Karak Ironbreakers

After the formation of the Eight Peaks Challenge tournament the Dwarves of Karak Eight Peaks needed new teams to play in their league. Eight teams formally entered the league including the Karak Ironbreakers. However there were many other teams who sought this name, so before the league even began, a great tournament was held in the Kings name to determine who should bare the name Ironbreakers. After a close bout the Karak Ironbreakers beat off all other competition (for whom their teams names have long been forgotten) to earn the right to call themselves Ironbreakers.
They competed in the league for many years until the league started to open up the league to other races and teams. Disgruntled by the fact that old foes were to join in a lot of the Dwarf teams staged a coop in which they refused to participate in the league unless only true Dwarves were allowed. After lengthy negotiations both parties came to an agreement and the league were allowed to open their borders to other teams, while the Dwarves were still granted to have their own Dwarf only competition.
One team who faced off against the Ironbreakers were a team from the HDWSBBL “Temper Bay Maraduders” an Orc team of fairly regional renown who played very dirty. The Ironbreakers were totally battered by them, the use of weapons and dirty tricks never happened in the league before! Gyth Titan, the head coach, vowed a old grudge on the Marauders to “Tear them new Arseholes” and headed straight to the HDWSBBL to formally complain about the team since they were still members at the time. The HDWSBBL offered the Ironbreakers a settlement payment for their misdeeds and a free invitation for any competition that took place out of season. After many years of waiting the Ironbreakers finally got their chance when the announcement of a out of season competition were to take place in 2517. They got themselves back into the gym and started training to hopefully face off and batter the Marauders in revenge and fulfilling the Grudge.

This Team has not yet made their debut!. Stay tuned to see how this team develops.