Causing Havoc in the old world since 2506

Universal Horrors

2511: Viktor Nekromortis was an ordinary physician’s student with an interest in enbalming until a wax sealed parchment was dropped in a tavern in the city in Nuln. Unable to find the owner of the parchment he realised that it was no normal parchment but a waxed sealed piece of rolled skin. Curiosity began to eat at the young student and after 2 days of looking at the strange message he broke the seal and began to read. The words written in a deep red ink (or what he thought was ink) told a tale of how the Drakenhof Family found a way to prevent people from dying. Intrigued and anxious to find a way to prevent all of his patients from succumbing from a strange plague that was sweeping his home town, Viktor set of to the vampire ruled region of Sylvania to explore Drakenhof. After a three day coach trip in a strangely elongated black coach Viktor arrived to stay in the “Last Nail in the Coffin” hotel overlooked by the gloomy ruins of Drakenhof castle.

Disappointed after exploring the town and finding nothing a strange very very thin old man dressed in a black veil, cloak and holding a big scythe sat down next to Viktor and pointed an extremely boney finger toward the castle. Following old man’s gaze and looking toward the castle Viktor was blinded by a flash of lightning. He turned around to find the old man gone and an undying urge to go to the ruins. The last the townsfolk saw of wide-eyed Viktor was him racing up the worn, tree surrounded, fog engulfed single track road toward the castle not to be seen for a year. He returned to the world with unholy knowledge and set up his “surgery”, including a lightning mast and laboratory, outside Mordheim next to the city cemetery where he could be seen treating patients who were at deaths door during the day and walking in the cemetery at night. Business must be good as Viktor found a way to build (literally in some cases) his own blood bowl team – the Universal Horrors an undying bunch of gridiron players who have an immortal desire to win and to get permanently broadcast on the Necromancer’s Broadcasting Circle (NBC) daemonic visual display (DVD) match reports!

2515: Three seasons after leaving Viktor Nekromortis re-entered Mordheim with a triumphant sly smile on his face.  The HDWSBBL Superbowl trophy was placed in the Surgery’s office flanked by the Sly Sports Challenge Cup and New World Conference trophy.  Wonderful seasons with the Arkhan Black Towers and Nachthaften Nighlords had been completed but triumph and pride filled him as he recalled the Horror’s from their Old World tour and set them to training.  Celebrating The Doc’s”  previous success, the Horror’s 2511 championship and the team reformation at a rousing dinner in the “Gravedigger’s Hole” tavern, hunchback landlord Igor Sewemup showed Viktor a poster publicising the return of the great teams of HDWSBBL past for the special anniversary 10th season.  Nekromortis knew then that the new goal wasn’t the championship but to test him and the Horrors against the returning immortal great teams of the past and book their place in the great sports almanacs forever by being victorious against any and all who faced them.


Recent History


Notable Achievements

  • Biggest Victory is 3-0 (3-1) against the Blackburners in a World Series 2511/12  match.
  • Biggest Defeat is 0-3 (3-1) against the Brimstone Flayers in Superbowl VI.
  • Ranked #1 Necromantic team.
  • Spike! Magazine Rating: 296pts (End of 2515/16 season)
  • First team to score 1 of each type of casualty in a single match (1x BH, 1x MNG, 1x Niggling injury, 1x Stat break, 1x Death)!  – Completed vs Elfheim Razorhawks.

Career Statistics for Universal Horrors

League Record 23 15 3 5 34 17 47 35 6 0 65


  • P: Number of games Played
  • TF: Number of Touchdowns scored by the team
  • TA: Number of Touchdowns scored against the team
  • CF: Number of casulties caused by the team
  • CA: Number of casulties the team has suffered
  • %: Teams win percentage (including Draws)

Performance by Season

2515/16 Season 9 6 1 2 15 7 22 23 2 0 67
2511/12 Season 14 9 2 3 19 10 25 12 4 0 64

Performance by Competition

Competition P W L D TF TA CF CA COMP INT %
World Championship Super Bowl X 2 2 0 0 4 2 4 7 0 0 100
Old World Conference League 2515/16 7 4 1 2 11 5 18 16 2 0 57
World Championship Super Bowl VI 1 0 1 0 0 3 3 1 2 0 0
Old World Conference Play-Offs 2511/12 2 2 0 0 4 1 4 3 1 0 100
World Series 2511/12 11 7 1 3 15 6 18 8 1 0 64


Active Players

Former Players

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Recent Matches

Awards list in full


Title Competition
Winner Old World Conference Play-Offs 2511/12
Winner Old World Conference League 2515/16
Winner World Championship Super Bowl X
Runner-Up World Championship Super Bowl VI
Qualifier Old World Conference Play-Offs 2511/12
East Division Champion World Series 2511/12

Awards from Competitions

Award Competition Value
Most TD's Old World Conference Play-Offs 2511/12 4
Most TD's World Championship Super Bowl X 4


Pro Elf Teams

Wee Tree Fellows are the first Pro Elf team in the HDWSBBL history. They debuted in the 2508/09 season.

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