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Open Scramble 2510/11 Final Preview

Believe it or not we are finally entering the end phase of the season. It has been very quiet around here lately with the world moving quickly around us but its time to divert attention back to the league for the final push of the 2510/11 Season.

Tonight will see the long awaited final of the Open Scramble 2510/11 between the North Division winners the Innsmouth Shadows and the South Division champions the Loren Rangers.

Knowing that this is their last season in the HDWSBBL, the Shadows have given it their all. After finishing near the bottom of their division for the past few seasons something finally clicked with the team (or snapped in JoJo’s head) and they began to rack up the wins. During the league stages it looked as though they where going to have another run of the mill season but a few high profile wins (and some well timed losses by the other contenders) ensured that the Shadows picked up their first ever divisional championship and booked their place in the league final for the first time. If they won tonight it would be fitting that they would win their first HDWSBBL Championship against those Elves.

The Rangers will be keen to see a win in this match. After holding out hopes for winning all three major HDWSBBL championships in a season they suffered their first loss of the season in the Championship V first round during their last outing. The Rangers are very used to this type of pressure having won the inaugural Open Scramble back in 2506/07 and having won the HDWSBBL Challenge cup and now three Divisional championships. The Rangers certanyl have the star power and the skill to win the cup but can they put their nerves and pride to the side for one  night and win the HDWSBBL League cup for the second time?

The Rangers are the odds on favourite to win the match but nobody should rule out the Shadows, especially when they are the underdog. Tune in tonight to see the exciting climax to the Open Scramble 2510/11 and see if the Rangers can become two time champions or if the Shadows can come up with some new diabolical trick which will allow them to claim their first HDWSBBL Championship.

Match of the Week – Rangers vs Tail Slammers

With the dawn of the Spite Challenge 2510/11 tomorrow, we have decided to pick one of the matches and do an in depth preview. It surprised many here in the office when we decide to highlight a match featuring everyone’s “favourite” Skaven team but they have shown an amazing turn around in form which will make this clash even more spectacular.

Team Overview

Tail Slammers vs The Loren Rangers
1,810,000 TV 2,410,000
The Pit Home Stadium The Loren Riverdome
26 Games Pld 47
11/12/3 W/L/D record 34/9/4
DWWWW Current Form WWLWD
1x HDWSBBL Shield Championships 1x HDWSBBL League Cup1x HDWSBBL Challenge Cup

On the face of it the Rangers are one of the most dominating teams in HDWSBBL History. There are very few awards that they have not won, many records that they have not set or broken, or any Milestones that they have not reached. Since the leagues inception they have been among the top tier of all the competing teams. They have defeated almost all that stood before them and have one of the best win percentages in the leagues History. It is impossible to look at a top players or team listing without seeing at least one Ranger mentioned. Not a day goes by without their name appearing in some newspaper across the old world, especially as there is a current trend for people to name their children after the Rangers legends.

The Tail Slammers on the other hand are the polar opposite. From their first steps in the league they where beaten to within an inch of their lives. Compared to the handsome Elves and humans in the leagues, the furry Skaven where always going to be the boogie men to the leagues heroes. Despite all this, somewhere along the way they managed to pick up the respect of the fans and more importantly some playing ability. Overnight the team was transformed from one of the worst teams in the league to one of the most exciting to watch. Suddenly people started to remember the names of the players and wear their t-shirts, their motto of “We Lie, We Cheat, we Steal” became a mantra amongst the fans of the HDWSBBL! Only one season ago the Tail Slammers where the poster boys for useless. Now they are known for having one of the most amazing turn arounds in the leagues history.

The Players

Tail Slammers vs The Loren Rangers
Arcani Spark (Gutter Runner) – 93 Best Player Caneran Everlong (Catcher) – 153
Arcani Spark (Gutter Runner) – 20 Top Scorer Elesser Everlong (Catcher) – 40
Gariad (Blitzer) – 10 Most Vicious Oakton (Treeman) – 8
Remi Flesh (Thrower) – 14 Best passer Erison Youngwhite (Thrower) – 121
N/A! Top Inteceptor Caneran Everlong (Catcher) – 1
350 Total SPP 621

As mentioned before, The Loren Rangers have some of the most dominating players in the leagues history. Four of the top 10 best players in the league belong to the Rangers and don’t they let the league know it! Combined they have won countless player awards over their 5 seasons. At the moment they are in a rebuilding process after the loss of a few players but the Rangers have not indicated that this has had much effect on the teams performance.

