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Season 12 – Kicks Off Tonight!

Tonight the new season kicks off! We have new and old teams returning for this seasons action and you can view the full draw results here. But before it all kicks off (in more ways than one) here is a preview for each conference and a prediction from our very own Basco for how the …

Season 12 – The Draw is Made

Tonight the draw for the NWC and OWC was made in great anticipation and we have the results: NWC Quenelles Chevaliers (Bretonnian) New Skaeling Raiders (Norse) Warpstone Wanderers (Skaven) Vidarheim Thunder (Norse) Averheim Eagles (Human) The Mousillion Patriots (Necromantic) Nahuontl Natterjacks (Slann) Ghouly Grabbers (Necromantic) OWC Atrocity Exhibition (Undead) Grudge Corsairs (Dwarf) Pastafarians (Orc) Bogenhafen …


Daemons of Khorne Teams

Khorne Stars were the first ever Daemons of Khorne team to play in the HDWSBBL. They debuted in the Sly Sports Challenge Cup 2017.

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