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Gaen Vale Stags

The Gaen Vale Stags were one of the premier teams of the Ulthuan isles national league. All that came to an end in the 2009/2010 season when they were found guilty of breaching financial fair play rules. This resulted in them being relegated to the bottom division in the league and hit with a transfer ban. It came to light that all the stag’s star players had relegation release clause in them resulting in a mass exodus of talent and unable to replace them the Stags were forced to field their youth side in the following season which saw them relegated out of the league.
Over the course of the following seasons the Stags have bounced around the non-league circuit in Ulthuan until this year. Under new ownership and guidance of experienced coach Arry Elfnapp the stags are ready for a tilt ant the Chanelf Challenge Cup.
Is this a bright new dawn for this aging down on its luck franchise only time will tell?

Career Statistics for Gaen Vale Stags

League Record 5 3 2 0 11 8 7 11 12 0 60


  • P: Number of games Played
  • TF: Number of Touchdowns scored by the team
  • TA: Number of Touchdowns scored against the team
  • CF: Number of casulties caused by the team
  • CA: Number of casulties the team has suffered
  • %: Teams win percentage (including Draws)

Performance by Season

2519/20 Season 5 3 2 0 11 8 7 11 12 0 60

Performance by Competition

Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
Winter Series 2519/20 1 1 0 0 3 1 0 3 5 0 100
Chanelf Challenge Cup 2519 4 2 2 0 8 7 7 8 7 0 50


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Awards from Competitions

Award Competition Value
Most TD's Chanelf Challenge Cup 2519 8

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

No. 2 Most Useless Player

Some managers recruit new talent to help them win games. Some hire players to boost the numbers up and many recruit them to use as shields on the field. However the Karond Kar Corsairs coach Zandarik Deathbringer, thought he had hired the lastest talent to his team. A young lady named Venonia Spite, who the coach had high hopes in bringing the team luck and victory. This was however short lived as she was the qucikest player to be hired and to be killed in their debut game.
The farce happend during the quarter-finals of the 2508/09 Challenge cup aganist the Preverse Maiden’s of Torture, as she was hardly on for a half before the amazonian women tore her to pieces (literally)

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