The Tail Slammers are still relatively new to the star player situation. Until recently, the players numbers on their shirts where more of an indication of their life expectancy rather then to pick them out of the line up. That all changed though when Arcani Spark emerged from the pack to take the glory. He is the Skaven that showed the league and the rest of the team that they can become famous, that they can achieve their dreams and that it is possible to become the most hated living thing in the entire leagues history. Inspired by his performances, the merry bad of oddly named rats are now attempting to define their own records as achievers rather then footnotes in a very bloody history.


This match will be the first time that these teams have faced each other. It will also mark the first encounter between a Wood Elf and a Skaven team in HDWSBBL History. Both teams are currently undefeated this season and are at the top of their respective Divisions. In what could turn out to be the first of many encounters this season, all eyes will be watching this game to see the history in the making.

The winners of this match will have bragging rights for the foreseeable future. If the Rangers win then will be the first team to overcome the rejuvenated Skaven. If the Tail Slammers win then they will have confirmed everyone’s fears in that there is not a single team that can stand in their way from their first HDWSBBL Championship.

This will be one for the record books.

Season 5 – Week 1 – Let the action begin

Welcome everyone to the 2510/11 Season of the HDWSBBL! Now in our fifth season the League hopes to continue to deliver the action you require. In the opening week of the new season we saw 12 of the 14 teams in action, the first death of the season and a league milestone being reached.

The honour of the Opening match of the season went to the North Division clash between the Predators and the Tail Slammers. These two teams are both favourites to win North Division so the outcome may be crucial later on in the competition. The stadium was packed as the 31,000 fans in attendance looked forward to a good match.

Their expectations where certainly met. The second the whistle blew, the Lizardmen pounced. With the opening punch, Moxal the Kroxigor managed to cave in the skull of the Slammers Rat Ogre Lashiform Jr!! The Skaven where not put of though and quickly regrouped. Trying to describe the flow of this match is like trying to describe the pattern of a Tornado, the match saw so much action including 2 riots as the fans got too excited. In the end the Slammers won the match 5-4 with the Predators unlucky to concede the final touchdown. The total of 9 Touchdowns scored in the match equals the record for most Touchdowns scored in a single match set last season during an encounter between the Tail Slammers and the Wee Tree Fellows.

South Divisions first game was between the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup Champions the Loren Rangers and the new Dark Elves, the Brimstone Flayers. Most of the 32,000 fans in attendance expected to see the Rangers dominate like last season but the Flayers had come prepared. Having filled their team full of Mercs the Flayers gave everything they got and at one point took the lead. The Rangers could not be held down forever though and they eventually outscored the Flayers. The final score was 3-2. The historic moment of this match was when Caneran Everlong (the “best” player in the leagues history and the top scorer from last season) scored the final Touchdown of the match. Officials would later realise that this was the 1000th Touchdown scored in the leagues history! Another Milestone for the Rangers. Unfortunately for the Flayers, the MVP was awarded to one of the Mercs (who scored a Touchdown) who promptly left the team laughing all the way to the bank!

Back in North Division the Wee Tree Fellows hosted a game against the Innsmouth Shadows. We don’t know if it was the fact that the Shadows where playing above ground or because Gerhard gave them a complement but they started the match of badly. Initially the Wee Tree Fellows dominated the match and run rings around the Necromantic powerhouse. As the Elves got excited about the prospect of a win and the Shadow fans prepared themselves for “another one of those seasons” the Shadows came back to life (not literally, that would have been something to see)! After a last minute touchdown before the end of the half the Shadows appeared to have a game plan. During the second half they quickly secured the ball and then proceeded to tear into the Elves trying to eliminate them from the pitch. With the numbers thinned they strolled over the line to win the match. Fortunately for the Fellows, they didn’t suffer any permanent injuries although it may take them a few weeks to get over the shock.
The Shadows have posted their own version of events over on their official site.

