Sartosa Buccaneers

This Team was part of the league under a previous ruleset.

There is seldom a human, dwarf, elf, Goblin or member of any other race in all the Old World who has never heard of Sartosa. Everywhere, curses and cheers ring out for the infamous tales of pirate captains. In the courts of the Empire and Bretonnia, bards write romantic melodramas starring such famous figure as Black-Wyrd and glorify them as roguish heroes. However after one daring pirate raid on an Estalian Galley which was transporting a Bloodbowl team to an away match in Lustria, the stories now tell of gruesome, hard sports matches, because the pirate captain who took the Galley press ganged the players into his crew and took them back to Sartosa.
Over the years these original players have been maimed, crippled and killed and replaced by a harder, meaner breed forming the Sartosa Buccaneer Pirate Bloodbowl team and organizing their own local league.
The Buccaneers have now traveled far and wide using their piratical ways not to take ships and slaves but to raid the stadiums of the Old World and plunder the accolades of Bloodbowl!

Career Statistics for Sartosa Buccaneers

League Record 9 4 3 2 14 9 28 8 13 0 44


  • P: Number of games Played
  • TF: Number of Touchdowns scored by the team
  • TA: Number of Touchdowns scored against the team
  • CF: Number of casulties caused by the team
  • CA: Number of casulties the team has suffered
  • %: Teams win percentage (including Draws)

Performance by Season

2516/17 Season943214928813044

Performance by Championship Cup

Championship Cup P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
Old World Conference Cup842213725810050
The HDWSBBL Championship Cup10101230300

Performance by Competition

Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
World Championship Super Bowl XI 1 0 1 0 1 2 3 0 3 0 0
Old World Conference League 2516/17 8 4 2 2 13 7 25 8 10 0 50


Active Players

Former Players

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Recent Matches

Date Opponent TF TA CF CA Fans TV Result
19.01.17 Nahuontl Natterjacks 1 2 3 0 16,000 1,360,000 L
Very close game back and forth.
12.01.17 Cirque du Gobbo 2 0 6 0 12,000 1,240,000 W
After a brief scare by the lunatic and chainsaw the Buccaneers systematcally took apart the Gobbo\'s!
05.01.17 Greenleaf Shamblers 1 1 0 0 10,000 1,240,000 D
No Comment
24.11.16 Saphery White Towers 3 1 3 0 14,000 1,160,000 W
After a cagey start both teams were quite equal. Second half the might of our Blitzers proved too much and the pointy ones crumbled.
13.10.16 The Mousillion Patriots 0 1 3 3 10,000 1,190,000 L
Really must stop playing like a muppet! Ah well it\'s all a lark!!
06.10.16 The Chaos Brawl Stars 0 2 2 2 14,000 1,190,000 L
No Comment
22.09.16 Bridgetown Yellowbellies 1 1 5 2 11,000 1,150,000 D
No re-rolls aganist Deep-Root hurts! Lucky to pull out a draw, Flings really aren\'t the pushover people think they are.
08.09.16 Pastafarians 3 0 3 1 12,000 1,080,000 W
A tough match aganist tough opponants!
01.09.16 Anlashok Revalations 3 1 3 0 8,000 1,000,000 W
Buccaneers start with a good win. Elves played well pulling off some outstanding agility but the pirates strength was too much.

Awards list in full


Title Competition
3rd Place Old World Conference League 2516/17

Awards from Seasons

Award Competition Value
Most CAS2516/17 Season28

Awards from Compeitions

Award Competition Value
Most CAS Old World Conference League 2516/17 25