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2517/18 Play Offs – Predict Off Final!

BH: We finally come to the finale of the season, Finals Night! Where dreams are made, hearts are crushed and plenty of violent blood bowl as well! Here are the standings in the predict off after the semi-finals round. Pundit Points Loktar 10  Gerhard 9  The Doc 4  JoJo 4 I really cannot belive this……how …

2517/18 Play Offs – Predict Off Semi Final

BH: Well folks it was a heated opening round of the play offs and here is where our coaches currently stand in the predict off table. Pundit Points  Gerhard 8  Loktar 3  The Doc 3  JoJo  3 Gerhard is leading the charge after getting full marks in the Championship predicting both winner and the scoreline …

2517/18 Play Offs – Predict Off

BH: It’s that time once again folks!! It’s the predict off and featuring this year are TheDoc, JoJo and Gerhard. It’s a three way race but with lots of matches to predict it’s going to be tight. The rules remain the same as last year with one point for a correct winner, and two bonus …

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

No. 1 Most Useless Player

WarZone’s number one most useless player of the league has to go to Lupin Wonse of the Middenhein Manhunter’s.
He was a founder player in the teams ranks and has so far turned up to nearly all the Manhunter’s games apart from three (due to injury…we think)
In his 23 game carrer he has not done a single thing on the field. He statistics are currently: 0 TD 0 COMP 0 CAS 0 INT and 0 MVP. He wins the WarZone’s Most Useless Player of the League. This will be a hard feat to break and will most likley to never be broken.

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