The next match in South Division was the debut of the Lustria Leapers against the Tutsbone Jackles. In the sprit of the old fable the Tortoise vs the Hare this match saw a contrast of styles with the fast moving Slann against slow but deadly Khemri. It looks like Anubis is finally smiling down upon the Jackles as they had a good match. The Leapers impressed the crowd with their aerobatics but they could not secure the ball long enough to make any lasting impression. The Jackles on the other hand shrugged off their long standing tradition of failing to pick up the ball and managed to score two Touchdowns. The end result was 2-0 with the Jackles picking up their second ever win in the HDWSBBL!

The final match to take place in North Division was the Orcland Cleavers taking a visit to meet the new Halfling team, the Whereinthehellarewe tribe. As expected, the Cleavers used the match to exact revenge against the rest of the league. Despite two large Treemen on their side the Tribe where outclassed on most fronts. They did manage to pull off an impressive Touchdown (and a few impressive dirty tricks) but the Cleavers quickly closed them down and took them out the match. The match ended 2-1 to the Cleavers to lift their spirits. The Halflings suffered no long term injuries and one them (Sun in eyes) even managed to pick up the Guard skill while taking the joint number 1 spot as player of the season….

The final match this week was between two debuting teams, the Grunhelm Gemcutters and Damage Inc. It looks like the Chaos Pacts offer of “free” beer was not too popular as only 6,000 fans turned up to see them play! They carried on regardless though. With two teams designed to hurt the opposition as much as possible, this was never going to be a fine display of passing or daring moves, instead both teams tore into each other from the second the whistle blew to long after the game had finished! The three big guys fronting Damage Inc smashed into the Dwarves holding the line as the Troll Slayers whipped themselves into a frenzy. Early on in the match Damage Inc took control and had possession of the ball for most of the 1st Half, however the Dwarves managed to “sprint” away with the ball when the Troll forgot what it was doing and score to close the first half. From there Damage Inc fell apart as the Troll spent the second half picking flowers, the Orge was gang-fouled into the injuries box and the Minotaur stood screaming at the Dwarves (when the Troll slayers where not knocking it down). In the end the Gemcutters won 3-0 in the biggest victory of the week. Damage in are now down two players for their next match including a missing Ogre!

We some more action lined up for this week as the teams adjust to their new fixtures. As always, we will be back next week to recap all the action.

Quick Summary of Week 1

  • 3 games in North Division – Open Scramble 2510/11
  • 3 games in South Division – Open Scramble 2510/11
  • 25 Touchdowns scored
  • 24 Casualties caused (1 resulted in Death)
  • 27 Completions made
  • 32,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 1

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

Open Scramble 2510/11 – North Division

Open Scramble 2510/11 – South Division

Obituaries for Week 1

  • Lashiform Jr (Rat Ogre (Legacy) for Tail Slammers): Killed with the opening punch, of the opening match of the 2510/11 season by a slightly bigger big guy!  

League Standings for the Open Scramble 2510/11 (Week 1)

North Division

Orcland Cleavers 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 4 0 4 3
The Innsmouth Shadows 1 1 0 0 2 1 1 4 0 4 3
Tail Slammers 1 1 0 0 5 4 1 0 4 -4 3
The Brewers 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Teotigua Predators 1 0 0 1 4 5 -1 4 0 4 0
We Tree Fellows 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0 4 -4 0
Wherethehellarewe Tribe 1 0 0 1 1 2 -1 0 4 -4 0

South Division

Grunhelm Gemcutters 1 1 0 0 3 0 3 4 1 3 3
The Tutsbone Jackles 1 1 0 0 2 0 2 4 0 4 3
The Loren Rangers 1 1 0 0 3 2 1 3 0 3 3
Middenhein Manhunters 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Brimstone Flayers 1 0 0 1 2 3 -1 0 3 -3 0
Lustria Leapers 1 0 0 1 0 2 -2 0 4 -4 0
Damage Inc 1 0 0 1 0 3 -3 1 4 -3 0

