Bridgetown Yellowbellies

This Team was part of the league under a previous ruleset.

Cookie Chubb had long been in demand. As a first rate Halfling master chef he’d travelled the world, cooking for the best and brightest in Blood Bowl. Cookie had been to all four corners of the globe, cooking top class half time meals for anyone who could afford his services. But, after a blazing argument in Ulthuan with High Elf celebrity chef Jai’Mai Oly’Veer about the correct way to prepare eagle nuggets, Cookie decided he’d had enough, and headed back to his home town in the Moot to retire on his vast fortune.

Bridgetown was a lively little place, but their Blood Bowl team had long been the laughing stock of the All Moot league, bottom of their division for the last 5 seasons. For a while Cookie told himself he didn’t care, he was finished with Blood Bowl and that was that. But the call was too strong and the team too embarrassing, before long he started to help around the team’s training sessions, and when that didn’t help he took matters into his own hands. One morning, after second breakfast, Cookie marched into the head coach’s office, informed him that he’d bought the team and the hapless coach was fired. Now the Yellowbellies, under new leadership, headed for a fresh start in the famous HDWSBBL, with nothing more than a bunch of fighty Halflings and an angry old master chef for a head coach!

Career Statistics for Bridgetown Yellowbellies

League Record 9 2 2 5 11 13 14 24 1 0 22


  • P: Number of games Played
  • TF: Number of Touchdowns scored by the team
  • TA: Number of Touchdowns scored against the team
  • CF: Number of casulties caused by the team
  • CA: Number of casulties the team has suffered
  • %: Teams win percentage (including Draws)

Performance by Season

2516/17 Season9225111314241022

Performance by Championship Cup

Championship Cup P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
Old World Conference Cup8215111013201025
The HDWSBBL League Cup10100314000

Performance by Competition

Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
HDWSBBL League Knockout Cup II 1 0 1 0 0 3 1 4 0 0 0
Old World Conference League 2516/17 8 2 1 5 11 10 13 20 1 0 25


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Recent Matches

Date Opponent TF TA CF CA Fans TV Result
19.01.17 Blackwell Tunnel Rats 0 3 1 4 13,000 740,000 L
No Comment
05.01.17 Anlashok Revalations 2 1 1 2 15,000 680,000 W
Big TD from Deeproot! Bam!!
15.12.16 The Chaos Brawl Stars 1 1 2 3 6,000 680,000 D
Yet another 1-1 win! Bam!!!
24.11.16 Pastafarians 1 3 0 3 11,000 730,000 L
03.11.16 Cirque du Gobbo 1 1 2 3 9,000 700,000 D
The streak continues.....BAM!
27.10.16 Saphery White Towers 2 2 2 2 13,000 640,000 D
29.09.16 Greenleaf Shamblers 2 0 4 0 8,000 580,000 W
First win, still unbeaten, BAM!!!
22.09.16 Sartosa Buccaneers 1 1 2 5 8,000 610,000 D
Another 1-1 win! Bam!!!
01.09.16 The Mousillion Patriots 1 1 0 2 7,000 600,000 D
A 1-1 win! Bam!!

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Awards from Seasons

Award Competition Value
Most Entertaining Team2516/17 Season0