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Stars in their eyes

Believe it or not it has been 7 years since the HDWSBBL signed a contract with their agents and the NAF to allow the recognised star players to play in the league. At the time in 2511 it was a controversial decision with coaches both for and against bringing in outside help. In the end the fear that home grown stars would be ignored was overruled by the extra violence and amazing plays that stars could provide.

To celebrate we got our interns to take a look through the leagues archives and see what they could come up with.

Season 7 – Week 3 – Shake, Rattle and Blood Bowl!

Duration: 4th Oct 2512 – 10th Oct 2512 Competition(s): World Series 2512/13 Season: 2512/13 Season   As the third (and this) week of games rolled around local apothecaries cheered as yet more high paid work came their way. Tailslammers Vs Sect of Temptation Despite a sound thrashing by the Burners in the last round, the Sect managed …

Onto the Cross Divisional’s!

Last week marked the start of the most anticipated part of the season, the Cross Divisional’s, where it’s division against division with teams trying to clam those extra points to try and make it though to the end of season play-offs. It also gives teams a chance to find out what the other teams play like before …

Season 7 – Week 2 – More Hurt, More Blood!

Duration: 20th Sep 2512 – 26th Sep 2512 Competition(s): World Series 2512/13 Season: 2512/13 Season As a rule, this season is turning out to be a really violent one. The number of deaths and injuries incurred each match so far has been staggering. Personally, I feel it boils down to the fact that unlike last …

Season 7 – Week 1 – And so it begins….again….

Duration: 6th Sep 2512 – 12th Sep 2512 Competition(s): World Series 2512/13 Season: 2512/13 Season This first preliminary round was a stupidly brutal one, harking back to the opening of the 09 season AKA the infamous Day of Death. Despite there only being three games being played, no less than three players were killed… although …

2512/13 Season Preview

It’s that time of the year once more where sixteen teams fight it out upon the field of glory, brush off their dusty boots, polish up their armour and prepare to do or die. This is Blood Bowl in the HDSWBLL in the Seventh season since the leagues inception and it will once again prove …


First League Transfer!

The leagues first ever transfer was the Slann player “Chacaerulea” who transferred from the Tlaqua Spacehoppers to the newly formed Akumal City Rainmakers in the opening of the 2519/20 season. The fee was 60,000gp with a clause that a friendly must be played between the two teams, again a league first!

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