Player Statistics for the Open Scramble 2510/11 (Week 1)

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1 Unnamed Warrior Mercenary Brimstone Flayers 9
Sun In Eyes Halfling Wherethehellarewe Tribe 9
3 Kimo Skink Teotigua Predators 8
4 Harulf Oathholder Blocker Grunhelm Gemcutters 7
Carter Zombie The Innsmouth Shadows 7
Glog Gut-Rott Black Orc Blocker Orcland Cleavers 7
7 Invisible Rat Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 6
Pikai Skink Teotigua Predators 6
Murin Quicksilver Runner Grunhelm Gemcutters 6
(69) Jimmy Catcher We Tree Fellows 6

Top Scorers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Invisible Rat Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 2
Pikai Skink Teotigua Predators 2
Murin Quicksilver Runner Grunhelm Gemcutters 2
4 Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Nurglost the Expectorus Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Bat Rat Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Kimo Skink Teotigua Predators 1
Rikku Skink Teotigua Predators 1
Ogtrek Goblinthrottler Troll Slayer Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Caneran Everlong Catcher (Legacy) The Loren Rangers 1

Most Vicious

# Player Position Team Value
1 Moxal Kroxigor Teotigua Predators 2
Eleeazar Smith Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 2
3 Zoorba Saurus Teotigua Predators 1
Koorga Saurus Teotigua Predators 1
Some Kind of Monster Minotaur Damage Inc 1
Ogtrek Goblinthrottler Troll Slayer Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Harulf Oathholder Blocker Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Korun Orchewer Blocker Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Valin Oldbeard Blocker Grunhelm Gemcutters 1
Cappella Goldfalcon Wardancer The Loren Rangers 1

Top Passers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Rulg Ear-Hacker Thrower Orcland Cleavers 3
2 Shadow Thrower Tail Slammers 2
Erison Youngwhite Thrower The Loren Rangers 2
(03) Hamish ‘The Hammer’ Thrower We Tree Fellows 2
(21) Wallace Linesman We Tree Fellows 2
Wannamuffin Halfling Wherethehellarewe Tribe 2
7 Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Remi Flesh Thrower Tail Slammers 1
Bat Rat Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 1
Hasrael Halfheart Linesman Brimstone Flayers 1

Returning teams (2510 edition) Part 2

We are pleased to announce that the following teams will also be returning to the HDWSBBL for another Season.

The Loren Rangers

Now entering their fifth season in the HDWSBBL, The Loren Rangers are deeply embedded within the leagues history. These multiple time champions are back to finish what they started all those years ago and prove they are the most dominating team in the Leagues History.

Having won both the HDWSBBL League cup and the HDWSBBL Challenge Cup, the Rangers will most likely be setting their sights on the only Major championship they have not won, the HDWSBBL Championship Cup. With multiple stars on their team they certainly have the players to take them there. We will just have to wait and see if this is the season where their destiny is finally fulfilled.

And yes, that is Gerhard you can hear screaming in his office.

Orcland Cleavers

The Cleavers are back and must be looking to improve their record from last season which ended with them coming in last in the Pepslay Challenge and getting this years HDWSBBL Shield competition named after them.

Now they are a no longer the new rookies on the block we are looking to see a massive improvement. They might be taking tips from the Tail Slammers on how to make such a massive turn around (now that’s something we never expected to write!).

Wee Tree Fellows

The Pros are back in the league for their 3rd successive season. The highlight for them last season was stealing the Rangers thunder by winning the team with most completions. Hopefully the team has learnt that there is more to the game then passing the ball though and they will start to pick up the wins on a regular basis.

Corsairs, Rangers and the Slammers take Championship Gold!

Well, it has taken long enough but we are finally in a position to wrap up the 2509/10 Season of the HDWSBBL! We will shortly be recapping all the action from the past season before the new season ramps up so we thought it best to highlight the champions.

