moving higher up the list before an up and coming player takes the glory away from him

  • Not yet ranked on the top players of all time list

Worn out now, going to have a beer! Feel free to mention me on your team sites!

I will recap on the list in a few months time to see how the players are progressing. Hopefully less Skaven and Elves.


Season 5 – Week 1 – Let the action begin

Welcome everyone to the 2510/11 Season of the HDWSBBL! Now in our fifth season the League hopes to continue to deliver the action you require. In the opening week of the new season we saw 12 of the 14 teams in action, the first death of the season and a league milestone being reached.

The honour of the Opening match of the season went to the North Division clash between the Predators and the Tail Slammers. These two teams are both favourites to win North Division so the outcome may be crucial later on in the competition. The stadium was packed as the 31,000 fans in attendance looked forward to a good match.

Their expectations where certainly met. The second the whistle blew, the Lizardmen pounced. With the opening punch, Moxal the Kroxigor managed to cave in the skull of the Slammers Rat Ogre Lashiform Jr!! The Skaven where not put of though and quickly regrouped. Trying to describe the flow of this match is like trying to describe the pattern of a Tornado, the match saw so much action including 2 riots as the fans got too excited. In the end the Slammers won the match 5-4 with the Predators unlucky to concede the final touchdown. The total of 9 Touchdowns scored in the match equals the record for most Touchdowns scored in a single match set last season during an encounter between the Tail Slammers and the Wee Tree Fellows.

South Divisions first game was between the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup Champions the Loren Rangers and the new Dark Elves, the Brimstone Flayers. Most of the 32,000 fans in attendance expected to see the Rangers dominate like last season but the Flayers had come prepared. Having filled their team full of Mercs the Flayers gave everything they got and at one point took the lead. The Rangers could not be held down forever though and they eventually outscored the Flayers. The final score was 3-2. The historic moment of this match was when Caneran Everlong (the “best” player in the leagues history and the top scorer from last season) scored the final Touchdown of the match. Officials would later realise that this was the 1000th Touchdown scored in the leagues history! Another Milestone for the Rangers. Unfortunately for the Flayers, the MVP was awarded to one of the Mercs (who scored a Touchdown) who promptly left the team laughing all the way to the bank!

Back in North Division the Wee Tree Fellows hosted a game against the Innsmouth Shadows. We don’t know if it was the fact that the Shadows where playing above ground or because Gerhard gave them a complement but they started the match of badly. Initially the Wee Tree Fellows dominated the match and run rings around the Necromantic powerhouse. As the Elves got excited about the prospect of a win and the Shadow fans prepared themselves for “another one of those seasons” the Shadows came back to life (not literally, that would have been something to see)! After a last minute touchdown before the end of the half the Shadows appeared to have a game plan. During the second half they quickly secured the ball and then proceeded to tear into the Elves trying to eliminate them from the pitch. With the numbers thinned they strolled over the line to win the match. Fortunately for the Fellows, they didn’t suffer any permanent injuries although it may take them a few weeks to get over the shock.
The Shadows have posted their own version of events over on their official site.

The next match in South Division was the debut of the Lustria Leapers against the Tutsbone Jackles. In the sprit of the old fable the Tortoise vs the Hare this match saw a contrast of styles with the fast moving Slann against slow but deadly Khemri. It looks like Anubis is finally smiling down upon the Jackles as they had a good match. The Leapers impressed the crowd with their aerobatics but they could not secure the ball long enough to make any lasting impression. The Jackles on the other hand shrugged off their long standing tradition of failing to pick up the ball and managed to score two Touchdowns. The end result was 2-0 with the Jackles picking up their second ever win in the HDWSBBL!

The final match to take place in North Division was the Orcland Cleavers taking a visit to meet the new Halfling team, the Whereinthehellarewe tribe. As expected, the Cleavers used the match to exact revenge against the rest of the league. Despite two large Treemen on their side the Tribe where outclassed on most fronts. They did manage to pull off an impressive Touchdown (and a few impressive dirty tricks) but the Cleavers quickly closed them down and took them out the match. The match ended 2-1 to the Cleavers to lift their spirits. The Halflings suffered no long term injuries and one them (Sun in eyes) even managed to pick up the Guard skill while taking the joint number 1 spot as player of the season….

