Some call them institutions, some call them crazy houses. It is no simple feat taking a bunch of nutters and turning them into a Blood Bowl team. For every team that manages to step foot onto the pitch, there are hundreds of others trying to take their place.

Below is the list of the mighty teams that have made it to the HDWSBBL. Select one to read all about them.


Active Teams

  Team Race Team Value Games Championships
Badland Bruiser's Black Orcs 1,240,000gp 6  
Black Peak Thunderguts Ogre 1,065,000gp 6  
Cambridge Campanologists Human 1,080,000gp 6  
Cromarc Wyldyr Waywatchers Wood Elf 1,230,000gp 8  
Da Hog Peak Squigbackz Orc 1,125,001gp 7  
Green Man Irregulars Human 1,025,000gp 7  
Khorney Goats Chaos Chosen 1,100,000gp 6  
Kingsport Wizards Chaos Renegade 1,130,000gp 6  
RSV Logo Ragnars Swift Velocity Human 1,125,000gp 41 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy1 3rd Place Trophy
Snot Club Lotz Snotlings 745,000gp 6  
The Asgard Marauders Norse 650,000gp 47 2 Runner-Up Trophy
The Chunder Plunderers Nurgle 1,160,000gp 6  
The Terra Hawks Elven Union 1,240,000gp 6  
TBB Logo Tortuga Bay Buccaneers Shambling Undead 1,340,000gp 8  