After several months of action, the four Champions for the season have been crowned. The final of the Open Scramble 2509/10 saw a surprising twist at the last moment. The Karond Kar Corsairs where lined up to take on the fearsome Atrocity Exhibition but due to the Exhibitions transport getting lost on the way they had to forfeit the match. With the policy that no final shall be determined in this manner, the league management drafted Exhibitions opponents from the previous round, the Valhallen Vixens, into the match. Despite the short notice, the ladies from the north battled hard but could not overcome the reigning champions. In the end the Corsairs defeated them 2-0 with 88,000 screaming fans in attendance.

Due to the format of the Pepslay Challenge, the winner was always going to be undetermined until all the matches had been played. Now that the dust has settled it looks like the final round match between the Loren Rangers and the Innsmouth Shadows determined the final result. With most people in attendance convinced that the Rangers would walk all over the Necromantic Shadows, it came as a shock when the match ended in a 2 all draw! The outcome allowed the Rangers to claim their first HDWSBBL Championship in 3 seasons and slotted the Shadows into a surprise 2nd place, giving the Shadows their first taste of silverware here in the league!

The Final of the Championship IV was a more routine, but still spectacular affair. By the time of the final, both teams, the Corsairs and the Rangers, had already picked up one Championship Cup this season. The Corsairs where looking for their historic second double and the Rangers where determined to finally lay their hands on the HDWSBBL Championship cup. In a fierce battle, the Corsairs eventually came out on top in a 3-1 victory against the veteran Wood Elves, once again cementing their place at the top of the League.

The final of the Slammer Shield was always going to set a record. On one side was the Tail Slammers, the very team that a season before had dropped to a new depth which resulted in the very competition they fought for being named in their honour. Their opponents where the Beaumont Blitzers, the reigning HDWSBBL Shield Champions and arguably pound for pound the greatest team never to win a major HDWSBBL Championship. With both teams using there trademark offensive capabilities, it was a great match for all 66,000 fans watching. In the end though it was the Slammers who defeated the Blitzers 3-2, ending their amazing turn around and becoming the first team in HDWSBBL History to win a Competition named after themselves!

After all that action, the Corsairs have once again cemented themselves as the best team in HDWSBBL History. Not only where they the first team to successfully defend their Championships, but they where the first team to pull of double more then once and the first team to do so two seasons in a row!

We are not convinced that we will ever see a season like the one just past but we imagine that the teams are already in training ready for the next season, hoping to outdo the exploits of this seasons record breaking teams.

Congratulations to the Corsairs, Rangers and Slammers, your names are now for ever linked with victory in the HDWSBBL history books.

Season 4 – Week 24 – Tail Slammers Overcome Odds as Championship Contenders Battle It Out

Just because we are around three weeks from the end of the season does not mean that things are slowing down around here! This week saw some of the biggest action of the season as the final of the Slammer Shield took place and the teams determined the final two who would compete in the final of the Championship IV.

The biggest match of the night was unquestionably the final of the Slammer Shield. The final was not due to take place for another three weeks but once again the HDWSBBL commission listened to the teams pleading to play their match early. From the word go this match was full of firsts (the Tail Slammers are the first Skaven team to play a match in the HDWSBBL World Stadium, this was the first time that these teams had met, this was the first time that a championship winning team had made it through to the finals of the following tournament, etc) but the thousands of fans in attendance where still not ready for the upset that took place.

The match began with both teams adopting their normal tactics; the Blitzers tried to pound the Skaven into oblivion as the Tail Slammers darted up the pitch faster then the Sly Sports cameras could track them. While most fans expected star Arcani Spark to be the first to score, it was in fact a relatively new Gutter Runner called Invisible Rat that opened the scoring. The Blitzers didn’t give up though as they used their size to their advantage and took multiple Skaven of the pitch.

Both teams eventually scored again taking the score to 2 – 2. With time running down it looked like the war of attrition was taking its toll on the Tail Slammers and the Blitzers would be the Champions. However Invisible Rat once again ran through the defenders to score the winning Touchdown for the Tail Slammers. As the Jaws of thousands of fans across the Old World slammed into the floor in union the Skaven of the world erupted in celebration. Believe it or not but the Tail Slammers managed to win their own cup!

