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2517/18 Play Offs Semi-Finals

It was semi-finals time last night and the Conference Champions entered into the competition. With a place in the final on the line it’s make or break for every team. Here is what happened. World Championship Super Bowl XII Osterwald Ravens vs The Mousillion Patriots 0 – 1 (2 – 3) In what could of …

2517/18 Play Offs – Predict Off Final!

BH: We finally come to the finale of the season, Finals Night! Where dreams are made, hearts are crushed and plenty of violent blood bowl as well! Here are the standings in the predict off after the semi-finals round. Pundit Points Loktar 10  Gerhard 9  The Doc 4  JoJo 4 I really cannot belive this……how …

2517/18 Play Offs – Predict Off Semi Final

BH: Well folks it was a heated opening round of the play offs and here is where our coaches currently stand in the predict off table. Pundit Points  Gerhard 8  Loktar 3  The Doc 3  JoJo  3 Gerhard is leading the charge after getting full marks in the Championship predicting both winner and the scoreline …

Season 12 – Week 8 – Ravens and Cheviliers Lift Conference Championships

Duration: 30th Nov 2517 – 4th Jan 2518 Competition(s): New World Conference League 2517/18, Old World Conference League 2517/18 Season: 2517/18 Season Quick Summary of Week 8 4 games in North Division – New World Conference League 2517/18 3 games in South Division – Old World Conference League 2517/18 30 Touchdowns scored 28 Casualties caused …

Season 12 – Huge Roundup & Final Week Preview

BH: Well folks it’s been an awfully long time! The folks at the HDWSBBL media office are really slacking in bringing you the weekly summaries, so I have decided to take it upon myself to bring you a massive round up and preview for the past few weeks and the upcoming final week. There has …

Season 12 – Week 1 – Here We Go Again!

Duration: 7th Sep 2517 – 20th Sep 2517 Competition(s): New World Conference League 2517/18, Old World Conference League 2517/18 Season: 2517/18 Season Season 12 league play kicked off with a bang as seven matches took place. Here is a quick round up of each of the matches. New World Conference Averheim Eagles 0 (1) – …

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Mickey Finns – FROM HELL!

It was after a particularily bad game by the Innsmouth Shadows against the Mc Cauligh Reavers, where no less than 6 of the Shadow’s players had ended up unconcious or worse.
The Shadows team coach Joseph Curwen discovered that his teams half-time refreshments had been spiked with sleeping powder.
Curwen was just too impressed that the Reavers had found a concoction that could knock out a necromantic team to be all that angry, and to this day he continues to try and obtain the recipe for himself!

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