Inactive Teams

  Team Race Team Value Games Championships
Akumal City Rainmakers Slann 1,210,000gp 4  
Ankle Biters Skaven 1,080,000gp 9  
Anlashok Revalations Elven Union 970,000gp 10 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Arcani's All Sparks Skaven 1,340,000gp 16 1 3rd Place Trophy
Arkhan Black Towers Shambling Undead 1,470,000gp 14 3 Winner Trophy
Ashut Titans Chaos Dwarf 1,600,000gp 11 1 Runner-Up Trophy
ATR Logo Atrocity Exhibition Shambling Undead 1,800,000gp 33 2 Winner Trophy1 3rd Place Trophy
Averheim Eagles Human 1,430,000gp 21  
Barack Varr Dreadnauts Dwarf 1,790,000gp 21 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy1 3rd Place Trophy
Barak Varr Rebels Dwarf 1,560,000gp 12  
Beards of Zeus Dwarf 1,440,000gp 8 1 3rd Place Trophy
Beaumont Blitzers Orc 2,320,000gp 26 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
Best of Bands Lizardman 1,060,000gp 9  
Biohazard DX Nurgle 1,330,000gp 11  
Black Mountain Bloodjaws Orc 1,580,000gp 15 2 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
Blackburners Chaos Dwarf 1,990,000gp 35 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
Blackwell Tunnel Rats Skaven 1,280,000gp 10  
Bogenhafen Rams Human 1,370,000gp 15 1 Winner Trophy
Bridgetown Bantams Halfling 600,000gp 4  
Bridgetown Yellowbellies Halfling 570,000gp 9  
Brimstone Deadheads Orc 1,230,000gp 7  
Brimstone Flayers Dark Elf 1,920,000gp 26 3 Winner Trophy
Brimstone's Shadows High Elf 1,130,000gp 12 1 Winner Trophy
Carcassonne Province Paladins Human 1,440,000gp 21 1 3rd Place Trophy
Chaos All-Stars Chaos Renegade 1,500,000gp 16 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Cirque du Gobbo Goblin 880,000gp 10  
Crag Mountain Cavers Underworld Denizens 1,150,000gp 8  
Creeping Death Norse 1,360,000gp 12  
Damage Inc Chaos Renegade 1,520,000gp 12  
Dark Wings of Fury Dark Elf 1,270,000gp 9 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Darkfleet Assasins Dark Elf 1,520,000gp 11 1 Runner-Up Trophy
DC Marvels Elven Union 1,360,000gp 8  
Deamons Stump Deamonicans Chaos Dwarf 1,570,000gp 13  
DD Logo Drackwald Deadheads Necromantic Horror 1,820,000gp 24  
Drakwald Defilers Chaos Chosen 1,880,000gp 46 1 Winner Trophy4 Runner-Up Trophy
Elfheim Razorhawks Elven Union 1,260,000gp 12  
Fairy Wizards Guild Chaos Renegade 1,260,000gp 11 1 Winner Trophy
Finbar United Chaos Renegade 1,340,000gp 11  
Gaen Vale Stags Elven Union 1,470,000gp 12 1 Winner Trophy
Ghouly Grabbers Necromantic Horror 1,240,000gp 8 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Gitz 'n' Shigglez Goblin 1,330,000gp 19  
Gog Magog Gladiators Ogre 1,320,000gp 11  
Grappler Flesh Grinders Orc 1,690,000gp 14  
Greenleaf Shamblers Halfling 770,000gp 10 1 Winner Trophy
Grimwood Voodoo Shambling Undead 1,400,000gp 13  
Grudge Corsairs Dwarf 1,220,000gp 8  
Grunhelm Gemcutters Dwarf 1,350,000gp 12  
Har Ganeth Heartbreakers Dark Elf 1,590,000gp 23 1 Winner Trophy
Har Ganeth Vipers Dark Elf 1,400,000gp 8 1 Winner Trophy
Hashut Hairy Hammers Chaos Dwarf 1,160,000gp 4 1 Winner Trophy
Highland Nut Crushers Orc 1,110,000gp 8  
Hobbiton Gardeners Halfling 710,000gp 4  
Jimps and Perps Human 1,430,000gp 21  
Karak Smashers Dwarf 1,680,000gp 13 2 Winner Trophy
Kardashian Korsairs Dark Elf 1,450,000gp 9 1 3rd Place Trophy
Karond Kar Corsairs Dark Elf 2,160,000gp 32 4 Winner Trophy
Karond Kar Oblivion Dark Elf 1,350,000gp 12 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Khorne Stars Daemons of Khorne 1,130,000gp 4  
Lightning Claws Underworld Denizens 1,190,000gp 13 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Liz 'n' Let Die Lizardman 1,410,000gp 8 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Lokomotiv Lustria BBFC Lizardman 1,240,000gp 8  
Loren Torenados Wood Elf 1,320,000gp 12 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Lustria Leapers Slann 1,510,000gp 11 1 3rd Place Trophy
Lustrian Snake Queens Amazon 1,660,000gp 23 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy1 3rd Place Trophy
Mc Cauligh Reavers Dark Elf 1,730,000gp 23 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Meadow Glade Mustangs Wood Elf 1,060,000gp 4  
Middenhein Manhunters Human 1,710,000gp 48 3 Runner-Up Trophy
Monster Mashers Necromantic Horror 1,380,000gp 10  
Mordheim Comets Skaven 1,260,000gp 11  
Morgs Raiders Shambling Undead 1,420,000gp 9 1 Winner Trophy
Mycenaen Marauders Wood Elf 1,170,000gp 10  
Nachthaften Nightlords Vampire 1,800,000gp 26 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
Nahuontl Natterjacks Slann 1,900,000gp 27 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
Nordenringen Titans Human 1,570,000gp 32  
Norsca Wild Fire Norse 1,380,000gp 12  
Orcland Cleavers Orc 1,960,000gp 25  
Osterwald Ravens Human 1,650,000gp 18 2 Winner Trophy
Oxmoor Savages Chaos Chosen 1,450,000gp 13 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Pastafarian Juniaz Goblin 880,000gp 4  
Pastafarians Orc 1,870,000gp 29 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
Perverse Maidens of Torture Amazon 760,000gp 9  
Quenelles Chevaliers Bretonnian 1,480,000gp 18 2 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
Ragnar's Raiders Norse 1,610,000gp 18 1 3rd Place Trophy
Reptile Dysfunction Lizardman 1,130,000gp 9  
Ruskin Arms Bar Flys Human 1,200,000gp 10  
Saphery White Towers High Elf 1,400,000gp 11 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Sartosa Buccaneers Human 1,250,000gp 9 1 3rd Place Trophy
Sect of Temptation Amazon 1,270,000gp 23 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Seductors Dark Elf 1,010,000gp 8  
Slaaneshi Big Society Chaos Chosen 1,690,000gp 30  
Strickland Slammers Human 1,610,000gp 12 1 Winner Trophy
Suderholm Snow Leopards Norse 1,500,000gp 13  
Tail Slammers Skaven 1,190,000gp 56 2 Winner Trophy2 Runner-Up Trophy
Talos Tobacconists Chaos Chosen 2,130,000gp 44 1 Winner Trophy2 Runner-Up Trophy
Team Chaos Elven Union 1,100,000gp 7  
Temper Bay Marauders Orc 1,620,000gp 45 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Teotigua Flying Frogs Slann 1,140,000gp 12  
TEO Logo Teotigua Predators Lizardman 1,250,000gp 34 3 Runner-Up Trophy1 3rd Place Trophy
The Bile Blitzers Nurgle 1,350,000gp 13  
The Bloated Bile Blitzers Nurgle 1,430,000gp 12 1 3rd Place Trophy
The Brewers Human 1,680,000gp 22  
The Chaos Brawl Stars Chaos Renegade 1,430,000gp 9 1 Winner Trophy
The Deadly Spawn Slann 1,820,000gp 20 2 Runner-Up Trophy
The Fury Little Animals Chaos Chosen 1,170,000gp 19 2 Runner-Up Trophy
The Gelfs Wood Elf 1,344,000gp 13  
TIS Logo The Innsmouth Shadows Necromantic Horror 1,900,000gp 48 1 Winner Trophy2 Runner-Up Trophy
LR Logo The Loren Rangers Wood Elf 860,000gp 65 3 Winner Trophy3 Runner-Up Trophy1 3rd Place Trophy
The Man Eaters Ogre 1,550,000gp 20  
The Mousillion Patriots Necromantic Horror 1,810,000gp 30 4 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy1 3rd Place Trophy
The Riverside Rainbows Halfling 760,000gp 12 1 Runner-Up Trophy
The Stompy and the Squish Ogre 550,000gp 7  
The Tlaqua Spacehoppers Slann 1,260,000gp 14 1 3rd Place Trophy
The Tutsbone Jackles Tomb Kings 1,750,000gp 36 1 Winner Trophy
The Wild Brunch Halfling 820,000gp 11  
The Wolf Pack Norse 1,380,000gp 12  
Themysciran Thunderers Amazon 1,400,000gp 12 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Thunder Hammers Dwarf 1,450,000gp 8  
Tutbone Re-United Tomb Kings 1,640,000gp 17  
Universal Horrors Necromantic Horror 1,750,000gp 23 3 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
VAL Logo Valhallen Vixen's Norse 1,730,000gp 38 2 Runner-Up Trophy
Vidarheim Thunder Norse 1,460,000gp 18 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy
Warpstone Wanders Skaven 1,050,000gp 16 1 3rd Place Trophy
Waterbowl Wanderers Elven Union 1,460,000gp 13 2 Winner Trophy
We Tree Fellows Elven Union 2,790,000gp 46 1 Runner-Up Trophy
Whereinthehellarewe Tribe Halfling 1,560,000gp 23  
White Lighting Elven Union 1,480,000gp 10 1 Winner Trophy1 Runner-Up Trophy