Finbar United

Far out into the Endless Sea can be found the Isle of Rock.
Well some say you do not find the Island, the Island finds you.

It is to this mysterious lump that hides in thick mist and fog that explorers have been drawn to for centuries, only to have their boats dashed to pieces by submerged rocks within sight of
the shore. Elves, Orcs and Goblins, Skaven and finally Humans have found the Island, but few have
left. When man first came to the Island they found the previous occupants to be half wild and insane, running scared from the ferocious beasts that lived naturally on the island and that used them as a ready supply of food, for Trolls, Ogres and Minotaurs roamed the lands and ate anything that moved.

Despairing of their situation and surrounded by evil beasts and horrendous creatures they collectively fell to their knees and prayed to their gods for deliverance. Unfortunately their gods could not be bothered. When no help came from this they prayed to the gods of chaos, and sensing some new converts they answered

Demanding a sacrifice of one in ten of their host to prove their loyalty the dead were fed to the beasts in an act of appeasement whilst they were guided to caves deep underground full of glowing Warpstone. From this protection they raised their meagre crops and set the Goblins, Elves and Skaven as slaves to dig the Warpstone.

Over the years more ships were wrecked on the island and each new crew had to swear their allegiance to Chaos or they are beheaded on the beach to persuade them to join. And so the population of the island swelled. Eventually man captured and tamed the wild beasts and they were able to live safely.

With good cattle in short supply there was a limit on the meat available so small boats were built and fishing became the main source of food to the settlement, but not for the faint hearted is fishing off the Isle of Rock, as it is constantly circled by sharks hoping to feed on the crew of the next boat to crash and it is these sharks that are caught and eaten by the people of the Isle of Rock.

But for one gigantic monster of a shark resists all attempts at being caught and smashes and sinks boats with impunity, for he is Finbar the Mighty Shark! Arr Arr Arr!!!!

To provide entertainment and to keep everyone happy a stadium was built and originally various beasts were forced to fight each other, but after you have seen the fifth troll rip the
head off a goblin in a row it gets a bit boring, so they decided to play Bloodbowl instead and everyone joined in to make the games more interesting. The greatest of the bloodbowl teams on the Isle is Finbar United, for they are named after the mightiest of the sharks that they hunt, and the ground shakes when their supporters cry out Finbar! Finbar! Finbar!

It also sounds better than them shouting Rock! Rock! Rock!

Finbar United are leaving the Isle of Rock and with their head coach H. Lecter they are travelling to the HDWSBBL where they search for victory and maybe a good shark steak they don’t have to kill themselves first.

Finbar Arr! Arr! Arr!

Career Statistics for Finbar United

League Record 11 1 6 4 7 20 15 21 13 0 9


  • P: Number of games Played
  • TF: Number of Touchdowns scored by the team
  • TA: Number of Touchdowns scored against the team
  • CF: Number of casulties caused by the team
  • CA: Number of casulties the team has suffered
  • %: Teams win percentage (including Draws)

Performance by Season

2512/13 Season1116472015211309

Performance by Competition

Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
Creeping Death Dish 1 0 1 0 1 5 1 1 1 0 0
World Series 2512/13 10 1 5 4 6 15 14 20 12 0 10


Active Players

  • #1 - Gobbo - Renegade Goblin (60,000gp)
  • #4 - Ted - Renegade Human Linesman (50,000gp)
  • #5 - Fred - Renegade Human Linesman (70,000gp)
  • #6 - Ed - Renegade Human Linesman (70,000gp)
  • #7 - Charles - Renegade Human Linesman (70,000gp)
  • #8 - Harold - Renegade Human Linesman (50,000gp)
  • #9 - Ian - Renegade Human Linesman (110,000gp)
  • #10 - Peter - Renegade Human Linesman (110,000gp)
  • #11 - William - Renegade Human Linesman (100,000gp)
  • #14 - Tim - Chaos Troll (110,000gp)
  • #15 - Ugg - Chaos Ogre (190,000gp)

Former Players

Star Players hired

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Recent Matches

Date Opponent TF TA CF CA Fans TV Result
21.02.13 Brimstone’s Shadows 1 5 1 1 22,000 1,400,000 L
No Comment
24.01.13 Talos Tobacconists 0 2 1 1 10,000 1,370,000 L
Well we got hammered, but got very lucky, Finbar!
10.01.13 Blackburners 1 1 2 0 11,000 1,230,000 D
Draw! We gave them a good kicking! Finbar! Finbar! Finbar!
13.12.12 Drakwald Defilers 0 2 0 3 9,000 1,270,000 L
What happened to the Chaos solidarity? We were well fecked over! Finbar?
29.11.12 The Asgard Marauders 0 0 0 0 0 1,370,000 D
No comment
15.11.12 Jimps and Perps 2 0 0 0 0 1,260,000 W
No Comment
01.11.12 Barak Varr Rebels 0 0 2 3 10,000 1,200,000 D
Really gave the stunies a good pounding! Finbar! Finbar! Finbar!
18.10.12 Atrocity Exhibition 0 2 0 4 7,000 1,240,000 L
Why did I hire the Minotaur? Waste of fucking money! Finbar! Finbar! Finbar!
04.10.12 Gitz ‘n’ Shigglez 1 3 1 4 12,000 1,170,000 L
Fucking stunties! Finbar! Finbar!! Finbar!!!
20.09.12 Nordenringen Titans 2 2 6 4 9,000 1,020,000 D
All Hail Finbar! Lots of squished Humans, but no dead for the disembodying ritual this time. Shame!
06.09.12 Har Ganeth Heartbreakers 0 3 2 1 8,000 970,000 L
All hail Finbar!

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