Nachthaften Nightlords

Awoken in 2512 from their immortal slumber by the fervent cheers of sycophantic servants watching Blood Bowl, the vampire lords of the Von Nachthof family took a keen interest in the HDWSBBL of the Old World. Following the World Championship Superbowl VI Lord Marek Von Nachthof believed that:

“If a band of lycanthropes, mindless fools and vile creations could reach the Superbowl surely the Vampire Lords will reach the heights of the championship!”

Glory, blood and admiration were at stake and he knew he needed a coach who was experienced, someone who had faced the dead before and was not afraid of such a task – Dr Viktor Nekromortis.

It was a miserable dark and rainy night as Dr Viktor Nekromortis climbed into his elongated black coach to travel back after the HDWSBBL Superbowl VI. After 2 days and nights of furious tactical experimenting there was no apparent solution to the lost match and he slumped over his desk into a deep and restless sleep. Viktor awoke to find tall pale man, dressed in a long black cloak, with large elongated teeth standing in his surgery who said nothing but stared at the OWC trophy glinting in the moonlight. Without a word and with lightning speed the man leapt over the table and sunk his fangs into Viktor’s neck. The cry made the Universal Horrors come to his aid only for the vampire to stop them dead in their tracks with a simple glance. A deal was struck between the vampire and the Doctor. Lord Von Nachthof would fund the ‘Horrors to travel the Old World honing their skills and their creator would stay to coach the new vampire team of the immortal Nachthaften Nightlords.

In season 2513 Dr Viktor Nekromortis was reviewing his first season with the ‘Nightlords. He realised that he had been easily tempt by the offer of coaching superior players and to breakthrough with new research on immortality. He could barely believe that he was now sitting in the Grand Hall in Castle Nachthof looking and smiling at the NWC trophy that he had won with his team. The Superbowl and the NWC matches had been truly violent but as part of the post season celebrations the vampires had been allowed to drink the blood dry from the pitch….not to mention the cheerleaders. As the nights celebrations moved on “The Doc”, as he was now commonly known, was called to Lord Marek’s private chambers in the castle.

Entering the crowded room fell silent Lord Marek greeted him fondly giving Viktor a glass chalice containing a suspiciously thick deep red wine. Toasting all that had been achieved the vampires offered Viktor a new contract with the Nightlords for as long as he would want it. The grim physician realised the chance for unending glory and (un)sporting redemption was in front of him. The choice was simple, with a gracious nod and sly smile he agreed. Vampires and mortals drank but as the cup left Viktor’s lips and he knew that something was dreadfully wrong. He swayed. He couldn’t breathe. Grasping at his collar his vision blurred as he slumped to the floor.

The Doc lay motionless. No breathe and no heartbeat could be found but Viktor’s eyes flicked open and he stood back up. Reborn with the immortality he had set out to find all those years ago Viktor now trains the Nightlords as one of their own. Coaching the Nightlords to move with eerie ease past players, entrance their opponents with a glance or simply hit others with unmatched ferocity. Unsuspecting human ‘volunteers’ are easily gained through the towns surgery and are hypnotically enthralled to Viktor’s every whim with unwavering compliance.


Recent History

  • Played in the 2512-13 and 2513-14 seasons.
  • Participated in the World Series in both seasons
  • Qualified for the NWC 2512/13 and OWC 2513/14 playoffs finishing as Champions and 3rd (losing to eventual Champions Waterbowl Wanderers).


Notable Achievements

Career Statistics for Nachthaften Nightlords

League Record 26 15 8 3 38 19 32 56 25 1 58


  • P: Number of games Played
  • TF: Number of Touchdowns scored by the team
  • TA: Number of Touchdowns scored against the team
  • CF: Number of casulties caused by the team
  • CA: Number of casulties the team has suffered
  • %: Teams win percentage (including Draws)

Performance by Season

2513/14 Season1275017820239158
2512/13 Season148332111123316057

Performance by Competition

Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
Old World Conference Play-Offs 2513/14 2 1 1 0 3 1 4 4 1 0 50
World Series 2513/14 10 6 4 0 14 7 16 19 8 1 60
World Championship Super Bowl VII 1 0 1 0 0 2 0 5 0 0 0
New World Conference Play-Offs 2512/13 3 3 0 0 6 1 2 10 3 0 100
World Series 2512/13 10 5 2 3 15 8 10 18 13 0 50