While the chaos of the Slammer Shield final was occurring, the remaining teams in the Championship IV got on with the Semi-Finals.

The reining Champions the Corsiars took on the Predators. Going into the match the Predators had built up some impressive momentum and were looking for a win. However things turned sour when the Daemon Balefire took out Moxal the Kroxigor just seconds after the opening whistle! From there it was an absolute whitewash as the champions showed their determination to retain their title. The Lizardmen did get a few offensive shots in but every time they secured the ball it was ripped out of their hands. Despite their best efforts, the Predators lost the match 4-0 as the Corsairs go onto the Final of the Championship IV.

The other semi final was between the Loren Rangers and Atrocity Exhibition. Having already suffered one high-profile death this season, the Rangers where eager to avoid any direct confrontation with one of the most violent teams of the HDWSBBL. With their usual style the Rangers danced their dance of victory around Atrocity who could barely lay a hand on the nimble Wood Elves during the 1st Half. Eventually though there where times when the Rangers luck ran out and Atrocity managed to catch up with them. The end result was that two rookie Line Elfs have been killed and another player will miss the next match as the Rangers won 3-0. We would hate to be the next opponents of Atrocity as after the match they where angry and looking for someone to take their aggression out on!

This means that the Final of the Championship IV will be between the Loren Rangers and the Karond Kar Corsairs. The Final is due to take place in three weeks time.

The other three matches that took place this week there the remaining games in the 3rd round of the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10.

RSV took on the Jackles in a tense game. RSV have never had much luck against Khemri teams in the HDWSBBL and where eager to show they where still in the running. Despite still recovering from the mauling received at the hands of Atrocity, the team gave it their all and quickly scored to take the lead. The Jackles quickly formed an impressive cage and moved down field. After several attempts of breaking the cage open, RSV finally succeeded and popped the ball lose and run it home for a second Touchdown just before half time. The Jackles came out in the second half ready for a fight and took a few of the Velocity players out of the match. They stormed down the pitch and scored before RSV had a chance to regroup. With the game nearing an end RSV began to celebrate their likely win. Unfortunately for them Nuffle had other plans. With their available player severely reduced they failed to clear the ball from their End Zone in what should have been a routine pass. The Jackles took full advantage of this mistake and grabbed the ball and run it into the End Zone moments before the end of the match ending it as a 2 all draw!

The remaining two matches where unfortunately forfeits. The Bile Blitzers got the automatic win against WTF after the Elves no-showed for the third week running and the Man Eaters picked up a win against the recently departed Reavers.

These matches now means the 4th and final round of the Pepslay Challenge can take place as planned this week. Most of the teams will be taking part and if we are lucky we might just witness the 400th Touchdown of the Season! Stay tuned to the website and Sly Sports for all the news as it happens.

Quick Summary of Week 24

  • 3 games in the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10
  • 2 games in the Semi Finals of the The Championship IV
  • 1 game in the Final of the The Slammer Shield
  • 20 Touchdowns scored
  • 17 Casualties caused (2 resulted in Death)
  • 11 Completions made
  • 1 Interception made
  • 70,000 fans was the highest recorded attendance.

Match Results for Week 24

(numbers in brackets are the casualties caused by each team)