The final match this week was between two debuting teams, the Grunhelm Gemcutters and Damage Inc. It looks like the Chaos Pacts offer of “free” beer was not too popular as only 6,000 fans turned up to see them play! They carried on regardless though. With two teams designed to hurt the opposition as much as possible, this was never going to be a fine display of passing or daring moves, instead both teams tore into each other from the second the whistle blew to long after the game had finished! The three big guys fronting Damage Inc smashed into the Dwarves holding the line as the Troll Slayers whipped themselves into a frenzy. Early on in the match Damage Inc took control and had possession of the ball for most of the 1st Half, however the Dwarves managed to “sprint” away with the ball when the Troll forgot what it was doing and score to close the first half. From there Damage Inc fell apart as the Troll spent the second half picking flowers, the Orge was gang-fouled into the injuries box and the Minotaur stood screaming at the Dwarves (when the Troll slayers where not knocking it down). In the end the Gemcutters won 3-0 in the biggest victory of the week. Damage in are now down two players for their next match including a missing Ogre!

We some more action lined up for this week as the teams adjust to their new fixtures. As always, we will be back next week to recap all the action.

Quick Summary of Week 1

  • 3 games in North Division – Open Scramble 2510/11
  • 3 games in South Division – Open Scramble 2510/11
  • 25 Touchdowns scored
  • 24 Casualties caused (1 resulted in Death)
  • 27 Completions made
  • 32,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 1

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

Open Scramble 2510/11 – North Division

Open Scramble 2510/11 – South Division

Obituaries for Week 1

  • Lashiform Jr (Rat Ogre (Legacy) for Tail Slammers): Killed with the opening punch, of the opening match of the 2510/11 season by a slightly bigger big guy!  

League Standings for the Open Scramble 2510/11 (Week 1)

North Division

Orcland Cleavers 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 4 0 4 3
The Innsmouth Shadows 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 4 0 4 3
Tail Slammers 1 1 0 0 5 4 1 0 4 -4 3
The Brewers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Teotigua Predators 1 0 0 1 4 5 -1 4 0 4 0
We Tree Fellows 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0 4 -4 0
Wherethehellarewe Tribe 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0 4 -4 0

South Division

Grunhelm Gemcutters 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 4 1 3 3
The Tutsbone Jackles 1 1 0 0 2 0 2 4 0 4 3
The Loren Rangers 1 1 0 0 3 2 1 3 0 3 3
Middenhein Manhunters 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Brimstone Flayers 1 0 0 1 2 3 -1 0 3 -3 0
Lustria Leapers 1 0 0 1 0 2 -2 0 4 -4 0
Damage Inc 1 0 0 1 0 3 -3 1 4 -3 0

Player Statistics for the Open Scramble 2510/11 (Week 1)

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1 Unnamed Warrior Mercenary Brimstone Flayers 9
Sun In Eyes Halfling Wherethehellarewe Tribe 9
3 Kimo Skink Teotigua Predators 8
4 Harulf Oathholder Blocker Grunhelm Gemcutters 7
Carter Zombie The Innsmouth Shadows 7
Glog Gut-Rott Black Orc Blocker Orcland Cleavers 7
7 Invisible Rat Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 6
Pikai Skink Teotigua Predators 6
Murin Quicksilver Runner Grunhelm Gemcutters 6
(69) Jimmy Catcher We Tree Fellows 6

Top Scorers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Invisible Rat Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 2
Pikai Skink Teotigua Predators 2
Murin Quicksilver Runner Grunhelm Gemcutters 2
4 Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Nurglost the Expectorus Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Bat Rat Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Kimo Skink Teotigua Predators 1
Rikku Skink Teotigua Predators 1
Ogtrek Goblinthrottler Troll Slayer Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Caneran Everlong Catcher (Legacy) The Loren Rangers 1

Most Vicious

# Player Position Team Value
1 Moxal Kroxigor Teotigua Predators 2
Eleeazar Smith Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 2
3 Zoorba Saurus Teotigua Predators 1
Koorga Saurus Teotigua Predators 1
Some Kind of Monster Minotaur Damage Inc 1
Ogtrek Goblinthrottler Troll Slayer Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Harulf Oathholder Blocker Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Korun Orchewer Blocker Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Valin Oldbeard Blocker Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Cappella Goldfalcon Wardancer The Loren Rangers 1

Top Passers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Rulg Ear-Hacker Thrower Orcland Cleavers 3
2 Shadow Thrower Tail Slammers 2
Erison Youngwhite Thrower The Loren Rangers 2
(03) Hamish ‘The Hammer’ Thrower We Tree Fellows 2
(21) Wallace Linesman We Tree Fellows 2
Wannamuffin Halfling Wherethehellarewe Tribe 2
7 Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Remi Flesh Thrower Tail Slammers 1
Bat Rat Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Hasrael Halfheart Linesman Brimstone Flayers 1