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Former Players

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Recent Matches

Date Opponent TF TA CF CA Fans TV Result
06.03.14 Waterbowl Wanderers 0 1 3 0 26,000 1,890,000 L
A valiant effort against a very good team. On another day it could have been different. The last match for the Nightlords they did me proud.
20.02.14 Slaaneshi Big Society 3 0 1 4 14,000 1,890,000 W
Vamps Win, Vamps Win!!! Those new Slannesh lads gave us a scare at the end when they injured four thralls in the last moments. On to the Wanderers.
06.02.14 Talos Tobacconists 2 0 2 1 15,000 1,890,000 W
Vamps win! Tough against the Baccies but a great win. On to the play-offs!
23.01.14 Sect of Temptation 2 1 1 0 13,000 1,880,000 W
A win against a good team. Duke Markus is having a great season. On to the play-offs, Vamps win!
16.01.14 Teotigua Flying Frogs 2 0 0 2 15,000 1,840,000 W
A nice tidy win against a depleted Slann team. On to the Sect of Temptation. Plaudits to the team especially Duke Alexius. Vamps win!
09.01.14 Jimps and Perps 3 0 2 1 15,000 1,780,000 W
The fans are right behind the team with two pitch invasions. Lord Marek led well again and his brethren Nightlords played very well.
05.12.13 The Wild Brunch 2 0 4 0 16,000 1,600,000 W
A safe win this time around. Let us hope that is the start for the season at last!
14.11.13 The Riverside Rainbows 0 1 1 4 14,000 1,710,000 L
This team is in serious decline. Four big guys killed it in the end. I will aim for next season or the shield. Well done flings coach.
31.10.13 Drakwald Defilers 0 1 1 3 15,000 1,670,000 L
Another close loss, the team needs points but needs to stop draining two thralls per game.
17.10.13 Waterbowl Wanderers 1 2 2 3 14,000 1,680,000 L
A close match with these Waterbowlers! Our results must improve to defend our title!
10.10.13 Gog Magog Gladiators 1 2 1 3 16,000 1,690,000 L
The fans were not friendly again. The throw-in robbed us. The Ogres were better team on the day and more training is required...
05.09.13 The Tlaqua Spacehoppers 1 0 2 2 14,000 1,680,000 W
What a tough match. The crowd \"Toad\" against me but the Vamps were victorious. Good luck to the Spacehoppers!
13.04.13 Atrocity Exhibition 0 2 0 5 40,000 1,730,000 L
The Atrocity were too strong (literally). Only one man on at the end tells it's own story. Congratulations to Deiter Von Disturbed.
14.03.13 Drakwald Defilers 1 0 2 7 24,000 1,410,000 W
Unbelievable!! Vamps Win! Vamps Win! Vamps Win! NWC Champions. The best match to play in all season!
21.02.13 Talos Tobacconists 3 1 0 3 28,000 1,700,000 W
Vamps win! Vamps win! NWC final here we come. Bad luck Tobacconists again you played exceptionally well.
07.02.13 Blackburners 2 0 0 0 15,000 1,650,000 W
Another blizzard against these tough competitors prevented the bulls sprinting thank Nuffle. On to the Baccies!
24.01.13 Nordenringen Titans 2 0 3 1 15,000 1,490,000 W
Wow! This is how the Vamps should do it. Three deaths for humans. Luckily I can't turn them to Vampires or I'd have another player. Play-offs here we come!
10.01.13 The Asgard Marauders 1 0 2 1 12,000 1,460,000 W
Those Norse hit well, I must get some Thralls of that race. Lord Marek led well this match. Too many unforced errors though more training required.
13.12.12 Atrocity Exhibition 2 2 0 4 14,000 1,390,000 D
A blitz set the tone for the match. Up twice in the match but this undead team is too good for that. A 2-2 draw is a fair result.
29.11.12 Blackburners 2 0 1 4 15,000 1,340,000 W
Vamps Win! Vamps Win! Lord Marek and Lord Klaus will be leanient to the team this week.
15.11.12 Tail Slammers 1 2 0 1 14,000 1,360,000 L
Too many Thralls in the KO box to prevent the damned rats! Lord Marek will surely take his anger out on the team!
01.11.12 Sect of Temptation 3 0 2 1 5,000 1,270,000 W
The blood feud from Lady Elizabet never materialised. Good kicking of the ball helped Count Sylvester get to it before the ladies of the Sect and swift play gave Lord Marek two touchdowns. Lords Klaus and Marek will be pleased with this result.
18.10.12 Drakwald Defilers 1 1 2 1 5,000 1,270,000 D
Chaos Defilers were a tough challenge but we stood up to them. Chaney was again the star man. Lord Marek will surely demand more from the team!
04.10.12 Brimstone’s Shadows 1 1 0 0 9,000 1,100,000 D
A close match. It could have gone either way and we were unlucky not to get a 2nd TD. A very deserved draw for both teams.
20.09.12 Talos Tobacconists 2 1 0 1 11,000 1,080,000 W
The Nightlords win will please Lord Klaus and Lord Marek. The Tobacconists were tough opponents and poor Lady Elizabet will have to spend time recouperating before she can play again. I thank Wilhelm Chaney for all his hard work and the fans for giving the ball back to us for the winning touchdown. The dark lords will celebrate tonight!
06.09.12 Temper Bay Marauders 0 1 0 4 5,000 1,000,000 L
A tough first match against the Orcs. They should get more wins the way they are playing. The Nightlords need time & blood!

Awards list in full


Title Competition
Winner New World Conference Play-Offs 2512/13
Runner-Up World Championship Super Bowl VII
Qualifier New World Conference Play-Offs 2512/13
Qualifier Old World Conference Play-Offs 2513/14

Awards from Competitions

Award Competition Value
Most TD's New World Conference Play-Offs 2512/13 6
Most COMP New World Conference Play-Offs 2512/13 3