The Championship IV – Semi Final

The Slammer Shield – Final

Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 – Central Division

Obituaries for Week 24

Standings for the Pepslay Challenge 2509/10 after 3 rounds

Central Division

The Loren Rangers 4 3 1 0 16 5 11 4 15 -11 100
The Innsmouth Shadows 4 3 1 0 10 5 5 12 5 7 100
Drackwald Deadheads 3 2 1 0 7 3 4 2 1 1 70
Teotigua Predators 3 2 1 0 7 4 3 2 5 -3 70
Karond Kar Corsairs 3 2 0 1 9 5 4 4 5 -1 60
Atrocity Exhibition 3 2 0 1 5 3 2 5 2 3 60
The Man Eaters 3 2 0 1 4 7 -3 6 3 3 60
The Tutsbone Jackles 3 1 1 1 3 4 -1 6 3 3 40
Ragnars Swift Velocity 3 1 1 1 6 7 -1 7 5 2 40
Tail Slammers 3 1 0 2 6 5 1 2 11 -9 30
Grappler Flesh Grinders 3 1 0 2 4 5 -1 12 2 10 30
Beaumont Blitzers 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 4 1 3 30
The Bile Blitzers 3 1 0 2 5 6 -1 4 5 -1 30
Valhallen Vixen’s 3 1 0 2 4 6 -2 2 6 -4 30
Mc Cauligh Reavers 3 1 0 2 3 6 -3 1 3 -2 30
We Tree Fellows 3 0 1 2 3 7 -4 1 2 -1 10
Orcland Cleavers 3 0 1 2 2 7 -5 4 1 3 10
Ruskin Arms Bar Flys 3 0 0 3 0 8 -8 0 3 -3 0

Player Statistics for the 2509/10 Season (Week 24)

Best Players

# Player Position Team Value
1 Caneran Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 73
2 Elesser Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 61
3 Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 59
4 Viktor Runner Valhallen Vixen’s 55
5 Erison Youngwhite Thrower The Loren Rangers 50
6 Erza Wheedon Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 43
7 Eleeazar Smith Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 42
8 Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 41
Ashinan Wyrmbane Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 41
10 Seravina Spite Witch Elf Karond Kar Corsairs 37

Top Scorers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Caneran Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 24
2 Elesser Everlong Catcher The Loren Rangers 16
3 Viktor Runner Valhallen Vixen’s 15
4 Ashinan Wyrmbane Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 12
5 Fredrick Roeder Catcher Ragnars Swift Velocity 11
Arcani Spark Gutter Runner Tail Slammers 11
Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 11
8 Ian Crush Werewolf Drackwald Deadheads 7
Bodgeit ‘n’ Scarper Goblin Beaumont Blitzers 7
Isaacs Shingnawer Ghoul Atrocity Exhibition 7

Most Vicious

# Player Position Team Value
1 Eleeazar Smith Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 12
2 Briel Fester Mummie Atrocity Exhibition 10
3 Grim Bob Ogre The Man Eaters 8
Grgrad Moulder Mummie Atrocity Exhibition 8
5 Lashiform Rat Ogre Tail Slammers 7
Gariad Blitzer Tail Slammers 7
7 Oakton Treeman The Loren Rangers 6
Erza Wheedon Werewolf The Innsmouth Shadows 6
T’Yrong Blitzer Grappler Flesh Grinders 6
Horkarth Gravelender Wight Atrocity Exhibition 6

Top Passers

# Player Position Team Value
1 Erison Youngwhite Thrower The Loren Rangers 50
2 (03) Hamish ‘The Hammer’ Thrower We Tree Fellows 27
3 Doomvenon Rotter The Bile Blitzers 22
4 T’ong Thrower Grappler Flesh Grinders 20
5 Rulg Ear-Hacker Thrower Orcland Cleavers 17
6 James Hetfielder Thrower Ragnars Swift Velocity 13
7 Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 11
Erika Thrower Valhallen Vixen’s 11
9 Chuk ‘the Rock’ Lobba Thrower Beaumont Blitzers 10
10 Shadow Thrower Tail Slammers 9

Top Interceptors

# Player Position Team Value
1 Valdrek Bloodgate Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 3
2 Trog Linesman Grappler Flesh Grinders 2
3 Peter Crunch Flesh Golem Drackwald Deadheads 1
Kenny Dogleash Werewolf Drackwald Deadheads 1
Hutchinson Wight The Innsmouth Shadows 1
Shunt Blitzer Beaumont Blitzers 1
Carter Zombie The Innsmouth Shadows 1
Paddy ‘the Player’ Punisher Black Orc Blocker Beaumont Blitzers 1
Varkon Darkblade Blitzer Karond Kar Corsairs 1
Bim Snotling The Man Eaters 1