Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506

Raz is a Ghoul

Position MA ST AG AV Skills Injuries Cost

"Raz is a Ghoul" is a Ghoul for Morgs Raiders playing as number 7.

This player has not made their Debut yet. Stay tuned for further developments.

HDWSBBL - Did You Know

Hunk’a Hunk’a Burning….Hunk!

A season ticket at the Garden of Eden, homeground of the Loren Tornadoes, is very hard to come by unless you are a woman. Male fans have been turned away on serval occations as many of the woman find them vile and unclean. The only men that are allowed into the garden of eden are hunky male elfs, princes, kings, lords, knights, any form of nobility which envoles lots of money and good looks, as well as any other male that passes the Garden of Eden Hunk test.

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